Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen engaged

February 18th, 2009 // 243 Comments

People has confirmed reports that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are engaged. Because if there’s one movie that deserved to spark a real-life romance, it’s Jumper. – - Anyone who just agreed with that statement, immediately stop reproducing:

According to a friend of the actress, the two, who costarred in 2008′s Jumper, got engaged in December.
“They’re so excited,” says the pal, adding that no wedding date has been set. “They’re a great couple. Rachel seems thrilled beyond belief.”

I’m personally ecstatic about this news. What’s a worse punishment than marriage for being involved with the Star Wars prequels? Nothing. You can’t even beat that.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Candy O

    I’m first first mimi look at me I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anon-E-Mouse

    I never knew they were dating. Then again, I’ve never paid attention to them. Congrats to them anyway. I hope they last longer than a hollywood minute.

  3. Jrz

    That dog wants to engage her…..hardy har har.
    Anyhoo…does she know her fiance looks like a raging homo?

  4. combustion8

    you can marry your beard? good for him I guess.

  5. Rikki

    Oh look they stoop and scoop the poop!!! They ARE just like us common folks…

  6. Anon-E-Mouse

    Omg! I just noticed his outfit. WTF is he wearing?

    They seem like such a mismatched couple–her a sophisticated good girl and him an unkempt bad boy.

  7. CandyO

    You are not even funny #1. You are pathetic.

    You are not CandyO either

  8. Viva Las Vegas

    Ew to Rachel Bilson?!?? I hope it doesn’t work out.

  9. Brandon

    Based on what he’s wearing in the last 2 pictures, I’m surprised that dude even likes girls.

  10. Why the Hell is he wearing a life vest while taking her ugly dog for a walk (I know it’s her dog because no man would own a dog like that).

  11. well.........

    Isn’t he a little out of her league?…..

  12. duh

    his outfit is a little to hannibal lecter-esque for me.

  13. duh

    his outfit is a little too hannibal lecter-esque for me.

  14. William Buttersworth

    i’d fist her. but anakin can go die.

  15. Andie

    Ok yeah, WTF is he wearing?

    Oh well, I still think he’s hot.

  16. The-Vampire-Insomniac

    Awww why damnit why? I hope Hayden Christensen is happy but it would be cooler if both he and James Franco turned out to be gay and got together. I know there not actually gay but it would be WAYYYYYYYYYYYY cuter and so awesome. Also, I dislike Rachel Bilson.

  17. Erica

    I’m 90% sure he’s wearing a straitjacket in these pics.

  18. Who are these people?

  19. 0liv

    She’s an ugly little midget. He can do much better. Don’t do it Hayden!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OffalTruth

    He’s straight? C’mon….

  21. Deacon Jones



  22. Vince Lombardi

    Anyone who would wear what he’s wearing in a public place is waaaay to stupid to procreate, so I’m hoping he’s gay.

  23. Drunkman

    Well…at least you know neither is trying to ride the other’s coat tail.

  24. Butt Munch

    Does she know that he’ll eventually become an asthmatic black man who has a fetish for asbestos jumpsuits??

  25. April

    Looks like he borrowed one of her shirts (his shirts just don’t show enough chest hair) then realized how not hetero he looked and tried to man it up with…bondage attire?

  26. fuck my face, i love that dress!

  27. Randal

    Congratulations you two! I am so happy for the both of you and may your love endure the hardships that the entertainment industry brings upon us. Stay strong and stay true. See you soon on the red carpet!


  28. Mr. LOL

    Well well, if it’s not a lovely couple here. I wonder if he uses his LIGHT SABER at night when they’re in bed making love, to eachother!


  29. California Red

    I liked Jumper so take that Superficial writer.

    Now as for why Darth Vader is wearing a straightjacket… not so sure about that one.

  30. TxThundr

    From a guy’s perspective – I think Rachel is good looking. And everything about Hayden screams Gay. But I’m straight, so what do I know. I’d love to hear from a gay man what his opinion is. I know the clothes by themselves don’t necessarily mean anything, but they surely factor into it.

  31. Dr McNasty

    Anakin’s done very well for himself. Rachel Bilson is like Natalie Portman Lite.

    Seriously though, how does this happen? Watch him act… and then look at GQ from February 2008. I’ve busted many-a-nut to those pics, while arguably the worst actor of his generation has busted many-a-nut all over her face.

  32. Ha!

    You have to be pretty fucking secure to waltz around in clothes like that. Dude is prolly more hetero than all of the above posters. Marriage is obviously a mistake in all cases, but she looks pretty hot.

  33. celsol

    how would you feel if you knew you were gonna die tomorrow?

    Yes, exactly!

    Continue reading…

    Now Stop.



  35. lola

    They look really CUTE TOGETHER! You can tell they have chemistry. It won’t last for more than a few years, but that is a lifetime in hollywood.

  36. combustion8

    perfect, they both love cock.

  37. Ceasar


    Stop doing dope.

    BTW, the guy looks like he escaped from a mental instituition. Rachel as ugly as always.

  38. pooper

    who are these fucktards?

  39. Blah

    WHAT, he’s not gay??? Or if so, how long is this charade going to last? He is hot though. If I had to marry and reproduce with a gay man it would be him.

  40. KKB

    Am I the only one thinking WHO CARES!

  41. jlylec

    rachel bilson would get straight PUMPED HARD…get some bikini pics of this ho

  42. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    What the FUCK is he wearing.

  43. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    What the FUCK is he wearing.

  44. Sam

    Not trying to defend this guy but the pictures were taken on the set of his new movie Bone Deep. Just wanted to inform you guys.

  45. JC

    Isn’t that part of Luke Skywalker’s snowspeeder outfit from The Empire Strikes Back?

  46. lolololol

    they can get married but i will come to hollywood shortly and steal him away from her. mwahahahaha watch out OC girl!

  47. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    What douches.

  48. sote

    aww he’s adorable, super cute and I dont hate her. But I would rather have him for myself.

  49. Elena

    Wow…that’s all i can say to his hideous outfit. I think people are asking to be picked on when they wear hideous stuff like that. That is not fashionable in any way, shape or form. It looks like he’s about to go dance a ballet with the leotard he is wearing and then possibly might go for a swim with the life preserver he’s wearing. CREEPER!

  50. Darth

    What are these three here trying? An outdoor sandwich? why it’s always the smallest one has to be in the middle?

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