Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen engaged

February 18th, 2009 // 243 Comments

People has confirmed reports that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are engaged. Because if there’s one movie that deserved to spark a real-life romance, it’s Jumper. – - Anyone who just agreed with that statement, immediately stop reproducing:

According to a friend of the actress, the two, who costarred in 2008′s Jumper, got engaged in December.
“They’re so excited,” says the pal, adding that no wedding date has been set. “They’re a great couple. Rachel seems thrilled beyond belief.”

I’m personally ecstatic about this news. What’s a worse punishment than marriage for being involved with the Star Wars prequels? Nothing. You can’t even beat that.

Photos: Flynet

  1. vince lombardi reuses his material

    Saw the same post yesterday Vince, it was funnier in the pull-up context.

  2. mass potato

    batty boy! batty boy!

    he looks like crispin glover in a magic show

  3. hihty

    To my surprise,I found she posted a profile on a famous millionaire & celebrity dating club____MillionaireLoving. C O M____. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  4. Mike Hawk

    What the Fag is that guy wearing?

  5. snickers

    I think he’s wearing a back brace. May have been injured in one of his (few, straight to DVD) movies. He’s handsome though, it’s a shame he’s not the best actor.

  6. I dont care if im first

    Are you people really that stupid? He is taking a break on the set of a movie. He is wearing a harness for wire stunts. The spandex clothing underneath is to keep the harness for binding on the skin. During filming he will wear a shirt over that.

    Look closely in the background of the pics, you will see crew members and equipment.

  7. jj


    thanks for explaining that..i was wondering wtf he was wearing..

    i think he’s effing hott lol
    and whoever said that they were hoping him and james franco would turn out gay and get together..hahahha. never thought of it that way. i think they’re both super hot..that would be interestingg…

    anyway rachel sucks..bleh

  8. Darthballs

    he must fuck better than he acts, or else women would avoid him like the plague.

  9. Tactical

    Is that a leotard that he is wearing? Fucking Canadians.

  10. Justin

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  11. Ed

    Can we get a few things straight? One – I’m not gay, but have no problem admitting when another man in hot – so… Hayden’s hot. And the man CAN act. See Life as a House? Shattered Glass? Both fantastic performances. As for his fiancee, yes, she’s alright – but NOT the hottie so many of you make her out to be. She has a weird trollie cute factor, but is FAR from hot. I’m constantly amazed at the praise she gets :-/

  12. Harvey Funkelstein

    I thought these two were great in THAT 70′S SHOW.
    Can’t believe they got cancelled.

  13. you know? i just comment on the headline super fish post but never probe those pics, which has plenty of materials…what the fuck is this guy wearing? looks like something mark jacob would be comfortable in…

  14. Pauley

    I don’t like what he’s wearing, but it does make him more fuckable. Interesting.

  15. fuzzy Tingle Times

    He looks like a mime, that just jumped out of a plane

  16. sarah

    mmm, Canoodling by garbage cans is hot



  17. Ein

    A failed gov experiment meets a faggot version of a bald old fart that speaks like a nig.

  18. Roxinater

    But how is this possible? I thought gay marriage was illegal in California.

  19. Organized Mess

    No jazz hands? Awww…..

  20. be sure: THIS WOMAN NEEDS SPERM.
    with other words: KIDS, folks!!

  21. ohsure

    OK I’ve always had a feeling the judgment of the posters on this website was at least somewhat impaired e.g. Marisa Miller is fat, Aubrey O’Day is attractive, Alicia Keys has bootlips, Bristol Palin is smart, Lindsay Lohan is fit. But calling that paragon of cuteness “ugly” officially confirmed that feeling. The majority of the people on this website either have to be either sh*tfaced, overcompensating closet cases, or insecure small-packaged fatasses. What breed is it anyway?

  22. HeIsGay

    Umm. Nice try Hayden. Most of the media, and non-teenage girl fans already know you are actually gay.

  23. Fernando Narcos

    #73-The woman has teh face of a Yorkie,so I guess you could say she’s cute.

  24. Baxter

    Um.. Did everyone forget that Hayden is gay? He has been seen in many gay parties in London, not to mention we has seen holding gay hands with the old gay man… what was/is his name… Kevin Spacey.

    I mean look at these pictures, WTF is he wearing? Answer: Gay outfit.

  25. judy

    They are so happy, and I heard that they met each other on _____ Millionaireromances. com____, I also met my Mr Right here. so, I feel so lucky. Good for you.

  26. .jude

    lol dumbasses, it’s not an outfit. i’m sure its a harness for a stunt or something. but yeah that’s surprising. i thought he’d score a model or something.

  27. superflous

    In some pictures he looks like a young Ewan McGregor… Hayden was hot in Star Wars but now he’s looking a lot older. And the girl is too short for him, not a match made in heaven, I’d say.

  28. You can tell she’s a really nice girl to hold the dog up in that position so he can penetrate it.

  29. dude

    it’s sweet of her to hold the dog in that position while he penetrates it.

  30. Kylie Huang

    his top looks so fugly….

    his hair is pretty nice but =]

    he looks like he hasnt been to the gym much

  31. David Bowie wants to know why his wardrobe is missing.

  32. GayGayGay

    Umm…is she his beard or what? I thought he was gay?

  33. back.to.bed

    He’s the guy that ruined Star Wars 2 & 3, right?

  34. k-man

    That’s Darth Vader? WTF? wow, he was so bad in 2 & 3 and it looks like the train continues.

  35. SnAp

    Hayden’s been doing drugs for awhile. That seems obvious. His top is ugly, but someone in his fame bubble told him it looked cute.

    Rachel Bilson is the plainest girl in the world. Mischa Barton beats her on the sole fact that she doesn’t look plain. Interesting looking girls always trump plain girls

  36. shalita

    awww, yay for them! even though Hayden Christensen can’t act his way out of a paper bag (the highlight of Jumper was definitely Jamie Bell), they’re both adorable.

    i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s actually wearing some sort of weird harness thingy for a movie or something…..bc i don’t know how the eff he could have mistaken that for clothing, otherwise…

  37. nichole

    Wow, yes, that is one insane outfit.

  38. gotmilk?

    he is pretty much the worst actor i’ve seen, but he’s fuckable for sure.

  39. JMW

    Wow, an anti-prequel joke. How original.

    I think they’re a great match. I’m happy for them.

  40. ishi-san

    Who are these people?????

  41. Banquo

    The great thing is, if he ever cheats on her she’ll know right off the bat because he can’t act for shit.

  42. Chelle

    I would immediately call off the engagement on the grounds that there’s no way I could be married to someone willing to appear in public — in front of camera-wielding paparazzi — wearing that enormously stupid girl shirt/straightjacket combo.

  43. simplicity

    nevermind wtf is he wearing..

    WHAT THE HELL is she wearing?
    are those skorts??

    and seriously .. I know he was in Star Wars
    Who the hell is she and who cares?

  44. KA

    i’m gonna put it in her. i’m gonna do her. i’m gonna eat her.

    oh wait…she’s getting engaged? I guess a dumb homo like myself should just STFU and move on then instead of boring everyone over at superiorpics.

    damn i’m a douche.

  45. Cotton

    love it ! – I just finished re-watching the OC on hulu – just search for “o.c” – http://www.google.com/ig/adde?synd=open&source=ggyp&moduleurl=gingagadgets.com/lib2/gadget%3Fcaller%3Dhulu_viewer

  46. Seth Cohen


  47. Jimmy Jim

    rachel bilson is so fucking adorable.

    i don’t hate hayden christenson, he gets a lot of shit for star wars but it wasn’t his fault the films were bad, it was lucas’s fault completely, he made the best of actors look amateur.

  48. farty mcshitface

    lookin pretty studly there mr. hayden. where did you score that straight jacket girdle?

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