Rachel Bilson in Flaunt proves I really can hate Hayden Christensen more

November 4th, 2009 // 84 Comments

This is Rachel Bilson in the latest issue of Flaunt. This is also what Hayden Christensen gets to see naked thanks to George Lucas plucking him out of obscurity to take a horribly acted shit on my childhood. And this is me renewing my vow to stab that bearded bastard to death with an IG-88 action figure: Now I’ve seen your true form, Satan. Have at you!

Photos: Flaunt

  1. Danklin

    Damn she’s so fucking hot. One of my favorite celebrities. She may be as shitty an actress as Mischa Barton but at least i’d nail this chick seven ways to sunday.

  2. She is amazing, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think shes at least pretty.

  3. Sean

    umm…camera bags …I don’t think she is pretty at all, very average …..and greasy here… but I do like the name camera bags you sound hot

  4. Tessa

    I love her neck in #2. Soooo sexy.

  5. Angelina Jolie

    no one gives a shit what you have to say camera bags! That goes to you too Danklin.

  6. No idea who this woman is, but she is looking hot in those pics!

  7. pinkpussy

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  8. D4P

    These celebrity women also try to look hot in their photos and act like they want sex all the time. But I’m not falling for it.

    I know they’re only posing so they can get money to pay for shoes and ice cream.

  9. Bill Johnson

    Once sat next to this girl for 3 hours on a plane. Didn’t look twice. Just some scawny tiny girl. Maybe 5′ 2″, 100 lbs. Tried to suck up to my buddy when she thought he could help her in the biz. Kinda pathetic. He didn’t see the charm either.

    It would be like fucking a 6th grader.

  10. farty mcshitface

    agreeing with posters 4&10 here. there is nothing special about this broad. if she is maybe 5’2 then, she can’t weigh more than about 90 lbs.
    bony legs, no calves- typical anorexic hollywood starlet.
    a great big bag of unimpressive.

  11. herbiefrog

    funny ,m…guys

  12. Rex

    She looked a lot better before so got super skinny.

  13. Jesus Juice

    Michael Jackson used to grab his snatch the same way.

  14. turd the third

    What fucking ugly pictures. Time to get a real photographer, I am sure she must look better than these awful shots. Definately would NOT hit.. Skankugly..

  15. the heat

    Isn’t someone going to post that Hayden is gay for fucking a woman?

  16. turd the third

    What fucking ugly pictures. Time to get a real photographer, I am sure she must look better than these awful shots. Definately would NOT hit.. Skankugly..

  17. “Beat my dick like it owes me money…”

  18. ada

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  19. Sport

    lousy pics but she is smokin hot.

  20. I believe I told you my name in an earlier post, thank you very much.


  21. AL

    What I really love is that she is Jewish!

  22. Tim

    If there is a god and god is a woman, she would look like this.


  23. Wow she is looking so awesome! so sexy figure i must say ! I like her pics very much . I like her appealing face very much. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Tiffany

    She is very pretty but Hayden is a hottie as well. He isn’t a bad actor, everyone in Star Wars acted poorly because they couldn’t take it seriously. See him in Shatter Glass or Life as a House.

  25. Rachael

    She’s gorgeous! She’s a celebrity that’s easy to like – she’s got class and isn’t overly exposed. We need more celebs like this.

  26. Harry

    I’ve seen her in real life, and as hot as she looks in pics, she looks even better in real life. Seriously.

  27. Mark Lavarre

    Who are these male posters who have the luxury (stupidity) to turn down a cute pussy like this? She’s totally hot, I would love to fuck her. That she’s small makes her more feminine, did you want her to be tall and muscular and have a big hard cock to pound you with?

  28. TheAdmiral

    I must say, I approve of your knowledge of Star Wars in knowing who IG-88 is, and what an appropriate choice for a murder.

  29. hayden's hairy balls

    what has this broad done since the oc?

  30. Chicken Fillet

    I would love to fuck her too… and cannot understand those douche who wouldn’t. Gay? I think she’d have a ‘hard time’ so to speak with my 8 inches, let alone the girth.

  31. Donk Donkerson

    Sophia Bush smashes her.

  32. gross

    The first pic looks like shes scratching crabs and the second looks like shes scratching at a meth sore.

  33. keijo

    orlok approves

  34. jh

    IG-88. That’s epic.

  35. jh

    IG-88. That’s epic.

  36. capitanne

    Don’t think any of you pervs need to be jealous of Hayden Christensen. She is his beard.

  37. Never

    After looking at the link below:

    You guys can have her- *shudder*

  38. agree

    Interesting point. I saw a thread awhile ago about Hayden Christensen and he was wearing some kind of wierd “man corset.” Honestly, I don’t think he’s straight either.

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  41. BallsDeep

    Looks like This Chick needs to take a whizzz!

    WTF is that all over her legs?

  42. Dr. Nappy

    LOL @ IG-88

  43. Jim Lahey

    Meh. I dont think she’s that great. Her face looks like the guy in Robocop. After he fell into the toxic tank and his face started melting.

  44. notallthat

    whats the big deal here …she is ok but def not all that …the only pic she looks ok in is # 3 …all the other ones are just awkward and greasy lookin

  45. notallthat

    whats the big deal here …she is ok but def not all that …the only pic she looks ok in is # 3 …all the other ones are just awkward and greasy lookin

  46. anything

    she’s pretty. and she’s isn’t a total skank, which is nice. butt #45 is right, there is something about her face looks like wrong. i have said for years that it looks like a skull. a pretty skull, but a skull.

    and #29 – that she is tiny makes her more like a CHILD. give me a jessica biel type any day over this – tall, beautiful, FIT, and still has feminine curves. this girl may be thin, but that doesn’t mean she’s in good shape.

  47. hilaryiwantyou

    i like. i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee. Ack! Aaannnd I’m done.

  48. DRK

    She’s hot and he is such a terrible actor. Lucky him.

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