Rachel Uchitel and Dr. Drew Just Pissed All Over Ground Zero

Thanks to a slew of misinformation coupled with America’s love of blaming brown people for shit during an election year, a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms lately about an Islamic community center being built blocks away from Ground Zero – in a Burlington Coat Factory. What they should be pissed about is an actual travesty that happened just last week directly on the “hallowed ground.” Namely Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel exploiting 9/11 for an episode of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab Sober House. USA! RadarOnline reports:

“Rachel and Dr. Drew visited Ground Zero last Thursday. The aim of the visit was to be completely cathartic for Rachel because her fiancee, James Andrew O’Grady worked in the Twin Towers and was killed on 9/11. Rachel has told friends that was when her life began to unravel, after she lost James. The visit was extremely emotional for Rachel, but it did give her a sense of closure, as much as someone can have that has lost someone under such horrific circumstances. Dr. Drew was with Rachel for the visit, to give her support, and advice as she goes forward with her recovery,” a source close to Rachel tells us.

Granted, Rachel Uchitel’s fiance did die during 9/11, it’s a little disingenuous to milk that tragedy for a segment on a reality show that obviously agreed to pay you more than Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, who in fairness, probably would’ve worked the same angle. But that being said, let’s go ahead and update the list of what’s allowed and not allowed on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero:

Burger King
Strip Clubs
Off-Track Gambling
55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center Directly in the Spot Where People Fell to Their Deaths
Tiger Woods’ Mistresses
Reality Television (I actually wept after typing that one.)

A Constitutionally Protected Practice of Faith Blocks Away, Completely Out of Sight Where Someone Might Stop and Pray to Mecca After a Pick-Up Game of Basketball

Stay classy, America.

Photos: Pacific Coast News