Raquel Rischard & Courtney Compton Are The Crap I Missed – Wednesday 5.14.14

Alright, folks, Photo Boy got sideswiped with a trip to the ER last night, and if you’re unfamiliar with our “process,” he cobbles together The Crap We Missed while I sit here acting like a human PEZ dispenser full of dick jokes. Fortunately, he’ll be back tomorrow, so in the meantime, here’s Courtney Compton being photographed by Raquel Rischard who should really be taking more pictures of herself because GOOD FUCKING GOD. Somebody put that on her tombstone. “GOOD FUCKING GOD.” Wait, why am I using her death to make a compliment? Dammit, this is prom all over again. Mom!

- The Superficial

Photos: FameFlynet