Rachel Uchitel and Dr. Drew Just Pissed All Over Ground Zero

August 31st, 2010 // 373 Comments

Thanks to a slew of misinformation coupled with America’s love of blaming brown people for shit during an election year, a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms lately about an Islamic community center being built blocks away from Ground Zero – in a Burlington Coat Factory. What they should be pissed about is an actual travesty that happened just last week directly on the “hallowed ground.” Namely Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel exploiting 9/11 for an episode of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab Sober House. USA! RadarOnline reports:

“Rachel and Dr. Drew visited Ground Zero last Thursday. The aim of the visit was to be completely cathartic for Rachel because her fiancee, James Andrew O’Grady worked in the Twin Towers and was killed on 9/11. Rachel has told friends that was when her life began to unravel, after she lost James. The visit was extremely emotional for Rachel, but it did give her a sense of closure, as much as someone can have that has lost someone under such horrific circumstances. Dr. Drew was with Rachel for the visit, to give her support, and advice as she goes forward with her recovery,” a source close to Rachel tells us.

Granted, Rachel Uchitel’s fiance did die during 9/11, it’s a little disingenuous to milk that tragedy for a segment on a reality show that obviously agreed to pay you more than Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, who in fairness, probably would’ve worked the same angle. But that being said, let’s go ahead and update the list of what’s allowed and not allowed on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero:

Burger King
Strip Clubs
Off-Track Gambling
55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center Directly in the Spot Where People Fell to Their Deaths
Tiger Woods’ Mistresses
Reality Television (I actually wept after typing that one.)

A Constitutionally Protected Practice of Faith Blocks Away, Completely Out of Sight Where Someone Might Stop and Pray to Mecca After a Pick-Up Game of Basketball

Stay classy, America.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. cmyk

    On behalf of whitey, I’d just like to say that we don’t need to wait for an election year to blame it all on brown people. Piss off, fish.

    That is all.

  2. Cardinal Fang

    Why would anyone defend or like a religion where the men rule with almost total dominance and the women must be nearly completely covered up? Totally not Superficial material. If Islam ever comes out of the 13th century… never mind it won’t.

    • Rachell

      Why anyone would stick with Catholicism is beyond me. Or maybe I could be lucky and become Mormon and share myself with 15 other people in Utah! Most religions are backwards and Islam is no exception. I think it’s not so much the religion, but how the people in power twist it to justify their warped political structure. You could probably pick out 100s of verses in the Koran that are mysogynistic, but anyone who’s ever read the Bible can do so as well with that religion. That’s why I’m happy to live in a SECULAR country where the nuts are free to worship as they please.

  3. Ray Sist

    Anyone have a problem with someone building a new KKK building near the White house?

  4. straight man

    I busted a nut when the towers fell. glad to see NYC got what was comin for being pansies.

    • alex

      Fuck you

      • mar

        but alex i dont understand your anger. see, thats what you wanted. see, there is free speech, but theres also respect isnt there? yeah…………

      • A white guy

        Straight man as in Man going straight to hell. I just want to take one second to call you out as a TOTAL FUCKING PUSSY because without the mask of cyberspace and a screen name, you wouldn’t ever have the balls to say that in public. You would get you ass beat within an inch of your life…if your lucky. Especially if you said that to my face. I drop you like the sack of shit that you are. Please move out of the country. Again, free speech for sure, but just because you can do something doesn’t make it right. You have no heart and no brain. May God have mercy on your soul, whichever God you choose to believe in. And I promise you if I was your judge, mercy you would not receive.

  5. gibby

    SO the superficial is a terrorist sympathizer.

    71% of the country is now against it.

    Notice how the liberals are now trying to call it a Community Center? If that is the case why do the liberals keep spouting freedom of religion?? Pick one or the other. Liberals like to change the names of things when they realize they are losing the argument. Like Global Warming…they renamed it Climate Change after a brutal winter of record cold.

    Why are liberals so ignorant and insensitive to the families of the victims of 9/11??

    Hey lets go build a U.S. military museum in Nagasaki at ground zero.

    Liberals are like the little kid who gets bullied in school. They think if they just keep giving up their milk money the bully will leave them alone. No spine whatsoever.

    Do liberals become pussies or do pussies become liberal??? It is kinda like the chicken and the egg riddle.

    • Rachell

      The majority of americans also want to leave afghanistan and Iraq. Just because the majority of folks want something doesn’t make it right. The majority of americans supported segregation in the 50-60′s as well. This is why we have these things called “laws” in our country. We are protected by majoritarian tyranny by virtue of our constitution.

      Not sure how you managed to throw global warming into this. I’m pretty sure if you live on earth, we’re ALL losing that battle.

      You must be high from your Glenn Beck rally last week. Liberals this and liberals that. I consider myself a liberal and I would happily knock your ass flat on your back should I ever have the misfortune to meet you or your hillbilly friends.
      You also don’t give a sh*t about the victims of 9/11. You are using them as props. If you really cared, you would realized that over 300 Muslims died in the world trade center attacks and that many families who lost loved ones also SUPPORT the islamic center being built.

      • joester

        Well said, Rachell.

      • A white guy

        Joester and Rachell, so you really are fucking, huh? There you go again with your dismissal of actual issues to turn things into left vs. right, glen beck, hillbillies, ect. There is always some sort of group generalization with everything you have to say. The level of your hypocrasy knows no bound. I’m sure gibby does give a shit about the victims of 9/11 and the 300 muslims that died. You know who doesn’t? The extremist muslims that killed them along with tens of thousands of other Americans. You know who doesn’t care about the victims of 9/11? You and Joester. Because you are the ones using them as props to voice your left vs right boisterous banter and infect our society with your one demsional view on not only politics, but the world over every fucking chance you get. That’s why nobody takes you seriously. The only reason I have spent so much time debunking and hating on you and Joester is nothing more than personal enjoyment. I get a kick out of giving perspective to weak minded individuals such as yourselves. Have you moved yet, Rachelllllll? Fuck. Get outta here already and take joester with you.

      • joester

        @A white guy: you’re insane.

  6. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck off you race baiting douche, the 9/11 mosque isn’t about white vs. brown people and you know it.

  7. gibby

    Burger King – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    McDonald’s – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    Strip Clubs – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    Off-Track Gambling – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center Directly in the Spot Where People Fell to Their Deaths – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    Tiger Woods’ Mistresses – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans
    Reality Television (I actually weeped after typing that one.) – Didn’t murder 3000 Americans

    • Smart

      The people building the “mosque” near ground zero- Didn’t murder 3000 Americans.
      The people who will go to the “mosque”- Didn’t murder 3000 Americans.
      The people who attend the mosque that is actually CLOSER to ground zero than the one in debate- Didn’t murder 3000 Americans.

      @Gibby- You’re a racist coward.

      • alex

        They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate muslim community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      • Sux_2BU

        THere have been plenty of Muslims who condemned 9/11. Your ignorance of that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

        I didn’t hear Christian leaders condemning the murders of those who work in abortion clinics, nor have I heard any Rabbis condemn the murder and displacement of millions of Christians during the Bolshevik revolution, for which Jews played a major part.

      • Rachell

        There is no deafening silence you jackass. http://www.cair.com/AmericanMuslims/AntiTerrorism.aspx

        They say it over and over again and again, yet people still say “well they don’t condemn terrorism!”
        They condemn it til they are blue in the face, but it doesn’t matter to people who are determined to be bigoted SOBs.

      • A white guy

        Smart…errrr….stupid, please tell me then why the mosqe has to be at ground zero. I know that the muslims that will attend the mosque didn’t kill 3000 americans, but can they not be tolerant about OUR feelings of the obvious reasons why we may not want a mosque to be built there? Again, anywhere else we are fine with, just not at ground zero for obvious reasons. Are you “smart” enough to understand this notion? YOU, are in fact the racist coward that fails to have perspective or compassion for the tragedy of a nation and promptly generalize, attack and victimize yourself. I hear joester and rachelllll may be interested in a three way with you. You should check it out, you’d get along great.

    • MrChips

      Burger King and McDonalds have murdered far more than 3000 people with their artery clogging grease. Keep blowing your wad on non-issues like this mosque or cultural center or whatever the fuck it is. Meanwhile the average ameircan keeps getting more fat, stupid, and promiscuous. If those muslims were really trying to get you morons, they’d open a payday loan shop instead. Right next to the strip club, casino and shopping complex…

  8. alex

    And besides, what’s more american than fast food, strip clubs, off track gambling, Tiger’s Ho’s and shopping malls?

    • Otto

      The Jersey Shore.

    • Yeah...

      This I can agree with…

    • Parker

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate mormon community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate catholic community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate protestant community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate baptist community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate pentacostalist community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      They might not have flown those planes but there was (and is) a deafening silence from the “moderate scientologist community” in denouncing those horrific acts of cowardice (and the thousands of acts since 9/11)

      wait…scratch that last one.

  9. m

    everyone’s just got their panties in a twist because this post is 100% the truth. the list of ridiculous things that have been built and operate near that sight is shameful, but no one cares until fox news makes a big political deal of something in time for an election season. no one batted an eyelash at the idea of a mosque in NYC until the past few months when someone must have realized making a stink would help their party politically.

  10. sw

    Wow, the superficial just got respectable. Mad props.

  11. sobrietyisacrutch

    To all those who basically posted “They have a right to. It’s legal”:

    At one time, slavery was legal.
    At one time, women not having the vote was legal.
    At this time, abortion is legal.

    Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right. That’s why we usually have to fight for what is right. It’s what separates the brave from the cowardly.
    Fire at will….

    • Pseudopodia

      You build it — They win.
      You don’t build it — They win.
      Either way — They win.

      The terrorists.

    • Sux_2BU

      Slavery, womens suffrage, and abortion were never explicitly denied or protected in the Constitution when those things were going on. Freedom of religious expression is.

      • Joe Kidd

        1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ”

        denying that location is not denying their right to “free exercise thereof”. they can exercise their “religion” freely somewhere else.

      • Righty Whitey

        Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a Cult of War. There’s a difference. It’d be like a bunch of serial killers getting together and declaring their lifestyle a religion, and the ankle-grabbing liberals in this country would probably side with them….what a joke.

    • joester

      @Joe Kidd:

      “Hey, you’re free to practice your religion; just do it somewhere else. No, not there. No, um, not there either. A little to the left. Actually, how about over there instead. Hey, what are you getting mad about? I’m allowing you to practice your religiion!”

      • A white guy

        Joester, again you perfectly portray your idiocracy. You, sir, are a mental midget, possibly dellusional. No, wait, probably dellusional. Your analogies wreeeeeek of retardation. How about, “no not right there, because the greatest tragedy on U.S. soil happened right there and, we as a people, consider right there hallowed ground and a memorial for our brave loved ones and countrymen. Now, i know it’s now your fault at all, but the attacks were linked to muslim extremeists, so it would be inappropriate to put a muslim place of worship right here in our eyes. Do you understand? Can you be tolerant of that? Thank you so much”. And joester, I bet you don’t know the significance of the name of the mosque, do you? Well, the proposed name is the “Cordoba” mosque, or something to that affect. Cordoba, is city in Spain where the Muslims first conquered in Europe, and built a mosque as a display of power and triumph. The fact that they have even proposed using the name “cordoba” in the proposed mosque/cultural center at ground zero has bone chilling significance. Do you follow, or is your libtardness getting in the way? If you can’t see the paralells in this, my man, you’re also blind. You learn something new everyday, huh. We are tolerant of the muslim faith and all faiths, which is why this country is so great, but we are also sentimental and tasteful. Not at ground zero. Anywhere else. It’s not hard to understand why. We are tolerant, now you be tolerant and respectful of our reasoning. And I can see it now, Joester coming in, forgetting about the issue(s) at all and starting in with his anti-conservative, anti-american banter, bashing christians and whites, ect. Save us jokester. You suck at life. I’m a tolerant person, but it’s people like you that will “tolerate” others running our, wait, no, MY country into the mud. Fuck You.

      • joester

        The “mosque” isn’t a mosque, and it isn’t at Ground Zero. This can’t be said often enough.

      • joester

        @white guy: “… we are sentimental and tasteful.”

        I was going to be snarky here, or maybe just reply, “AHAHAHA please stop, you’re killing me”, but instead, I’m going to try to actually get through to you here: do you have any awareness of the fact that you disprove the assertion that you are “sentimental and tasteful” with every sentence that you write?

  12. Crusty

    Those who are organizing this “Community Center” are hoping that by doing so, religious and cultural differences can be bridged. A perfectly laudable goal.

    I wonder if those who are organizing this “Community Center” realize how many Americans would stand and applaud these efforts and potentially join the process to bridge these differences.. if..

    and only if.. those who are organizing this “Community Center”..

    ..would.. just.. build.. elsewhere.

    • joester

      Tea Partiers are going to rush to build friendship and cultural understanding with Muslims, just as long as Park51 is moved somewhere else? Yeah, I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

  13. Tim

    Nice one, Fish! Please don’t listen to all the jackasses telling you to keep your politics out of your site. It will really just help to weed out the people that you don’t want your site or yourself associated with.

    • On/Off

      This coming from a guy who uses his real name

    • Ben

      Actually Fish, who cares what you do. You’re a fucking gossip columnist for crying out loud. I would no more go here for a well reasoned political opinion than I would go to a barber for medical advise.

  14. joe blow

    Enough of this… Muslims don’t like me? Big deal. I wipe my ass with pages from the Koran every night, so I figure that makes us about even.

    Now let’s get back to half naked celebrities!!!

  15. Your Next Prez

    Look at all you nutters arguing over this on this site, of all places. They say this country’s divided yet we’ve got all sides of this argument that came here the explicit purpose of seeing some pseudo celeb tits and ass. I’m running and that’s going to be my #1 campaign promise, “upskirt pics for all.” I’ll put it on the dollar bill and everything. Who’s not gonna vote for that shit?

    • joe blow

      You got my vote…. but could you also promise to have a special black ops team “deal” with Heidi and Spencer? Oh, and that bitch Kate Gosselin…. she needs a good tune up as well.

      Thank you, Mr Future President.

  16. joe blow

    Muslims hate me? Big deal. I wipe my ass with pages from the Koran, so you see, it balances out.

    Now let’s see some half naked celebrities!!!

  17. androo

    her fiance died there so why not visit ground zero? Its seems like a good way to show viewers what the families and loved ones of the victims of 9/11 went have gone through….not to mention that dr drew has been awesome on loveline for almost two decades!

    • m

      true, but the fact that it was done while she is on his reality tv show (joke of jokes) sort of cheapens the whole thing.

  18. Weird Al

    Superfish is a moron. Pulling the race card is classy, too.

    I come here for celebrity trash, not sanctimonious libtards expressing why they believe 70% of the country is wrong. I live in the neighborhood of the former twin towers (now a rubble heap) and I oppose the mosque.

    • dude abides

      What mosque? You know it’s not a mosque, right?

      • Weird Al

        I live there. It’s a 13-story Islamic community center that will have mosque services for up to a thousand people. It is currently hosting spillover from Masjid mosque a few blocks away.

      • Q

        @dude abides
        You have stated that as fact numerous times, without any reference. What is your source? Other than your ass???

    • joester

      Uhh if you live in the neighborhood, then you’re aware that it hasn’t been a rubble heap for a long time, right?

      Also, I decree that anyone who uses the term “libtards” (or “sheeple”) is hereby banished from society forever.

      • A white guy

        joester, I decree that you are banished from society forever. Man you suck. So hard. It’s almost bewildering. Hey, how about this for tolerance. Let the mosque be built at ground zero, then next door and directly across the street we build a gay club, a pork store, and a bikini shop. Then we’ll see the true definition of tolerance from the mosque supporters such as yourself. But, why don’t you just tell me how intolerant that would be on our part, eventhough, to use your tired defense, we have a constitutional right to do so, so we will. In your face dick breath. It’s you who will tolerate the bully giving you a swirly and taking your lunch money. It’s you who will tolerate your girlfriend/boyfriend cheating on you. It’s you that has no spine, will not stand up for right and wrong, and hide behind your mother’s leg like a shy child meeting an adult when it comes time to take a stand for yourself, your brothers and sisters, or your country. You are a disgrace of an American. You stand in our country representing everything wrong with this country and you’re too fucking dumb to know it.

      • joester

        There is actually already a gay bar just a couple of blocks from Ground Zero. Also a strip club.

        How do you know that I “hide behind my mother’s leg” or “tolerate bullies”? When did I indicate that? I repeat: you are insane.

      • joester

        Coming soon from Regnery Publishing: “Man You Suck. So Hard. In Your Face, Dick Breath! I Bet You Like It Up The Ass! — ‘A white guy’ On How To Be Sentimental And Tasteful.”

  19. sobrietyisacrutch

    I just thought of something. Perhaps someone more informed out there can tell me. Is this mosque, cultural center, whatever – what EXACTLY would its purpose be?
    I mean, would it be a place of worship? A museum? A youth center? A “midnight basketball” gathering ala Bill Clinton?
    I guess what I’m getting at is, is this a non-profit or for-profit organization? Striving for what, specifically?
    Being a transplanted New Yorker (born and raised there for 20 years) but now living in California for almost as many, I’m not sure what the actual purpose is.

  20. Burungi

    This argument is SO tiresome. FOX “news” made the issue news. They know that there’s nothing conservatives love more than a new thing to direct their misguided anger at. They also know that the “issue” had to be clear and simple enough for their followers to grab onto and run with.

    Here’s how it’s going to go. A bunch of dumb fucks are going to waste their time stomping around this community center, it’s going to go up and, after November, it’ll be completely forgotten.

    BTW, GREAT post, Fish!

  21. princessq

    Fish, i come to your site for vapid celeb gossip, but my respect for you has increased many fold with this post. thank you for not being a narrow minded bigot like all the other spammers here, who dont believe in religious freedom in a country whose principles are based on them, and believe a teeny group of ppl are responsible for an entire faith (2nd largest in the world, and growing people).

    anyway, back to vapid celeb gossip!

  22. Armando

    You know politics shouldn’t play into a website that shows pictures of Snooki’s ugly pussy. But given you line of thought you should be reminded that some Mosques in this country are used to find, fund and train terrorists. Now maybe you don’t want to admit that because then you would have to deal with it but it’s true. So cowboy the fuck up or get the fuck out of way and shut the fuck up. Because if you think I gonna defend someone begging to get their head lopped off – you fucking dead wrong.

    Mosque in Orlando fundraises for Hamas

  23. Weird Al

    Several B.S. arguments from proponents of the mosque:

    1. “It’s not a mosque.”

    Fact: It is an Islamic community center with a mosque; services will accommodate up to a thousand worshipers.

    2. “It’s not ground zero.”

    It is ground zero. It is two blocks away from the World Trade Center site. The building was partially destroyed by the landing gear of the United flight that hit the twin towers. The site was previously a Burlington Coat factory, which went out of business due to the damage. The value of the property dropped from 18 million to 4 million.

    3. “Muslims need a place to pray.”

    There are over 100 mosques in New York City, including the Masjid mosque a few blocks away from the “Cordoba Initiative.” Difference is the former has been there since the 1940s and was not chosen for its proximity near a terrorist attack. Most Americans would be fine with a mosque on another site.

    4. “The imam is a moderate.”

    Christopher Hitchens in Slate says the imam is in support of the theocratic form of government found in Iran, and purveyor of duplicitous half-statements on terrorism.

    5. “It’s religious freedom.”

    It’s also freedom of speech to protest the imam and the dog mark. Same for people who are against the Westboro Baptist Church and their “God hates Fags” signs.

    6. Other things you may not know….

    The developers owe 1/4 of a million dollars to New York in back taxes for the site.

    They only own half the building. Con Ed owns the other half.

    They have less than one million dollars in personal funds for a renovation that is slated to cost one hundred million.

    Imam Rauf wrote a book in Malaysia called “Prayer from the Rubble of the WTC: Islamic Da’wa in Post 9/11 America.” The cover showed New York City at night with a crescent moon over the statue of liberty.

    In the United States the cover was changed to text and the title was changed to “What’s right with America is what’s right with Islam.”

    • tick

      thank you for facts not opinions ala John Stuart (sp?)

      • A white guy

        Dude, really? Racism and bigotry are the LAST issues with this place going up. Is it really so hard to see that the WTC was toppled by extremeist muslims, it’s a sanctuary and memorial for our fallen American loved ones, and a mosque right there is tasteless and insensitive to the AMERICAN people. Or, are you just to fucking dumb and blind to see that? Has nothing to do with white or brown or black or anything like that. It has to do with the principle of the matter. We are a country founded on principle. We are tolerant of all faiths and all walks of life, but you’re not putting a mosque at fucking ground zero, or we will bomb mecca and put a church there….see my point? Obviously not. Like trying to argue with warm mayonaise. Some of you people are so blind, dumb, spineless and obnoxious. Fuck it’s annoying to think you live in my country. Fuck you jeremy.

    • jeremy

      Not going to bother addressing the rest of your stupid points but this one:

      3. “Muslims need a place to pray.”

      There are over 100 mosques in New York City, including the Masjid mosque a few blocks away from the “Cordoba Initiative.” Difference is the former has been there since the 1940s and was not chosen for its proximity near a terrorist attack. Most Americans would be fine with a mosque on another site.

      Is patently false. Read again, the opposition to this community centre is plain racism and bigotry.


      Continue spewing your hatred backed rhetoric all you want though.

      • tjmann

        jeremy… fuck you and that giant racism card you carry around with you and wave at the first sign of opposition to anything you support. who is the racist here… you are. and the sad fact is that you are too stupid and closed-minded to even grasp that irony.
        Please tell me that you don’t have children, vote, or operate heavy machinery!

      • jeremy

        Where exactly did I post anything racist?

        The irony of you calling me “closed-minded” is not lost, don’t worry, your stupidity will live on forever in a comment on a blog post here.

    • joester

      A lie-spewing Dittohead like yourself should not be using the name of that great American, Weird Al Yankovic.

  24. Dude

    I’m sorry but when do liberals ever care about the First Amendment and the freedom of religion. All liberals ever whine about is how there should be no religion and how it should never EVER have a place in any public arena. But when the religion is Islam, then hey, the libs will bend over backward to kiss its ass as they continue to mock and ridicule the JOOOOOOs and Jesus Freaks! And you know why? Its because the Jews and Christians won’t kill you if you insult them. The islamsists will cut off your head if you so much as draw a picture of their head pedophile.

  25. Rough--live from ground zero (aka Dad's garage)

    Fine let’s have a mosque/community center right in the center of ground zero. But in a few years down the line, I don’t want to hear anyone plot a subway bombing worshiped from there…Deal?

  26. tick

    stick to Celeb journalism. You know nothing of politics and its pathetic of you to even try. Maybe try actually watching something other then CNN and John Stuart (sp?). Maybe check out foxnews before you cry about “foxnews”. Open YOUR mind…….BTW foxnews isn’t the one who started this movement, its families of the victims of that horrible day, i know in California it seemed like it all happened on TV, but i assure you it happened and i will never forget those muslims dancing in the streets as our people died…….Buliding a mosque at ground zero is in HORRIBLE taste………
    Guess i won’t be patronizing this website ever again…..

  27. Flower

    I love you, Fish! Keep it up

  28. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    That DOG ! (I am actually talking about the dog. What an awesome dog)

  29. fart bucket

    you pundits (and idiots) all realize you’re getting played right?


    the dude on the right can’t stop laughing at the idiocy of the west. it’s just too easy for him to play one side against the other.

  30. mar

    this is the truth right here, got it from another post : Shariah law is bigoted. It hates on women and homosexuals. Thus Islam is bigoted.

  31. mar

    there should at least be a little sensitivity on their part. they know its a sensitive subject: terrorists from the middle east came here and killed a lot of civilians for their fucked up religion. within sight of the area it happened, people from that same area of the world want to put a religious building a few streets away. AND run by a cocksucker who thinks america should be under that law .. you know, where women cant go outside without a male escort, cant drive, cant choose a husband, cant divorce, get murdered if theres a suspicion they cheated on the husband. but hey, fuck all that. these pieces of shit from the middle east deserve anything and everything they want. this is supposed to be a MELTING POT. do you people get what that means?! it means that people who come here want to MELT MELT MELT!!! what happens when you melt? what?! you change a little.. you ADAPT TO YOUR FUCKING SURROUNDINGS. but do these fucking raghead pieces of waste adapt? nope. they come over here as new immigrants, get together and all buy a business. then they trade the title between them for years to get new immgrant/new business tax breaks. in that delightful little business, they ruin neighborhoods with their shitty products :blunt papers, gym shoes, 9/11 MERCHANDISE, tiny plastic bags that SAY their for “collectibles” but actually for crack rocks, shitty drinks with lots of bright colors, and dont forget single cigars “black and milds”. beautiful. the entire building is plastered in advertisements aimed at black people. and then guess what? where the fuck did all these trashy black people come from? why are they all at this gas station ? this is a white neighborhood isnt it? next time you smokers go to one of these fucked up stores/gas stations, check your pack and see if theres a state stamp that YOU live in on them… there wont be. everything is underground, black-market. they do nothing but go through loopholes. they are a fucking disease that is eating away at my country. they came HERE WE DIDNT GO THERE.
    i bet you hypocritical motherfuckers running your stupid liberal mouths on here dont go to black neighborhoods at night. why not? you racist pieces of shit! they’re just like everyone else! and i bet if you get on a plane and you see one of those 3rd world “brown people” you cringe a little. “gee, i hope he doesnt blow the plane up” fucking hypocrites.
    this is our country. its OK to admit we dont like people that have a REPUTATION FOR HURTING US! fucking pussies! your white/american guilt makes me sick. YOU ALL should get the fuck out , not the conservatives. i know it isnt right. but guess what? we dont live in a world of sunshine and rainbows. this shit is built on blood. human nature hasnt changed, we need to continue to guard our food like rabid dogs or itll be gone. fucking morons

    • joester

      Thank you for this very coherent, well-reasoned dispatch from your bunker. Please return to inventorying your ammunition now.

  32. Z

    Just wanted to say thank you to the person who wrote this article .


  33. McRad

    It’s all just a marketing campaign for Burlington Coat Factory. Well played BCF. Well played. http://weeklycoitus.co.nz/?p=1532

  34. middleeastsucks

    i work in a credit card company. people call me, i give them acct information. why is it that every credit card held by someone with a fucked up unpronounceable name has a passcode that i verify identity with (its a 4 digit code we use as password) that are always the same. what 4 numbers are used? you kids tell me! why, its wouldnt be…..0……9……1…….1 would it? pishaw! theyre peace loving people who just want to come here and get ahead.. maybe take advantage of that american dream huh?! *elbow nudge in the side* its always a combination of those 4 numbers. always. ive taken thousands and thousands of calls. with that, you know what type of person is calling as soon as you ask their name.. what part of country, what the prob is, shit, what their purchases will show to be. and they get to choose their own passcode that we ask them to verify for security. now, again , thousands of calls right? in that experience, i have never seen any other group of people that call, black white chinese indian mexican etc etc etc have a trend in the passcodes. but those fucking terrorists do. AWAYS 0911 ALWAYS!!!! and dear moronic little fucking liberals…. why do these accts always have a gigantic amount of TRACPHONE *UNTRACEABLE* purchases on them? hmmm……… not suspicious at all. but hey, theyre a peace loving people.

    omg i gotta go ! my husband doesnt allow me to touch technology! he’ll beat the fuck out of me if he hears me typing for sure! and please! no men read this! if he finds out i typed something and a man read it, hes gonna bury me to my waist , cut my fucking nose off and stone me. then, hell marry my little 13 yr old sister and rape her up the ass. thats just good business.

  35. middleeastsucks

    i love how i did a huge post and its not showing up. weird. its almost like ive been censored. not the 0911 either.

  36. ron paul

    by simple white folk i assume you are talking about harry reid and nancy pelosi.

  37. Cynthber

    Would those that are so affronted at the idea of a religious centre other than a Christian one over the former Twin Towers please go by the fucking eternal flame memorial in Battery Park and give it some respect? Place is so weedy, dirty and neglected it is shameful. But, yet, not great for alarmist rhetoric, I suppose.

    More to the point, reality TV jumped the shark years ago, now we’re just watching the final whoring grabs: this crap, and The Situation and Bristol Palin dubbed “Stars” (as in Dancing With). Anyone want to take bets on Bristol’s first panty shot?

  38. Megan

    You all need to stop being bitches and calm down, it’s getting stupid in here. Continue to the next post if you don’t like this one. It’s the man’s blog, he can say what he wants.

  39. sva1994

    Granted, Rachel Uchitel’s fiance did die during 9/11, it’s a little disingenuous to milk that tragedy for a segment on a reality show…

    Check your facts. Filming on Celebrity Rehab ended August 1. This visit was last Thursday (August 26), and no indication is in the report that there were cameras there with them. Even if Uchitel’s sober living stay had been filmed as a part of Sober House, which follows up on the celebs after they complete rehab, that would’ve been in the Hollywood Hills, where that show is filmed, and not in Malibu.

  40. I don’t see anything wrong with this. I mean, she had a legitimate reason to go… her fiance died in 9/11 and if she has substance abuse or some type of issues with maintaining healthy relationships (duh) because of that close personal tragedy than maybe visiting the site could help her somehow. I’m not a professional so I’m not sure. Maybe it was a stunt thought up by the producers of the show but then again, it could be for legitimate reasons.

  41. layla

    you wept, you don’t weeped, dumbass

  42. Rachel Uchitel
    Rick's Daddy
    Commented on this photo:


  43. Joe Kidd

    From a devout agnostic, there will be a (un)holy war between the muslims and the non-muslims in the not too distant future. I have always tried to be open minded, even with religious people and have gone to great lengths to impart that idea of fairness to my three children. However, these radical muslims are evil, aa are the rest of the muslim community that support them or condone their actions through their silence.
    And for those of you who like to spew the nonsense that it is a peaceful religion… you really ought to do a little homework. Islam IS peaceful… as long as you are a practicing muslim of the same sect as those in power. and you aren’t gay. or a woman. otherwise you are screwed.

    • joester

      [Pull down Edit menu, select Find/Replace]
      [put “muslim” in Find field, “christian” in Replace field”
      [click "Replace All"]

      • Joe Kidd

        @joester… i’ve been on travel so this is probably a dead horse, but…
        peace on christians having a bad track record on violence in the name of religion. Jews, Buddhists, etc are all guilty of that. But while others have been trying to move past barbarism, the muslim extremists are perfecting the art of barbarism and evil.
        perhaps if people just clued in to the most likely reality that there is no higher power, they might, just might stop butchering each other.

        nah… they would still find some other equally idiotic excuse to hate others.

        Anyone ever read Dr Seuss’ “The Sneetches”? should be required reading planet-wide.

  44. captain america


  45. captain america

    allowed: A KINDERGARTEN.

  46. captain america

    …………….A KINDERGARTEN, folks?

  47. molly

    entertain this thought:

    it’s fish’s fucking website and he can write whatever he wants on it. all you idiots bitching about how he shouldn’t be commenting on political issues and how this website is supposed to be for tits only – get a fuckin clue kids, FISH decides what is SUPPOSED to be on his god damn website. if you don’t agree with him, that’s fine. but to come on here and bitch about his “liberal agenda”? yall must be trolls because i refuse to believe that anybody is that fucking braindead.

    it’s like tard-camp let out early or something

    • tjmann

      Sooooo, the 1st Amendment only applies to “fish”? Wow!

      And this website is a business, not a hobby, right? Well it seems to me that a wise business person would seek to avoid alienating half of his/her customers. So who is the “tard” now?

      hint: you and “fish”.

      • molly

        no, it applies to everybody. but just like everybody who disagrees with him keeps saying, “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. Yea, you’re allowed to disagree with him and you’re allowed to say you disagree with him, but to sit around and tell him what to do with his website? don’t be an idiot. i’m allowed to think that the lady in the supermarket is a bitch and that she should stop screaming at her kids in public, but should i walk up to her, get in her business and give her shit about her parenting methods? naw. makes you look dumb.

        ps he isn’t alienating anybody. even if people disagree with his position, they WILL come back to the website for the usual tits and bikinis. thus giving him his traffic.

        you’re still the tard.

      • tjmann

        no molly… you are the tard. I didn’t tell him what to do with his website. but you don’t know that because the thing open on you is your mouth. (yes, i do realize that you actually typed that drivel. I was speaking metaphorically. Although the intelligence level evident in your post would indicate a better than 50-50 chance that you actually have to speak aloud when typing).
        And you are wrong about the alienation thing too. shocker I know. he will still get traffic. just not as much. and for a business that relies on numbers for income, the wisest move would be to not turn away customers.

        to summarize… you are an idiot.

  48. Righty Whitey

    The sooner we wake up and accept the fact that muslims want all non-muslims dead, then the sooner we can get this country back on track to greatness. All muslims need to be deported from this country, starting with the loser in the white house. Islam is not a religion, by the way, it’s a cult of war. Calling it a religion is preposterous, it would be like calling serial killing, or child molesting a religion. Of course liberals would probably agree with that, since their typical response to any absurd request is to grab their ankles.

    • joester

      “grab their ankles” — one of Rush’s favorite phrases. For some reason, he loves anal sex metaphors.

      Nice work absorbing all of his bigotry, BTW.

    • drew

      child molesting is a religion. it’s called Catholicism :)

  49. George

    HAHAHA… This is why people around the world think Americans are stupid!!! Who cares what who builds anywhere as long as its legal. “SPOILER” THERE IS NO GOD!!!


    Fishtard are you trying to get on at CNN now or is it the Daily Show?

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