Rachel Uchitel and Dr. Drew Just Pissed All Over Ground Zero

August 31st, 2010 // 373 Comments

Thanks to a slew of misinformation coupled with America’s love of blaming brown people for shit during an election year, a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms lately about an Islamic community center being built blocks away from Ground Zero – in a Burlington Coat Factory. What they should be pissed about is an actual travesty that happened just last week directly on the “hallowed ground.” Namely Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel exploiting 9/11 for an episode of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab Sober House. USA! RadarOnline reports:

“Rachel and Dr. Drew visited Ground Zero last Thursday. The aim of the visit was to be completely cathartic for Rachel because her fiancee, James Andrew O’Grady worked in the Twin Towers and was killed on 9/11. Rachel has told friends that was when her life began to unravel, after she lost James. The visit was extremely emotional for Rachel, but it did give her a sense of closure, as much as someone can have that has lost someone under such horrific circumstances. Dr. Drew was with Rachel for the visit, to give her support, and advice as she goes forward with her recovery,” a source close to Rachel tells us.

Granted, Rachel Uchitel’s fiance did die during 9/11, it’s a little disingenuous to milk that tragedy for a segment on a reality show that obviously agreed to pay you more than Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, who in fairness, probably would’ve worked the same angle. But that being said, let’s go ahead and update the list of what’s allowed and not allowed on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero:

Burger King
Strip Clubs
Off-Track Gambling
55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center Directly in the Spot Where People Fell to Their Deaths
Tiger Woods’ Mistresses
Reality Television (I actually wept after typing that one.)

A Constitutionally Protected Practice of Faith Blocks Away, Completely Out of Sight Where Someone Might Stop and Pray to Mecca After a Pick-Up Game of Basketball

Stay classy, America.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. A white guy

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Whoever wrote this article is obviously some wannabe writer, hollywood obsessed liberal, anti-american racist, or you wouldn’t have your work posted on a douchey celeb infatuated website like this. First, youre a fucking idiot. It’s because of people like you that the American people have become spineless. We are so afraid of hurting anybody’s feelings at any cost, that we are so PC and willing sacrifice our own morals, values, economy ect. to please everyone. The uninformed dumbass who wrote this garbage excuse for an article needs a history lesson. Jihadist extreme muslims, throughout the course of history, conquer an area in the name of allah and then build a mosque as a trophy of their domination. This is exactly what’s happening at ground zero. Now, I’m a tolerant person and have no problem with a mosqe being erected, but at ground zero? OPEN YOUR EYES. It’s obviously a triumphant monument over the American people or they would not be so adamant about building it at ground zero. In there eyes, it has to be there or it won’t have the effective meaning they want. People who are in favor of this mosque at ground zero spit on the memory of our fallen brethren and spririt as a country. What happened to this country. We used to be strong and stand up for ourselves as a nation, and it’s people who write shit like this that are praying for our demise. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Unfucking real. You bastard.

    • joester

      A) It’s not at Ground Zero.
      B) You’re going to have an aneurysm if you keep this up.
      C) Look under you bed, there’s a jihadi there! (He replaced the Communist who was there from 1946 – 1989.)

    • molly

      all i see in that post is a bunch of mindless, emotionally driven babble. step back and try an objective standpoint. seriously man i understand why people are upset, unlike a lot of people posting on here who think that anyone who opposes the “mosque” is a racist. there are still a lot of open wounds from 9/11 and it only makes perfect sense for people to feel a little slapped in the face by the proposition. but honestly, emotion can’t rule. objectivity is key. that’s why in court, if the member of the jury happens to know anybody involved in the case they have to step down. why? a conflict of interest. because they might take a side depending solely on their emotional attachment or sense of obligation to a friend/family member etc. ever said something to a loved one in the heat of the moment only to regret it later, realizing you only said it because you were angry? same thing applies here! people oppose the “mosque” because they think it’s an insult to the fallen. but rest assured if you deny them this basic right, years later everybody will look back and say “bad call, dude, they were assholes”.

  2. Suck it Beck

    Fish just made my day. :)

    I can’t believe how many rednecks there are who can type!

  3. joester

    @”a white guy”: did you really just call someone a “spineless, traitor cunt”? On a celebrity gossip site, during a political debate? You’re insane.

    • drew

      not insane, just stupid. and racist.

      • tjmann

        drew, you are racist for that remark.
        Wow! that was easy. And fun! Don’t agree with someone? Just call them a racist. Works every time!

        Except for the inconvenient truth that the ones crying racism at every turn are the real racists. Talk about irony!

      • joester

        the world according to tjmann (and republicans in general): good news, everybody! there’s no more racism in america! except, of course, for the people complaining about racism. what a bunch of delusional crybabies!

      • tjmann

        joester you ignorant slut.
        1st) I am not a republican. not a democrat either.
        2nd) I never said that there was no racism. Quite the contrary. however, even though there are still some dinosaurs out there (right and left) who cling to idiotic racist beliefs, I was referring to otherwise supposedly “enlightened” people who cry “Racism!” any time a white person (usually conservative) disagrees with anything a black person (e.g. Obama) says. A person can disagree with another for reasons other than the color of their skin! What is really racist are people like you who feel the need to bring race into a debate as a way of deflecting a reasonable difference of opinion. It shows that either you are using this as a tool knowing that there is no truth behind it (in which case you are dishonorable), or deep-down you think that someone like obama couldn’t really know what he is talking about and so you play the race card… making you a racist.
        I know my mind… not racist. can you TRUTHFULLY say the same. I highly doubt it. I am sure you will say it, but you will be lying to yourself as well as the world.
        Talk about delusional!

      • joester

        You’re just proving my point. The problem of racism is enormous, throughout the world, *and* here in the USA. To say that it’s just a small problem of “still some dinosaurs” hanging around is ludicrous. To additionally imply that the problem is so small that we should preferably focus on “what is really racist” — people unnecessarily “bringing race into a debate” — just compounds the problem.

        The truth is that racism is not an imaginary phenomenon puffed up by opportunists in order to guilt-trip white people. On the contrary, xenophobia remains a powerful force in American politics, as this ginned-up “mosque” controversy amply demonstrates.

    • tjmann

      @Joester… WRONG WRONG WRONG. How is it possible for one person to be so misguided? oh, that’s right… it is easy if he is a complete moron.
      You just don’t get it do you? Let me use small words, maybe you will get it. if only I could write this in crayon it might click with you.
      1) Racism does exist. Probably no where near as much as you would like to believe.
      2) Not everyone who disagrees with obama is a racist.
      3) Most (MOST) people who consider themselves conservative or libertarian would state (as truthfully as possible) that they either aren’t racist or do their best to rise above such un-evolved thoughts.
      4) You probably are as racist (I bet more so) than most conservatives. don’t believe me? try: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/ I think you might be surprised at yourself.
      5) While I agree we might be distorting the definition of racism a bit here, anyone who uses “race” for political/social/economic gain is racist. your branding another’s comments as racist is a small mind’s way of deflecting an argument.
      6) Last time I checked, there was only one human race. why divide us up? why make distinctions between people?

      why do people engage in racism/bigotry?

      Fear. what are they afraid of? those that are different.

      Pop Quiz: what is the best way to remove the fear of this difference?
      a) further point out the differences between people and tell them “It’s a _____ thing, you wouldn’t understand”
      b) call anyone who disagrees with you a racist, no matter what their opinion.
      c) be unfair to one group because their great-great-granfathers were unfair to another group. (slavery being unbelievably “unfair”)
      d) level the playing field. stop calling attention to the differences between people (“Hello?!? I think it is obvious that my anglo/celtic skin isn’t as dark as someone whose ancestors came from Africa!”) start uniting people by finding similarities between them and focusing on that.

      Did you get the right answer? based on your posts, I wouldn’t bet on it.
      The correct answer is D.
      not A
      not B
      not C

      D! Stop throwing around the “racist” label and you might not alienate so many people. Stop the hate!

      • joester

        Hi tj,

        I want to thank you for continuing to post here, because it’s helped me to clarify in my mind exactly what angers me so much about this “Ground Zero Mosque” bullshit, and how I feel about xenophobia/racism in general.

        Despite my gratitude on that score, I have no desire to go easy on you. First of all, I would like to reiterate that I have not called anyone a racist — I have called the opposition to The Cordoba Project/Park51 racist.

        And therein lies the flaw in the standard Movement Conservative view of racism. Conservatives like to believe (pretend to believe?) that racism is entirely a matter of what individuals believe about other races, and how they treat people of other races. But that’s actually just one small aspect of racism.

        Far more dangerous is political racism — a tendency within a group (say, white Christian Americans) to view another group (say, Muslims — all 1 billion of them) negatively, the willingness of politicians (sadly, in every party) to support those views, and the potential of having those views reflected in public policy. Another consequence that may be even worse is the vicious circle of fear and anger that this kind of racism can engender between the two groups.

        In order for this kind of racism to thrive, it is not necessary for you personally to be bigoted — but in order to fight it, it *is* necessary to stop pretending that it doesn’t exist.

        Now, to take your points one at a time:
        1) You have no idea what I would like to believe, and the proof of this is that I would *like* to believe that exact opposite of what you claim that I would.

        2) I have never made the assertion that you are countering here, nor would I.

        3 and 4) These points get to the heart of your misunderstanding of what racism is. Everyone has judgments about different demographic/ethnic/religious/cultural/etc groups. In that sense, *everyone* is racist — or, more accurately, prejudiced — and of course that includes me as well! And that’s what that Harvard site (very interesting, by the way) is measuring.
        But you don’t have to use the “n-word” or refuse to serve Asians in your restaurant in order to be contributing to political/societal racism. It’s enough to support discriminatory *policies* … such as refusing to allow a demonstrably harmless group of moderate Muslims to build a community center a couple of blocks away from the WTC site.
        It’s also worth noting that the overt bigotry that you claim is rare among conservatives is on full display in the comments by conservatives in this thread.

        5) I haven’t branded anyone’s comments as racist — although, as noted above, there are certainly a number that I could have.

        6) Why? Because different ethnic/demographic/etc. groups are, in fact, different. We all have our common humanity, of course — as JFK (or Ted Sorenson) memorably put it, “We all love our children, and we are all mortal.” But within those parameters, different groups talk, think, and behave in very different ways. It would be foolish to ignore this — or to ignore that we all have judgments/prejudices about other groups. Not only would it be foolish, it would be boring. Human variation and its ramifications is one of the most fascinating topics in the world.
        *Noticing* (or even studying) human differences is not racist. Having prejudices is not racist, either — *acting* on them is.

        And finally, your pop quiz:

        a) See my previous sentence.
        b) I don’t do that.
        c) This cartoon counters this point better than I ever could: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/concise_color.png
        d) see “a”, above. And as far as “united people and finding similarities between them”, boy, would I welcome some of that from the people who are opposing Park51. If they actually talked to the Muslims involved, they might be embarrassed to find that these scary brown jihadis, are, in fact, ordinary people just like them.

  4. Rocky

    The daya group of fanatic strippers hijack a loaded plane of civilians, crash it into a skyscraper, and later other strippers try to build a strip club right near the site, then you have an argument. Until then, you people are scumbag surrender-monkeys.

  5. molly

    tj you spent about 90% of that post insulting me, 10% of it being a smart ass and approximately 0% of it staying on topic and proving me wrong in any way. speak when you have something to say, not just for the sake of speaking.

    side note: if you really believe people will stop reading the superficial because of his political views, you’re staggeringly misguided. even if people disagree, people LOVE to hate something. so they’ll keep coming back, if anything just to post in the comments about how he’s wrong and he’s “everything wrong with america” :)

    • drew

      molly, you are awesome. that guy is a fuckin moron and literally did not have a single point to make in that fucktarded comment.

      he might have well said “NO U”

      • tjmann

        Why yes molly, I did spend it taunting you. but it is too easy. “debating” you would be like debating the 4 year old next door. And to see drew leap to your defense is quite amusing. you two should hook up… you seem perfect for each other. except molly is probably some 15 year old dude who gets his rocks off posing as a female.
        I would normally enjoy baiting you longer, but I have more important things to do than to spar with a pair of kids whose mothers and fathers were probably related before they got married. more important… like vacuuming, doing the dishes, walking the dog.

      • joester

        vacuuming, doing the dishes, and walking the dog, eh? thanks for letting us know — I’ve always wondered what angry Dittohead jerks do with their free time.

      • tjmann

        Angry… no
        Dittohead… no (assuming you’re talking about Rush listeners. I don’t listen to him)
        jerk… sometimes. I try to be good, but zeros like you bring it out of me.

        uh oh, here it comes.

        Joester, I bet your mother wishes she had gotten that abortion.


      • joester

        yeah, that really ruined my day.

        best of luck with your ongoing crusade to convince people that the real victims of the imaginary phenomenon of racism in the U.S. are unjustly accused white people.

      • tjmann

        so you don’t think racism exists? in your rant (i mean post) you mention the “imaginary phenomenon of racism”. really?
        I have never wronged a black person. I have gone to great lengths to teach my kids to view trivial differences between people (ethnic background, skin color, whatever) as just that… trivial. I would have voted for Condeleeza Rice in a heartbeat (not because she is black. not because she is a woman. because she is wicked smart. and she is HOT! just kidding. She is HOT, I just wouldn’t vote for her because of that.)
        you still want to call me a racist? if so, then you are a bigger fool than I already think you are.

      • joester


        Also, being willing to vote for *one particular* black person proves nothing about your views on other races.

        Teaching your kids to treat people who are different from them with respect is much more persuasive. However, I don’t know why you’re bothering to try to persuade me — I haven’t once accused you of being racist, only of attempting to turn the reality of racism on its head by arguing that white people are the *real* victims of racism these days.

  6. Ape

    I couldn’t help but read through all these comments.

    I’ll just say, whether I agree with you or don’t, I’d rather my humor websites stayed humor websites. Where is Ozymandius when you need him?

  7. poohtattoo

    I’m probably gonna get blasted for this but in the truest sense of freedom of speech and religion means that the center has every right to be there whether people like it or not. If we deny that right just on 9/11 alone we’re hypocrites, racists, and just as fanatical as the individuals who caused the s*** in the firstly place. I want to believe that Americans can be as tolerant as we claim we are…

    But I know most of us are too ignorant.

  8. guy incognito

    divde and conquer

  9. molly

    well if you really had better things to do you would be doing them instead of being a smart ass and sparring with a.. uh… sexually frustrated and confused, inbred 15 year old boy. clearly typing that up took precedent over your ever so important to-do list. ;)

  10. Righty Whitey

    Putting a Islamic/Muslim Terrorist center at / near ground zero is just a blatant slap in the face of America. It would be like the Japanese building a Benihana restaurant at the USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor. I don’t care if it’s legal, it shouldn’t be done, for reasons that really shouldn’t need to be explained, unless you’re an America-Hating liberal, of course.

    The support that Obomma has for this pretty much sums up his own hatred of America and his support of Muslim Terrorists.

    Any other President in the last 40 years would’ve been front and center protesting this atrosity. Except Osama Obama and Jimmy Carter, of course, the two worst Presidents in US history. They also have another thing in common, they both won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing but being complete failures. Carter won for failing to get North Korea to stop building Nuclear Power, and Obomma won it for hting America and being black.

    • joester

      Greetings from Earth, “Righty Whitey”! I know that things are a little different in your parallel universe, so let me explain how things work here: people who use phrases like “America-Hating liberal” are laughed at.

      Sorry to hear about the awful U.S. President in your universe. Over here, we’re much luckier: we’ve got a guy who’s a hell of a lot better than the last one.

    • poohtattoo

      Here’s the thing. Other than the amendments against slavery, racism and sexism, the legal documents of the Constitution and zoning laws of NY, don’t give a flying sewer rats ass about what “shouldn’t ” be done morally. They are written as guidelines of what is fair, safe, and legal. Will it be uncomfortable for overly sensitive individuals to see it, yeah. Will it probably get hate mail and members threatened, yeah. But if the zoning laws say it’s legal and safe, then oh fuck well.
      People are too stupid to realize you cant legislate morality, empathy, or conscience.

      • tjmann

        @poohtattoo… Have you ever been declared legally insane? if not, you should give it careful consideration.
        “cant legislate morality”??? While I agree that we shouldn’t, we most certainly do. often. sodomy laws, drug laws, prostitution laws, hell, try to buy beer on a Sunday in some states!
        And if you think the founding fathers weren’t guided by their sense of morality when crafting the Constitution, you should give serious consideration to having yourself committed. or finish high school. one of those should do the trick!

    • molly

      it’s frustrating because people like this take themselves seriously but nobody else does. they think they sound like they know what they’re talking about, disregarding the fact that people aren’t stupid and can spot paranoid regurgitation from a mile away. you want to be able to talk some sense into them, but it’s a pointless endeavor because their minds are too weak to discard everything that was handed to them and have an original thought.

      good GOD.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    screw this…let’s see some celebrity boobs please!!!

  12. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    Just because I think it’s incredibly tasteless and immoral to build a mosque as close to the Twin Towers as possible, for the express reason being that it’s as close to the Twin Towers as possible, doesn’t make me white or a Christian. Islam is disgusting, anti-human propaganda, this coming from a perfectly liberal yuppie left-leaning hippie. Try reading the Qu’ran for a start before you make the whole Islam debate about race. And what exactly is the point of foisting your political opinion into an entertainment news commentary? Last I checked this wasn’t fucking Newsweek. There was a day when superfish’s commentary didn’t fail so much, I guess it’s time to quit reading.

  13. deep

    just let things happen when the time comes for all this arguing then it will come if people are so strongly against this centre it will not last but seriously not in biased way america hates blacks , muslims , jews but not so much cuz jews are the ones who run freemasons and illuminati along side their christian sheep anyway we all know the conspiracies surrounding the twin towers and we all know america for being something of the devil i mean seriously when i think about america i think satan , sin , evil, racism , white people and last but not least KKK and no matter what white americans will never accept anyone other then themselves if your muslim they will hate you cuz your muslim if your black they will hate you cuz your black if ur muslim and you convert to christianity they will hate you cuz your not white so whatever anyone does who isnt white it wont matter cuz a problem will always arise no matter how much you change yourself white americans will never like you anyway stick to your satanic , evil sinning country cuz america is the origin of all things evil and manipulative i think hell will start with america.even gambling and porn is highest in america LOL ( sin) and in america being part of a religion is just as simple as a name tag there is very few true religious people in america and thats my opinion all of this is my opinion so dont try to convince me cuz it wont change my mind

  14. Baracka

    Thing is, Burger King, McDonald’s, Strip Clubs, Off-Track Gambling, 55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center and Tiger Woods’ Mistresses DID NOT FLY AIRPLANES INTO BUILDINGS YOU JERK! The mosque will never be built…and if they try to start, each night, what was completed that day will somehow………disapear……………………………………………………………………………

  15. iderptothis

    sure is trolls taking a toll on bros in here. dick envy is my favorite sport.

  16. Rachel Uchitel
    Odins Acolyte
    Commented on this photo:

    I detest Marxist liars and all their ilk. You loose.

  17. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    I”d so love to sniff her butt….

  18. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    I would inhale her farts like bong tokes

  19. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d love to lick her turd cutter.

  20. ThatGuy

    What dick wrote this?

  21. stater bros ad

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  22. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    1. What could I do? She won the Probably-Washed-Up-From-Too-Much-Too-Soon conadferadence title game over Britadney Spears.2. They will meet in the secadond round if both advance.

  23. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    The irony of calling somnoee else an airhead while misusing the word hoar, or misspelling whore as I’m assuming was your intended word, and completely neglecting all punctuation or grammar is just too much for me.Also, these two people may have single-handedly ruined Santa for me.

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