‘Rampage’ Jackson attempts hit & run while driving truck with his face on it (FAIL)

Former UFC champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was arrested yesterday after hitting a whole bunch of cars while attempting to elude police in Costa Mesa, Calif. In case you missed the headline, Rampage was driving a massive camoflauged Ford F-250 that kind of sort of had his face plastered on both driver AND passenger-side doors. I guess he was trying to compete with the Joker’s smile mobile; I have no fucking clue. SI.com reports:

A Costa Mesa patrol officer attempted to pull Jackson over after he was seen weaving in and out of traffic with a flat front left tire, according to a release issued by the Costa Mesa Police Department. Jackson, 30, continued driving to avoid being stopped. Losing control of the truck, Jackson drove up onto a sidewalk. He continued on, colliding with a vehicle in an intersection and running several red lights.
Eventually, the truck came to a stop and Jackson, originally of Memphis, Tenn., was arrested without incident at gunpoint.

I’m going to assume that, somewhere after he hopped a curb then ran a couple of red lights, the following thought went through Rampage Jackson’s head: “And my face is on the car isn’t it? Super duper. Should’ve gone with Mr. T punching a tiger, Rampage. Oh, wow, that’s a gun.”