That Guy Who Peed On Kanye West’s Wife Kicked The Window Out of A Cop Car

When we last left Ray J he was writing a song about how he hit Kim Kardashian’s ass first despite the fact she was still married to her first husband when they made their sex tape, but that’s neither here nor there because he just got arrested over the weekend for refusing to leave a nightclub after accidentally touching a woman’s ass. He, uh, he reacted well. TMZ reports:

The Beverly Hills PD tells us Ray J was in an altercation Friday night at the Beverly Wilshire hotel bar. He somehow made contact with a woman’s butt and that’s why cops were called. They determined it was NOT a sexual battery — the contact was “incidental.”
Apparently Ray J was asked to leave and all was ok, until he got to the valet area, where cops say he became belligerent and then refused drive off.
Hotel security made a citizen’s arrest and BHPD cops obliged and took Ray into custody.
TMZ broke the story … Ray kicked out the back window of the police vehicle and spit in an officer’s face.

Keep in mind, this happened less than a week after Kim’s wedding, so if he was trying to get her attention, maybe try this approach: Ask Kanye if it’s okay to make another sex tape with his wife. Shit, he’d probably say yes. They’re literally his most favorite thing in the world. “Baby, I’mma say this with love, and I know your mom’s ready to film, and your ex boy’s over in the corner gettin’ ready to put his dick in you – Lookin’ hard, J! – but maybe this time… don’t lay there like a dead fish? Think it over, girl, think it over. I love you. YO, ACTION.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News, Splash News