Rachel and Ryan won’t admit they’re together

tn_gosling_mcadams_cr.jpgRachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are trying to keep a close lid on their unusually healthy relationship. Ever since re-enacting their “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards, the two have been conjoined at the genitals, despite their Brangelina-like approach.

Although representatives for both Gosling and McAdams refused to confirm whether they’re hot and heavy, the duo have been spotted engaging in all manner of couple-like activities, from grocery shopping a deux, mutual dog-walking and even sharing a 48-ounce steak at a Morton’s in Nashville.

Gosling used to hit Sandra Bullock, so it’s nice to see he’s moved on to someone under 40. I really hope he does something to screw this lovefest up too. Rachel is too perfect of a woman to be tainted by someone of his ilk. And really, if Nicole and DJ AM couldn’t make it, then no one can.