Rachel Weisz is not a medical expert


Rachel Weisz has pissed off a bunch of people after saying it’s “fine” for women to drink a glass of wine after the first three months of pregnancy. She adds:

“I mean in Europe they drink it.”

If you read the entire article there’s a bunch of expert opinions saying she’s incredibly wrong, but long story short: alcohol and babies don’t mix. Unless it’s at a fancy party and they’re dressed in tuxedos. Then a glass of champagne and a cigar are encouraged. I mean, little babies playing grown up? That’s just adorable.

NOTE: I used a picture of Rachel Weisz in her Halloween costume to emphasize the fact she has no idea what she’s talking about. Do you really wanna take medical advice from a woman who looks like that? You might as well get your breast exams from a circus clown. Or me. Whatever’s clever.