Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in The Most Awesome Interview Ever

Above is probably the most randomly awkward interview I’ve ever seen in my life. It features an unsuspecting Heather Nichols from CagePotato.com getting explicitly dry-humped by UFC fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Who continues to answer questions. Surprisingly, Heather wasn’t thrilled with the experience, according to SI.com:

Jimmy Traina: What did you think when Rampage started, um, getting frisky? Did you think it was funny or did you take offense?
Nichols: At first I was just shocked when he grabbed me, and all I could think was, “Oh my gosh, what is he doing?!” Then I tried to play along a little bit because I knew he was trying to be funny, but after about the first 5-10 seconds, it was just plain awkward. I kept thinking, “What should I do? Knee him? Keep going?” So I decided to keep asking questions, assuming he would stop if I did that. So I asked another question, and he kept going. I asked ANOTHER question, and he kept going. At this point I was just freaking out, but still trying to be a professional and ask all the questions I was assigned to ask, and this has been interpreted by some viewers as me liking it and egging him on. This was definitely not the case. I was hired to do a job, which was to interview Rampage, so I decided to put up with his shenanigans and finish the interview.
Traina: Has he apologized since then?
Nichols: No, not at all. He was very, very pleased with himself.

You’re damn right he is! I’d show this clip to my grandkids. Provided their parents bring them to see me in jail, but you get my point.

Thanks to Gino and Mary who now know where babies come from. Thanks, Rampage!