Randy Jackson is Still on American Idol

July 30th, 2010 // 44 Comments
Randy Jackson

Figured that was the easiest way to start this post.

In the past 12 hours huge shake-ups have occurred on American Idol in case you hadn’t noticed from all the screaming and gnashing of teeth everywhere you turn. Ellen DeGeneres quit and now Kara DioGuardi has been fired to make way for an almost entirely new three judge panel. TMZ reports:

We’re told the show will be going back to a three-judge format and assuming all deals are finalized, the judge’s panel will consist of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.
We’re told the only way Kara could get a reprieve is if the J-Lo deal falls apart — but we’re told that deal is done.

Okay, Jennifer Lopez I can understand because what the hell else does she have to do? But Steven Tyler? Can he even form coherent sentences? I mean, I know without even watching the show that Paula Abdul was wasted 98% of the time but at least you could look at her while she made no sense. These poor kids are basically competing for a chance to have the ferryman from the river Styx tell them their music just “don’t got no mmm-bop Rumpelstiltskin she-who soundtrack to Armageddon.” That ain’t right.

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    • kid ROUGH

      Are they going to keep this going forever? Haven’t they humiliated enough people short of self esteem already? How many people actually turn out to be millionaires? I heard Ruben Studard is pumping gas a few blocks from where I live. (Not that there is anything wrong with pumping gas) While, all the mutha load goes to the producers? I gave up on reality TV after Survivor, since these bitter humanoids refuse to let the best player win because they have an ax to grin. The only way Ill watch A.I. is if I get stuck in a Turkish prison and the other choice is getting beaten under feet.

      • fart bucket

        it’s hardly the producers fault that we live in a society where celebrity is worshiped as the new divinity. every single person who has ever auditioned for an Idol show brought the ‘humiliation and ridicule’ onto themselves by refusing to believe their poop was anything besides the tastiest chocolate out there.

  1. Taz

    Kara was hot in that bikini

  2. Ksurfiws

    Yo Dog. Just being real, man. Just not feeling it

  3. Colin

    third DAMMIT!!

  4. temp

    i almost loled from the fish’s last sentence. haha.

    whatever, jennifer lopez is actually a singer, so she’d be a fine replacement of kara. sad to see ellen go.

    • Dorfin

      Lopez is no singer. She’s a lab-created autotuned dancer. Glad to see Ellen go, she was worthless. Show will suck next year no matter what and they can’t pick winners anyway – if the winners can be featured on the biggest TV show in the country for weeks and weeks and still not sell albums, it pretty much proves the show is broken and needs to be put down.

  5. Tara ewww Kira was so pasty it was sick. she had a ridic boner for bikinigirl and tried to show her up by jumping on stage and singing over her while bikinigirl was performing. kara looked desperate, white as a ghost, and flat chested. so glad that annoying bitch is gone. her voice was like nails on a chalkboard

  6. mallard

    Randy Jackson Jumped the shark to get to a bucket of chicken

  7. With the two new judges coming in American Idol will cover all the bases with a fat guy, a skinny guy and a black guy.

  8. Heywood Jablowme

    Ellen made Kara look like a genious, who made Paula look like Einstein….and Simon said…..what the fuk am i doing here with lame, lamer, and lamest?

  9. Oh yeah…that StarSearch show.
    Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler? Is she still alive?

  10. watcher


  11. enteryouname

    who watches this anymore?

  12. stinky mcpoop

    They should have Lindsay Lohan as the drugged up chick. She needs a job.

  13. It’s fun during the initial tryouts when you get the really bad people, but that’s it. I’m so fucking happy I don’t have to look at or listen to Kara anymore. God, what an annoying bitch. I’d take 100 Paula’s over that asshole. However, there are rumors that Jennifer Lopez is gonna be a new judge. Yay! A whole new reason for my eyes & ears to bleed! If they up & get rid of Randy too, then I might just watch a full season.

  14. oooaaahhh

    Is this the best you could do for the first post on a Friday? Lame.

  15. Ms. Like

    Luv The Idol Series…Womens Shoes @ ladylikestore com.OMG They Are Soooo Cute!:)

  16. What ever happened to the Randy Jackson Dance Crew or whatever?

  17. LittleSocrates

    Steven Tyler could be an entertaining host, actually, but it pisses me off because it means he’s touring less. I wanna see this band before the bastard dies, goddammit.

    • Mr. T

      Before the show is half way through the season, Steven Tyler is going to be charged with sex with a minor, or he will be sued for sexual harrassement….
      Hey I love Steven and Aerosmith but there is no goddamn way he doesn’t bang 4 or 5 or 15 teenage wanna be singers and get caught.

      • I was thinking Sexy Steve would have a gently whirring kidney dialysis unit sitting next to him…..maybe that’s why he took a nice sedate butt-in-a-chair gig.

  18. YESSS! …KARA IS GONE !!!! If I heard one more fucking time about the shitty fuckin pop bubble gum shit Kelly Clarkson songs that she wrote, I was gonna puke in an envelope and send it to her FedEx. Talentless annoying bitch !

  19. wow only took like 2 hours for my posts to show up.. anyone else seeing lag today?

  20. Vincenzo

    Presenting “HEADLINES OF 2011″:

    “American Idol cancelled after disastrous ratings season.”

  21. mk

    I only like the begining (auditions) with the mentally ill people…thats some funny shit lol

  22. I guess I’m the only one who likes Paula. So what if she is crazy? At least she is fun to watch! lol

  23. Randy Jackson
    Commented on this photo:

    RANDY JACKSON IS STILL ON IDOL? from what I have been reading everywhere, Nigel wants to replace the entire judge panel, however Randy has one year left on his contract, but hey elln had 4 years….nigel did not think ellen fit in, so they managed to get j-lo I bet that cost a pretty penny also steven tyler… we are talking millions and millions of dollars for those two alone…… they had to get rid of the 4thy judge to have enough money for those two big names…….they only need 3 judges anyway….. hope randy stays…. unless of course they can get elton john like the want.. they offered him 33 million, and he says thats not enough.. randy should feel lucky elton is greedy

  24. Burt

    It might be worth watching if Steven Tyler is on it, actually.

  25. captain america


  26. Never mind the humiliation doled out to the contestants – can you imagine the ego-chop delivered to an erstwhile celebrity who gets the pink slip from American Idol? “Sorry, but you just aren’t as wide an asshole as Simon Cowell…”

  27. T1

    Who’s the chick with randy in the photo?

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