Rachel Uchitel and Dr. Drew Just Pissed All Over Ground Zero

August 31st, 2010 // 373 Comments

Thanks to a slew of misinformation coupled with America’s love of blaming brown people for shit during an election year, a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms lately about an Islamic community center being built blocks away from Ground Zero – in a Burlington Coat Factory. What they should be pissed about is an actual travesty that happened just last week directly on the “hallowed ground.” Namely Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel exploiting 9/11 for an episode of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab Sober House. USA! RadarOnline reports:

“Rachel and Dr. Drew visited Ground Zero last Thursday. The aim of the visit was to be completely cathartic for Rachel because her fiancee, James Andrew O’Grady worked in the Twin Towers and was killed on 9/11. Rachel has told friends that was when her life began to unravel, after she lost James. The visit was extremely emotional for Rachel, but it did give her a sense of closure, as much as someone can have that has lost someone under such horrific circumstances. Dr. Drew was with Rachel for the visit, to give her support, and advice as she goes forward with her recovery,” a source close to Rachel tells us.

Granted, Rachel Uchitel’s fiance did die during 9/11, it’s a little disingenuous to milk that tragedy for a segment on a reality show that obviously agreed to pay you more than Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, who in fairness, probably would’ve worked the same angle. But that being said, let’s go ahead and update the list of what’s allowed and not allowed on the “hallowed ground” of Ground Zero:

Burger King
Strip Clubs
Off-Track Gambling
55,000 Square Foot Shopping Center Directly in the Spot Where People Fell to Their Deaths
Tiger Woods’ Mistresses
Reality Television (I actually wept after typing that one.)

A Constitutionally Protected Practice of Faith Blocks Away, Completely Out of Sight Where Someone Might Stop and Pray to Mecca After a Pick-Up Game of Basketball

Stay classy, America.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Scott


    • Teacher

      i like how this articles wanna-be-writer, lumps all white people together. one of those white folk that think putting their own race down somehow makes them look less racist.

      • The Imam of the Ground Zero mosque is also pushing for creationism to be taught in American schools. LOL

        Libtards = useful idiots.

      • Mike Hawke

        FU, Fish.

        The Burlington Coat Factory that used to stand where the victory mosque is to be built had LANDING GEAR CRASH THROUGH IT’S ROOF during the 9/11 attacks.

        A Greek Orthodox church that was almost leveled in the attacks was denied zoning to *rebuild*, since their dome would be taller than the 9/11 memorial, but the same board overlooked that caveat when the Imam came calling (the victory mosque is zoned for 14 stories – taller than the proposed Greek Orthodox church, and of course taller than the memorial). The Imam has spoken of his support of HAMAS!!!

        And, it will be viewed as a triumph over America (remember the ppl dancing in the streets on 9/11 in many arab cities?), and may spark a war of civilizations, according to Tawfik Hamid, a senior fellow and chair for the Study of Islamic Radicalism at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. [Sounds like "white Christian folk," right?]

        You are the simpleton here. You are obviously not just a pagan, but a hater of Christians in general. Funny how people of your ilk will bend over backwards to *avoid* offending any ethnic or religious group, except Christians. Your bias affects your reasoning. Get over it.

    • Is there anything more amusing that listening to so-called “progressives” generalize about “white people” and “christians” while calling them all bigots?

      The irony… it escapes them.

      Only in Amerkuh. ;)

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Totally agree with MIKE! GO MIKE!

      • joester

        Is there anything more amusing than a Dittohead, seething with rage against everyone who isn’t a Dittohead, claiming to be a) “amused” and b) appalled by other people’s (alleged) bigotry?

        The irony — you don’t know what the word means.

      • Liz

        I would expect no less of this writer than to be an ignorant liberal just like all the celebrity liberals he stalks

    • Peach

      Actually, the Greek Orthodox Church is having issues about rebuilding because they want to rebuild a larger building than their land allows. They are not, in fact, being told that they cannot build because of their religion. Research it, Mike “Needle” Hawke.

  2. fester

    Thank goodness for the “ass” in “crass commercialism.”

  3. Scott

    Yay!! Now what do I win?

  4. guy rossissi

    If Islam is terror, white gulf war vets are dangerous (Timothy Mcveigh).

  5. Taz

    This is going to get ugly

  6. Rachel Uchitel
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    the gap between her thighs is freaking me out a little

  7. RoboZombie

    It’s because she’s a white whore! The Christians love their white whores…Who remembers Jessica Hahn? Wait, was she a victim or a whore?

  8. Rachel Uchitel
    Hank E Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    I hear Tiger put that gap between her legs.

  9. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    she does not have a nice ass at all..my wife is older and has a wayyyy better one.

  10. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:


    • its me fuckers

      a few quotes from that article:

      “When we speak of Ground Zero as hallowed ground, what we mean is that it belongs to those who suffered and died there — and that such ownership obliges us, the living, to preserve the dignity and memory of the place, never allowing it to be forgotten, trivialized or misappropriated. ”

      “It’s why, while no one objects to Japanese cultural centers, the idea of putting one up at Pearl Harbor would be offensive. ”

      “And why Pope John Paul II ordered the Carmelite nuns to leave the convent they had established at Auschwitz. He was in no way devaluing their heartfelt mission to pray for the souls of the dead. He was teaching them a lesson in respect: This is not your place; it belongs to others. However pure your voice, better to let silence reign. ”

      Makes you think.

      • RoboZombie

        Makes me think you’re all fucking idiots!

      • dude

        I like this.

      • I keep seeing this example being brought up so I’d like to point out a few differences:

        1. The Vatican took a neural stance during the Holocaust which it has since apologized for. It was because of these actions that John Paul thought it was inappropriate for the Catholic Church to build a convent on the grounds of a place that the church was unintentionally complicit in creating.

        2. The 9/11 attacks were the work of a radical group of lunatics that pervert religious messages to justify their insanity. Timothy McVeigh was a member of the Christian Identity movement and yet I see no one complaining that there is a Christian Church right next to the Oklahoma City memorial.

        I can’t believe that I am debating this on a website that specializes in the discussion of the finer points of celebrity “lady parts” but there is no greater rejection of the worldview of Bin Laden and his cohorts than for the greatest city in the world to embrace the diversity of it’s citizenry and show that a democracy is made stronger from the diversity of is membership while a narrow minded worldview based on hatred and enforcement of a reactionary dogma has no future other than attacking those that do not share it’s ethos.


      • You're dumb

        There is a Shinto shrine near Pearl Harbour. You’re dumb.

      • St. Louis

        Wow, It’sMe, powerful quote. I am so torn because we have rights in America and it is their right to build their place of worship wherever they want (as long as they follow the same building codes all others do). Still how many times in life have you had the right to do something but did not do it because it was wrong in your gut. Sometimes we need to listen to that little voice in our gut that tells us that something just is not right. For example, men have the right to wear sweatpants without underwear but when you see balls flopping down Main Street you know that decision was WRONG! If something feels “icky” then it probably is. If you are pushing something that you know is hurtful and insensitive toward other people, then what kind of religion is that? One that purposely causes deep emotional pain on a large group of people? Uncool to the extreme.

      • joester

        What Charles Douchehammer fails to note in his article is that a) the “mosque” (actually a community center) is not at the WTC site; b) building a Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor would not offend any reasonable person, since Japan has been our close ally for over fifty years now; and c) JP’s decision on the convent had little to do with “teaching a lesson in respect”, and more to do with massive political flak that he got from Jewish groups who felt that the Church had failed to sufficiently oppose (or even in some way supported) the Nazis while they were in power.

    • Jake

      Dumbass Krauthaummer ignores that American Christians put a CHURCH on ground zero in Nagasaki, where we toasted 70,000 japanese.

      • Mr. T

        Jake you are a stupid fuck. That is bullshit we did not put a church on ground zero in Nagasaki. NOTHING could have gone there for years because of the radiation you fucktard. I did a google search to see if one was there put there by WHITE AMERICANS and found nothing so that makes you a poor and stupid liar.

        and Fish or whatever your stupid name is who puts this website out….the tit shots are fun, the hollywood stuff is fine…I dare you to go to a meeting of 9-11 family victims, Lump them all as just a bunch of redneck christian “brown skin haters”….call them that to their face when they object to this mosque…..have your politics blinded you so that you cannot understand why at the very least people who lost family there at that sight don’t want a mosque there???? stick to the Lohan crotch shots…..

      • Rachell

        Looks like you’re the stupid fuck Mr. T: http://www.cbcj.catholic.jp/eng/ediocese/hiroshim.htm

      • Smart

        Freedom of Religion.
        The 9/11 victims’ families are FOR the “mosque” near ground zero. All you racist red-neck idiot Americans should stop watching Jerry Springer and read a book.

      • Ben

        There is a huge difference between an act of war and an act of terrorism.

      • A white guy

        Let’s bomb Mecca and build a church there. I’m sure the victims over there would be for that. Smart=fuckingdumbass.

  11. Daddy-O

    “…a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms…”

    Your ignorance on this is staggering. 71% of New Yorkers don’t what this mosque built. Are they all simple white Christians?

    By the way, I live in NYC, and I saw the towers fall.

    Great joke, genius.

    • Jake

      Well, yes, about 71% of New Yorkers are Christians (62% Catholic, 10.7% protestant).

    • Mason

      This is an Islamic center…not a mosque (there is a mosque just 2 or 3 blocks up the road from this site, actually), just like a JCC is a Jewish Community Center, not a synagogue. There will be a small area (less than 10%) in this center devoted to those that want to pray, but can we please stop calling this a mosque?

      • Daddy-O

        “I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there. I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back to our founding. That’s what our country is about.” –Pres. Obama

        Oh….. really? Someone ought to inform Dear Leader.

      • McFeely Smackup


        It’s an Islamic center that INCLUDES a Mosque. So what exactly is your problem with people opposing the Mosque?

      • Daddy-O

        Mindless numbers.

        Someone identifying themselves with a faith in no way implies they live by that faith. That is just plain observation. But, of course, if you want to believe 71% of New Yorkers are dumb Christian Islamophobic crackers, go right ahead.

        I prefer reality.

    • Kevin

      Saw the towers fall, too. But I still hold on to quaint notions from the pre-9/11 world like freedom, inclusiveness, and the enterprising spirit of NYC. The pants-pissing, politicizing and memorializing every aspect of this tragedy has been nothing but a slap in the face of those of us who also lost friends, family, jobs, etc., but who also believed that “we will rebuild” was not just a cute little slogan to put in your window.

      71% of NYers need to get the F over themselves and realize that there is a damn good reason why our nation isn’t run by opinion polls. Think what you want, say what you feel, but don’t try to impose your will on others when you have absolutely no right to do so. The sentiment of “It’s just rude and insensitive” shouldn’t even be a in a NYers vocabulary. Get over it, pussy!

    • Soviet Snow

      And anyone that has been to NY knows it’s far from being crackerland.

    • useless

      ” “…a lot of simple, white Christian folk have been up in arms…”

      Your ignorance on this is staggering. 71% of New Yorkers don’t what this mosque built. Are they all simple white Christians?

      By the way, I live in NYC, and I saw the towers fall.”

      What fish said was fact. He did NOT say that everyone that is opposed to this building being built is simple, white Christians. But it cannot be argued that there are a lot of simple, white Christian folks who are against it…
      Its like saying a lot of simple, white Christian folks watch Fox News – that is a fact, and it is not saying that everyone that watches Fox falls into that description

    • MH

      “71% of New Yorkers don’t what this mosque built”

      A majority don’t get to vote on whether someone else can have free speech, a religion, or a church. Civil rights mean you have the right even if the majority disagree and are against them.

    • benny from the bronx

      New Yorkers refers to people who live in NY state you fucktard. I as a resident of NYC do not have an issue with this comunity center. Also please stop using the bs name ground zero. That is some made up media bullshit. If you are a true new yorker (resident of nyc) you would refer to it as its proper name ie World Trade center. Last time i was on the ACE I dont remeber hearing next stop ground zero. So go back to your racists hole in staten island and die.

      • joester

        “55 percent of New York City voters and 54 percent of New York State voters – also agreed that “because of American freedom of religion, Muslims have the right to build the mosque near Ground Zero.

      • A white guy

        Just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should. Ignorant people think that way.

  12. the only thing that belongs at ground zero are new twin towers, identical to the originals but a floor or two higher for memorials. take that freedom tower and shove it up bush’s ass, lit.

  13. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d put my tower in her hallowed round any day.

  14. sborrainboc

    I’d put my tower in her hallowed round any day.

  15. Frank Bans

    Uh, Churches of all types get turned down for zoning reasons all the time. People just don’t want Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, and whatever, in their area. People don’t want a 12 story Muslim compound run by a guy that thinks the USA had 911 coming to them….I doubt the Palestinians would be happy to have Jews open a temple next to a house bombed by the Israel government….especially if the rabbi said those Palestinians had it coming to them.

    • Jake

      Um, American Christians built a christian church were we dropped the H-bomb on Nagasaki. Is that OK?

      • Fu$K YOU

        Bombing Nagasaki was NOT connected to christianity or religion in any way you fucking moron! It was a last ditch effort to turn the tide of a FUCKING WORLD WAR! The twin towers WERE DESTROYED BY RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS! The same religion that wants to build the mosque. Your comparison is utterly idiotic! If you were in my house and said that, I’d beat your ass.

      • joe blow

        You’ve got some issues, boy.

      • Superficial officially sucks now

        The only issue I have is watching this country fall apart at the seams and seeing complete idiots try to justify it with politically correct bullshit. Yep, I have an issue with that. Comparing 911 to Nagasaki is exactly the kind of twisted logic the liberal media wants you to buy into. I have an issue that imbeciles like this are allowed to vote and may one day actually be in charge of something.

      • Rachell

        Jake has a point. You are trying to paint ALL MUSLIMS as terrorists who took down the towers in 9/11. Why can he not say the same about you? The people who dropped the H-bomb were Christian, therefore all Christians are responsible for this act and need to stand up and repudiate it. If it sounds 100% stupid, that’s because it IS. And so is your position.

      • Jake

        Ok, let’s try this. Timothy McVeigh was a christian extremist. He blew up a building in Oklahoma City and killed hundreds. He was a extreme follower of the Christian faith. Should a church be allowed to be built near the bomb site in Oklahoma CIty?

      • McFeely Smackup

        The United States is not a synonym for Christianity. We are not a Theocracy, nor were we even founded on religious values (despite what bible thumpers will insist, it’s just repeating ignorance).

        If you don’t see the difference between a secular nation fighting a war, and and religious extremists committing acts of terrorism, then just say that and we’ll all know there’s no point in talking with you.

      • Meh

        Jake, I like your ideas, and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      • NotJake

        Construction of the original Urakami Cathedral, in Nagasaki, a brick Romanesque building, began in 1895, after a long-standing ban on Christianity was lifted. The atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 detonated in Urakami only 500 m (1640 ft) from the cathedral, completely destroying it. A replacement was built in 1959, after a serious debate between Nagasaki city government and the congregation. The city government suggested preserving the destroyed cathedral as a historical heritage, and offered alternate site for a new church. However, Christians in Nagasaki strongly wanted to rebuild their cathedral on the original place for their historical reasons. The place is a symbol of the persecution and their suffering. In 1980 it was remodeled to more closely resemble the original French style. Statues and artifacts damaged in the bombing, including a French Angelus bell, are now displayed on the grounds. The nearby Peace Park contains remnants of the original cathedral’s walls. What remained of the cathedral is now on display in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

        From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urakami_Cathedral

        Nagasaki had christians living there long before WWII:

      • Robert

        Just like New York had Muslims living there long before 9/11

  16. Bob The Builder

    Dr.Drew’s methods are and have always been misunderstood and has gotten a lot of flack for his methods. It is crucial to the healing process to revisit things of your past and accept them for what they were and accept that it wasn’t your fault. His methods have worked time and time again and to ever doubt him is a big mistake.

    Many say he has exploited stars or what not, but that is not the case at all and it is to show the world the horrors of addiction in all its forms and how in can tear your life down if you let it. It’s important that everyone sees the truth about real life and the often rash decisions people make.

    So again, part of his method is to go where it all started, its a shame hers was ground zero…In the end, she’ll get her life back if she wants it.

  17. bp.

    Daddy-O get over it already.

  18. Rachell

    Though I think it was a cheap TV stunt, I really feel bad for that woman losing her finacee like that. I don’t know what I would do if the love of my life were taken from me like that.

    • A white guy

      Rachelllllll, holy shit your stupid. So much worse than I initially thought. “The people who dropped the H-bomb were christians”……WTF!?!?! I believe it was AMERICA that dropped the bomb in order to avoid a vicious door to door, city to city, inevitable ground war inwhich MILLIONS Americans and Japanese would’ve lost their lives. Instead, we had to choose the lesser of two evils, yet win the war the best way we knew how. There’s your history lesson for the day. But please stop with your gross generalizations, fuck. THE PEOPLE WHO DROPPED THE H-BOMB WERE CHRISTIANS. Do you have any idea how fucking retarded that statement is on so many different levels. That is my case in point as to why you need to stop. You make the world a dumber, less informed place. Nobody cares about your biased left vs right bullshit. We care about real issues. You don’t. So stay the fuck out of it because all you do is confuse and influence weak minded people like yourself. Read a book. Specifically, a book about “CORDOBA”, yeeeeeeeees, that’s the proposed name of the mosque at ground zero. Any idea that Cordoba is a city in Spain that happened to be the first European city taken by the Muslims in there conquest during the holy war? Any idea that they built a mosque there to display their dominance and triumph over their people? Any idea that history tends to repeat itself? That’s what’s happening right now. The name Cordoba for a mosque at ground zero has bone chilling significance. If you fail to see it, your name must be either rachelll, joester or smart. You guys suck so bad. You’re like the herpes of our society. No matter how badly we want you to go away, you just wont.

      • joester

        I bow to your superior intelligence, “white guy”. After all, how can I argue with a guy who can write a phrase as hilarious as “holy shit your [sic] stupid.”

        But just for the record, the imam in question heads “The Cordoba Initiative” (http://www.cordobainitiative.org/) which is dedicated to promoting nonviolence, tolerance, and understanding between Muslims and the West. The name was chosen not because of the alleged “victory mosque” implications, but because the city of Cordoba, in its Muslim heyday, was a model of religious coexistence.

        In conclusion, you are an intolerant, xenophobic, Rush-fellating ignoramus. Your values are diametrically opposed to *my* American values. I won’t condemn you with brilliant repartee like “you suck so bad”, but I will *never* stand by and let your vicious Neanderthal approach to politics dominate our nation.

  19. Lugh

    Wow Fish writer– yet another trite, inane political post that is the antithesis of funny. Seriously, you suck. People come to this site for witty banter about boobs and butts, not to hear you spout your political shit about how Americans are afraid of brown people or how white people all over the US are pissed at a Mexican won Miss Universe. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY.

    • Jake

      I think he’s funny.

      Rush Limbaugh has a website for your types. Feel free to visit it.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        Just because someone finds no humor in the Fish doesn’t necessarily equate that they are fans of Limbaugh, anti “brown people”, etc. Some things just aren’t funny to some people – enough with the simplistic blow off lines and advice for “your types”, okay Adolph?

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m against you on this one Fish.
        I sat on a bridge watching 9/11 unfold in traffic as burnt paper fell all over us.

        The people that take the moral high ground and cite the Constitution are uninformed.

        But then again, I think Islam is a disease to begin with. Wherever it spreads, be it the Middle East, Euroasia, or East Africa, death and atrocities follow.

      • joe blow

        And I’ve got a cock for your mouth Jake.

        See how it works?

      • Deacon Jones

        Oh, and case in point, they just detained to ragheads from Yemen yesterday for doing a mock run of what they could/couldn’t get away with in checked luggage.

        It’s non-stop.

      • tessa

        ZING! Get ‘em, Jake! :)

      • A white guy

        And superficial is for your types. Nuff said.

    • Superevil

      If you don’t like it take you crybaby conservative ass somewhere else

      • me

        May all future posts be of a naked he/she Rachel Maddow.

      • Lugh

        Does wanting to hear pithy and well-turned phrases regarding tits and ass a part of traditional conservatism? Didn’t think so. The new Fish writer is far too concerned with making political comments rather than posting pictures of Kelly Brook’s tits, Lindsay Lohan’s coke nail, and/or Paris Hilton’s militant pubic lice.



  21. Sonicare cover

    Would it be appropriate to have a Timothy McVeigh christian daycare center across from OKC federal building? It’s their constitutional right to do so. Why can’t people understand that some may be sensitive about sh#t like this.

    • Kiss My Ass Elmo

      Why can’t people see that tying the entire Muslim faith to 9/11 is bigoted?

      • joe blow

        Maybe if the rest of the Muslim faith would stand up and say “Hey, that’s fucked up, killing people in the name of our religion!”, it would not get tied to the entire religion.

        But, that will be about as difficult as getting Jesse and Al to stop race-baiting.

      • Rachell

        Maybe they have already said this countless times and you either,1. weren’t aware or 2. didn’t give a damn. I love the people who say that “so and so needs to stand up and speak out against this!” when they do, it’s STILL NOT ENOUGH. Nothing will ever be enough to satisfy you.


      • Weird Al

        Shariah law is bigoted. It hates on women and homosexuals. Thus Islam is bigoted unless it is non-political.

        Rauf wrote a book called “prayer from the rubble of the two towers” and said America had 9/11 coming.

        The SWEET IRONY? All the libtards on here are defending the Islamic version of Jerry Falwell. My how the tides have turned!

    • james

      oh, im sure people understand… i also think those people understand that a mosque is allowed to be built wherever the hell someone wants to build it. which, uh, concludes the argument.

      • Virgins. Smh

        Joe blow, Muslims do that repeately, how about reading/watching more than you dumb local news report. After 9/11 alone Muslims did a whole peace march. Jesus, why are so many white people so dumb.

      • joester

        Weird Al: please stop passing on the lies that you hear on AM radio. No one wants to hear that toxic shit, even second-hand.

      • A white guy

        James, you are shallow and tasteless. Just because you can build a mosque wherever you want, doesn’t mean you should. If extremist christians bombed mecca and the rest of the non-extremist christians decided they wanted to build a church on the ground zero of mecca “because we can build it wherever the hell we want to”, would that be okay with you? With the muslim locals who watched a staple of their country burn and lose loved ones? THINK man. It’s apalling and offensive to know that our own American people (or so-called american) would support this for one second. We have become so spineless as a nation it makes me want to vomit. This mosque is obviously a symbol of triumph over the American people. Read a history book. If it wasn’t, then they would understand why and choose another location with no problem. Open your fucking eyes people.

    • Jake

      Weak analogy. Christians, of which McVeigh was, did build memorials adjacent to the OKC federal building.

      • Jen

        i think it comes down to the fact that it is too fucking soon to build that shit there. wait a few more years, shit.

      • Rachell

        Get over it pussy. Is there an allotted timeframe which would be acceptable to you? Can they build the center 5 years from now? 10? Please specify how long is just right so you don’t get your fee-fees hurt.

    • Rachell's mom

      There is a huge difference between being right and doing what’s right. Rachell, that center would be a symbol of pain for so many thousands of people who lost friends and family in the 9/11 attacks. Build your temple, but build it somewhere else. And while you are arguing in favor of religious freedom, remember that the Orthodox church that was destroyed in the attacks has been denied permission to rebuild something that was already there.

      • Rachell

        Hey mom,

        I didn’t know you read the superficial. Sorry for the cussing.

        I disagree with you however. By telling them to build it elsewhere you are painting NYC Muslims with the same brush as those who engaged in acts of terrorism. That in and of itself is bigotry in its purest form. In addition, who’s feelings are being hurt? There are many 9/11 families who support the islamic center being built there. I don’t think that the Greek Orthodox church should have been denied permission, but I’m guessing it had something to do with zoning/safety issues since they are actually at the heart of ground zero and not 2-3 blocks away like the Park51 initiative.

        I can also state the “build it elsewhere” logic is bollocks. I live in M’boro, TN and as far as I know, we’re not located on hallowed ground, but there is a very loud opposition to the islamic center here. Why should they have to build it elsewhere? Do we have to do everything to make sure no one’s feelings are hurt anytime anything is built? For conservatives who claim to be tired of “political correctness” can you not see the cognative dissonance of demanding someone exercise their right to worship a certain distance away from what was a tragedy for all americans (not just white, christian republicans) so certain people’s bigoted feelings aren’t hurt?

      • A white guy

        Rachell, I think your real name is Osama Bin Laden. Do us all a favor and stop hating us, bombing us and infecting us with your garbage opinions. I hear Canada and Mexico are nice this time of year. And if you are American, your part of the problem and you ought to be fucking ashamed of yourself you spineless, traitor cunt. You obviously have no heart, nor compassion, nor brain. Please get over YOURSELF, and kindly shut the fuck up. Thanks.

  22. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    She looks so different from when she was with her fiancee. I guess 9/11 caused her to bang Tiger Woods.

  23. Rough, chewing on back fat

    Wait a minute. The mosque of Faith is blocks away and completely out of sight of ground zero? That’s what I wanted in the first place. For a minute there I thought the financial backers were completely arrogant and lack sensitivity…ON WITH THE DICK JOKES, PLEASE…

  24. Newt Gengrich is Gay

    This post is awesome. It’s sad that rational perspective is given on a blog about tits and tits, but I’ll take it where I can get it – just like in college!

  25. dumbboobs

    Please keep posting relevant commentary like this. I know people, including myself, only really come here for tits, but its a relief to see this in the midst of all the election-season glenn beckery being pissed around. basically, im just happy that boobs doesnt need to equal ignorant.

  26. Shmoopy

    You consistenlty bash Jesus, Christians, The Bible and now white people (I’m guessing probably about 90% of your readers are white) yet you defend Muslims…interesting…

    • dude


    • Superficial officially sucks now

      I used to love this site. Since it’s now mostly a LIndsay Lohan breaking news site and the “humor” has turned to bashing average americans, it SUCKS ASS! You politically correct, college kid pussies will ruin this country with your insanity. Hands down, the best US President in the past 100 years was Reagan A CONSERVATIVE!!!!!! Remember, the government can’t give you a thing it hasn’t forcibly taken from someone else first. You idiots, go and get your useless degrees in graphic arts or psychology or some other B.S. course. You’ll end up working at Burger King handing out food to the Obamamericans…

      • Rachell

        You’re an idiot if you think Reagan was the best president ever. He was the only republican president that didn’t f*ck us in the ass, but he was a huge deficit spender and I guess you forgot all about Iran-Contra.

    • ilikesake

      What’s wrong with defending them? I didn’t know ALL muslims in the world planned the Trade Centre attack…

      I’ve been on the website for years, and I can say Fish makes fun of things that he feels are a result of IDIOCY and unrational behaviour, in his opinion. And he can do that..its his website.

      • Shmoopy

        Who said anything about “all Muslims”?

      • Rush

        let me ask you a question; if you hear BREAKING NEWS on tv about a bomb on a plane or a hijacking or a bomb in times square or a shooting at a military base…

        1. who do you suspect right off the bat?
        2. is it wrong to assume it was a muslim?
        3. is it wrong to assume it was a muslim when 99.9% of the time, it is?

        one more question; have the moderate muslims made any attempts at convincing us they disagree with their extremist cohorts? have you seen ANY muslims peacefully protest the hijacking of their religion by their extremist cohorts? rational folks draw rational conclusions from the data they see, or do not see, regarding the state of islam.

      • ilikesake

        @ Shmoopy: When you write something like “yet you defend Muslims”, I’m not wrong to assume you mean to generalize since you failed to put “some” or “most”..
        @ Rush 1) I don’t suspect anything, the news does a good job of telling you who it was that did it.
        2) No it’s not. People can assume what they want. It’s not my business.
        3)See above answer.

        Your last question was answered by a post above somewhere. The person even placed a link for reference.See: Rachell | August 31, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      • Kiss My Ass Elmo

        Rush, of course it’s wrong to jump to conclusions. COME TO YOUR SENSES!

      • Delgo

        Not me Rachell, ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start

      • Shmoopy

        @ ilikesake

        Sorry, what I meant to say was who said ” ALL muslims in the world planned the Trade Centre attack”?

      • A white guy

        Lmao Rachell, are you kidding me? You obviously voted for Obama and he has spent $800 BILLION dollars that we don’t have in his first two years, and you want to talk about deficit? You’re hilarious. I would hate on you some more, but you crack me up. I knew retards were on this planet for my amusment. Thank you for the entertainment. You bring it on yourself. You are ridiculous. Actually, I’m sorry, I take back the retard comment. They are obviously smarter than you’ll ever be. Soooo how’s Canada? Or are you moving to Mexico? You could build a mosqe and be liberal with the drug cartels. I hear they’re pretty tolerant people…..

  27. Pseudopodia

    Pesce needs his V8 — been leaning an awful lot to the left on this digital rag as of late.

  28. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    I may be wrong, but I’ve always thought Dr. Drew seemed like a pretty good guy.

    Unlike most of the other “tv shrink” asshats, he conveys a degree of candor and un-bullshit-ness…

    But who knows?

  29. dude


    a comedy gossip site that holds nothing as sacred, is hardly the appropriate forum for political posturing.

    And come to think of it, the only religion I see you bashing on this site is Christianity.

    • Superficial officially sucks now

      Agreed. Shmoopy is right too.

    • Yeah...

      I must second this.

    • Erin

      oh come the hell on. It’s his site, he can post whatever the hell he wants, you don’t have to read it. Free speech y’all. Rock on, Fish.

    • joester

      Oh, you poor, poor, oppressed Christians.

      • A white guy

        There you guys go again, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS CHRISTIAN AND WHOS NOT based on any of the above comments. Nobody has said, “hey, I’m a christian and this is how I feel….” You assume, generalize, and produce ill-willed, uninformed fodder against a people unjustifiably. You are what’s wrong with America today. You speak of “tolerance” yet bash other’s religions? Hypocritical fucks are what you are. That’s why you have no credibility and nobody likes you. Tastelss, spineless douche bags trying to shit in everybody’s coffee but your own. Call rachell and please move next to her. You guys can have a block party where you hate on America, make hypocritical statements and lick each other’s assholes. Oh, and talk about all the great things Obama is doing lol. Fuckers. Please get out of my country. You make the rest of us look bad.

      • not a white guy

        That’s right, get out of your country white guy. What have you done for your country? Other than being a douche. Nobody likes me? That’s right, you’re nobody. Fuck off.

  30. who cares

    Who, the fuck, cares?!?! I live in NYC and i could give a rat’s ass about this mosque especially if its out of view of ground zero. Besides, it was Bush and Cheney that took down the towers anyway. They should build a mosque next to Bush and Cheney’s house. It was them that organized the strike against the towers. Its an inside job people! Try to get that thru your thick ass head

    • On/Off


    • McFeely Smackup

      I’m constantly amazed by people who simultaneously thing Bush was the biggest moron to ever sit in the white house, but also believe he was the brilliant mastermind behind 9/11.

      You’re probably one of those guys who say question why there wasnt’ any plane wreckage at the Pentagon, and just manage to ignore all the plane wreckage at the pentagon.

      • who cares

        Bush was just a figurehead. He’s just the total idiot who agreed to take the blame cuz he’s a total fucking idiot. Its really Cheney and the rest of the administration. Take a look at the trail of bloodshed that eventually leads to the administration. You’re the one who thinks inside of the box because you believe all the shit that you see coming out of the box, all the bullshit news that the gov’t wants to to see or not want you to see. You gotta read and watch shit that’s not edited for your retarded American sensibilities. You gotta think OUTSIDE of the box. You see, when something happens to America, Americans need someone to blame. The govt knows this and who’s better to blame than the people who’s holding our fucking OIL! Since the govt knows this they put together a nice plan called 9/11 and suddenly we citizens were the pawns in this international game of chess. Conspiracy? I think not. Watch some BBC or Reuters or even Al Jazeera. Cuz we got nothing but CBS, ABC, and fucking FOX and thats all edited bullshit and everyone knows that but we cant help ourselves because watching Lindsay Lohan is news, Paris Hilton in Vegas, yeh thats definitely news worthy.

    • A white guy

      You’re a fucking idiot. Too stupid to think for yourself, and base all your points on the movie “zeitgeist”. Fucking tool. Leave the country please. Thanks.

      • Please for the Love of Stewie

        Would you please stop asking people who disagree with you to leave the country? Everyone has a right to their opinion- everyone even has the right to be an asshole- but the shit about leaving the country is so old and so un-American. Call me whatever you want, say as much shit as you want about what I believe (which I haven’t even posted because this is my first post), but I’m a fucking American and I am not going anywhere. And despite my language, I am a Christian. I am neither Rep nor Dem., I’m registered Ind. I personally do not have an issue with the center/mosque. Things are getting blown way out of proportion IMHO. However, I can see where others do have issues with it, and respect that, but ultimately, no matter how anyone feels, it’s their right to do it. Sure, if you disagree, protest, write letters to officials, whatever… that’s your right as well. I may sound like a bleeding heart liberal, I know the world is never going to be perfect, but it would be so nice if most people could respect differences, there’s so much you can learn… you don’t have to agree to respect… I have friends of all different faiths, atheist friends…reps, dems… somehow we all get along, we can talk politics and religion without arguing or hating. Maybe we’re all weird. I don’t know. The only thing we come close to arguing about is football teams, because we’re all divided between like 5 different college teams. I digress. I would say maybe we’re like that because we’re getting close to the 40-year-old mark, but we’ve always been like this, and any new friends we make get the same treatment.
        So, hate, bitch, whatever, I don’t care. I just ask you to please, please cut out the get out of the country thing. One of the most American things is being able to believe what you want and say what you want, and really, I shouldn’t be asking you to stop saying something. But I am, because it’s fucking hypocritical to post all this pro-American stuff and then tell AMERICANS to leave their country where they have the exact same right as you to spout out their opinion no matter how shitty you think it is or how shitty they think your opinion is. I may think your attitude totally sucks ass, but it would never, ever cross my mind to tell you or anyone else to leave your country.


    Every other post we get crow barred with Fish’s political objectives as opposed to just being funny and making fun of celebrities (which is what it used to be). Sounds like you’re is thinking of yourself as a celebrity; therefore has the need to make sure his readership knows his political opinions because it’s important. I’m not even saying he’s wrong, just the sanctimonious nonsense is starting to get tough to swallow when you go to a site like this looking for the exact opposite. Plus you’re so biased an nonobjective. Hopefully something bad happens to someone you care for and then you can go back to showing us tits. Yay!

  32. Me

    The site is technically at Ground Zero, SW. It’s close enough that landing gear from one of the planes damaged the building on its approach to the towers, resulting in the reduced price for the site. Further, your assertion that the outrage over the proposed mosque is an infringement of Constitutional rights is silly and ignorant. No one is limiting anyone’s ability to practice their religion. The impasse is due to historical precedent and common decency.

    Traditionally, Muslims have erected mosques on sites where they have prevailed over their enemies. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem comes to mind. This proposed mosque is another example of this practice. Regardless, this is a slap in the face to the families of those lost in the 9/11 attacks, as well as an insult to the US in general.

    • dude

      this comment FTW

      • Jake

        There is no impasse. New York City has approved the zoning for the muslim center, built on private land.

        It’s private land. It meets the zoning code. What type of communist/socialist wants to tell others what to do with their private property?

    • Kevin

      The only thing silly and ignorant was this post. Boo f’ing hoo yourself back to the mid-west where you belong…I think they’re having another shit-your-pants-and-blame-the-government rally soon!

    • Jen

      FTW, Me

    • joester

      Not the *landing gear*! The *sacred landing gear*!

      I hear that one of the planes’ toilet lids landed on the roof of the strip club that’s only *one* block away from the WTC site. As a result, all of the “dancers” there are required to pray to Jesus during their sets.

    • joester

      “This proposed mosque is another example of this practice.”

      There is absolutely no evidence of that.

      But traditionally, Dittoheads have believed whatever garbage is shoveled into their squishy brains.

      • A white guy

        Joester, you ARE a dittohead with a squishy brain. Listen to yourself dude.

      • joester

        Oh, it’s you again, “white guy”. I see your debating skills are as sharp as ever! If I may be allowed to rephrase your brilliant response to my post, I believe you’re saying that you are rubber, and I am glue. Are you in the third grade, by any chance?

  33. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    like a bag of chewed bubble gum.

  34. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    Tiger done destroyed that ass

  35. dude abides

    #1 It’s not a mosque. It’s a cultural center.

    #2 We were not attacked on 9/11 because of religion. Yes, we were attacked by radical Islamists, but Al Qaeda has waged war against the US because we had troops in Saudi Arabia and because of our undue influence in Middle East politics. Anyone who thinks they attacked us because of “our freedoms” is a moron. They don’t care that we get to look at chicks in bikinis. They think we’re immoral for it, but they aren’t waging war against us for it.

    • Victory Mosque Imam

      The Imam thanks you. We love useful idiots such as yourself!

    • McFeely Smackup

      It is a Mosque you fucking moron. at least READ something before you make an ass of yourself.

      • dude abides

        IT. IS. NOT. A. MOSQUE. A lot of people in the news have been calling it a mosque, but it isn’t. It’s not true.

      • Victory Mosque Imam

        Again, on behalf of radical Islam, thank you, Mr. Abides. You will receive a check from Hamas for your efforts, and maybe a virgin or two upon your death.

      • dude abides

        When they come for you, don’t worry, I’ll stand up for you as well. Some of us still believe in this country.

      • Q


        Soo, allowing a celebratory mosque at the site where over 3000 people were murdered in the name of Islam is standing up for this country. Makes sense!

    • dkjkf

      It’s a cultural center with a mosque in it. Read up before talking. You are an idiot.

  36. Rush


    1. Google Cordoba Mosque.
    2. Google Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

    Basically, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. You’ve become a predictable lefty on a site not meant for politicalspeak. Stick to commentary regarding titties and butts.

    Thank you much!

    • Rachell

      Google it! Because if you find something using Google, then it MUST be the truth!

    • joester

      Is it okay if I filter out all of the hysteria-filled right-wing-blog and -media sites before I start reading?

      • A white guy

        Joester and Rachell, are you guys fucking each other? I mean literally, not figuratively. Joester you would want to filter everything out that doesn’t align with your biased temperment. God forbid you read an article that brought up sound, logical points that don’t coincide with your RA-RA LEFT way of thinking in that little head of yours. Oh shit, did…did I just say “God forbid”, oh, man, now you think I’m a christian and it’s time to start bashing (although I have made no statement about my religious affiliation, or if I am even religious at all). And Rachell, the only thing I admire about your fodder is that you seem to be a free thinker, but, the only problem is that you are stupid, so for your own well being and the well being of others, please stop. P.S. Joester, I bet she likes it in the ass. Work on that.

      • joester

        “I bet she likes it in the ass” — well, there’s your political strategy in the nutshell.

        Liberals: “I bet they like it in the ass.”
        Muslims: “I bet they like it in the ass.”
        Illegal aliens: “I bet they like it in the ass.”
        Everyone who isn’t a Dittohead: “I bet they like it in the ass.”

        You should run for office on that platform. In today’s Republican Party, you could probably get nominated, if not actually elected.

      • not a white guy

        It really sounds like a white guy is the one with a problem that doesn’t coincide with his RA-RA FUCKED way of thinking in that fat clogged brain of his. You really haven’t shown or proven anything. So far you have 1. told people to leave your country 2. basically called everyone that doesn’t share your views, a retard, fucking stupid, or idiots. And what’s wrong if Rachell likes to take it in the ass, what does that have to do with anything?

  37. Larry

    Sigh, I’ll try to explain exactly why people dislike this thing being built.

    I’ll quickly state that they have a constitutional right to build it and nothing can change that. Islam, no matter how much I dislike it as a particular religion, is still protected in the constitution and again, nothing can change that.

    The fact is that the Imam is one shady character. After 9/11 he pretty weakly condemned the terrorists… while also condemning the USA for bringing this upon themselves. Because 3000 civilians are the same as CIA operatives who allegedly did something during the Afghan-Russo war. He also doesn’t call Hamas what it is: A violent terrorist organization that indiscriminately targets civilians.

    The name of the project, before it was changed, was Cordoba House. Cordoba is a city in Spain that was conquered during the Muslim invasion of Spain. The project organizer claim that they chose the name because it shows a time when Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together peacefully. Peacefully is kind of true, but it ignores the fact that Islam itself teaches that while “People of the book (Jews and Christians)” or “Dhimmi” are to be respected, they still have second class citizen status. They were only peaceful because they were kept in control by the sword.

    Now, people will jump down my throat saying that when Christians conquered Spain, they forced the Muslims and Jews to convert under penalty of death. And I’ll say that that is true and horrible. But people forget that Christianity’s Bible is nowadays rarely, if ever, interpreted literally. When they slaughtered the Jews and Muslims, they were reading it in a way that it isn’t read today, or they were just plain evil.

    All Muslims, regardless of sect, follow a literal interpretation of the Koran because they see it as the directly transcribed word of God with no error. Their book calls for people of the book to be second class citizens. The way it was then is the way it is now. So when they bring up Cordoba, they’re bringing up images of Jews and Christians as second class citizens.

    • Jake

      “All Muslims, regardless of sect, follow a literal interpretation of the Koran because they see it as the directly transcribed word of God with no error. ”

      LOL. Education FAIL.

      • Larry

        Enlighten me, then.

      • Larry

        Actually, I can see how it would be unclear.

        I should say: “All devout Muslims…”

        A devout Muslim will follow a direct, literal interpretation.

      • dude

        I like your commentary, Larry. Thanks for it. But Jake can not, nor will ever enlighten you. His rudimentary mind is soft, weak, and perhaps most devastatingly to Jake, self confident. His language has been reduced to pop culture acronisms such as LOL, etcetera. His mind right now is probably rushing to type the next LOL,FAIL, epic FAIL, ROFLMAO and whatever else passes for communication in his circle.

        But seriously, thanks for the commentary. Tho I’ll be checking out for the rest of the day because I come here for comedy, not political commentary by the SW.

    • Kevin

      Shady character? LOL

      Evangelicals in the US said much worst things than this guy supposedly did in the wake of 9/11 and they get to be presidential advisers.

    • Yeah...

      I’m an early twenties girl trying to make sense of the controversy and how I feel about the issue.

      Is it safe to say then that I disapprove of the way the mosque/cultural center is being constructed and run (because of the Imam’s insensitivity though, come on, how far of a reach is it to say he feared for his life if he should staunchly object?) but do not object to the right of Muslims to build near ground zero (because I think that America, as a global influence, has an obligation to teach tolerance and forgiveness by way of example).

      Does that make sense?

    • joester

      Congratulations, you have successfully parroted all of the lie-saturated AM-radio talking points about this non-mosque. Please post again after you learn how to think for yourself, and how to distinguish truth from fiction.

      • A white guy

        Joester, funny how you know all the AM radio talking points. Sounds to me like that’s all you base anything on, and you want to talk about free thinking? This chick is just stating how she feels, not really taking a side, specifically, yet you feel the need to attack her because she may disagree with your way of thinking….which is that of a rhe-tard. GET OVER YOURSELF. Put the keyboard down, step away from the computer, and continue to watch your endless DVR recs of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman, listening to your AM political radio station, and changing out the urinal cakes at your so-called job. You may be a bigger idiot than rachelllllllll. Maybe….

      • joester

        White guy: I was replying to the OP, “Larry”, not to “Yeah…” Wipe the spittle off of your keyboard and move on.

  38. nads

    fish can talk about what the fuck he wants its his blog, why are you all so butthurt? once in a while he’ll digress from the usual tits and asses and make commentary about important shit, which in this case was spot on.

  39. Larry

    Oh, and one more thing.

    When people say “Not all Muslims were involved in the September 11th attack! Not everyone believes in what they did! Not everyone supports them!” it pisses me off.

    If Germans went to the village near Auschwitz Concentration Camp and built a German cultural centre people would still raise hell, despite the fact not all Germans were involved in the Holocaust. It is just plain insensitive.

    • nads

      Why does it piss you off? cause its true and challenges generalizations about muslims that forumulates your point of view?

      • Larry

        Because it shows a lack of sensitivity to the victims of people acting in the name of Islam, just as a German cultural centre near Auschwitz would show a lack of sensitivity to the victims of people acting in the name of German racial superiority.

      • Kevin

        Again with this “lack of sensitivity” BS.

        Fuck sensitivity, this is NYC! Get your ass moving forward or risk getting run over. No time for for sensitivity when you run the f’ing world!

        so sick of this “poor us” shit.

    • joester

      Amen, Kevin. Conservatives are the biggest frickin crybabies on earth.

      • A white guy

        You guys are so un-American it’s sickening. What regiment of the Taliban do you fight for? “Fuck sesitivity” “Poor us”….are you fucking joking? We’re talking about arguably the greatest tragedy to happen on U.S. soil and our brethren who lost their lives and the lives of loved ones….and you say “fuck sensitivity” and make it all about left vs. right? Unfuckingbelievable. I kinda want to fight you, Kevin and Joester. Kevin, you sound like you work for MSNBC and wonder why nobody but leftwing fucksticks like yourself consider a credible news source. Because you do shit like this. It’s always about left vs right and seldom about an actual issue. We’re talking about the tactfulness and tastlessness of human nature, symbols and what it means to us as a people and a country. You recited the constitution and think your right, then make it about left vs. right, tolerant vs. intolerant. Go fuck yourselves.

      • joester

        White guy: actually, the “greatest tragedy to happen on U.S. soil” is you showing up on this page.

        And it’s hilarious to hear a guy who thinks that “she probably likes it up the ass” is a clever debating point lecturing others about the need for tactfulness.

  40. grobpilot

    Fuckin’ Muslims. Fuck all of you.

  41. Rachel Uchitel
    Commented on this photo:

    The guy who writes this shitty blog is a fa-ggot right? Well, even if he doesn’t admit to sucking dick literally, he does figuratively.

  42. ANJ

    Yeah…um, I’m just here for the tits…

  43. MrsEllis

    Dr Drew is a good person. The amount of hours he has put in on Loveline trying to help the most desperate and random and royally fucked up people trumps the amount of selfless work that anyone on this website has done. Obviously, to some extent, he is obsessed with celebrity, but I really think he is a good, educated, intelligent man.

    And what Michael Bloomberg said on The Daily Show about this is the bottom line for me. That was a great interview to watch. I believe in treating all races, religions, and cultures equal for the most part, but I do certainly love Jews more than any other type. They’re the best. (ps I’m an atheist/gentile, so don’t think this is some weird personal propaganda)

    • Victory Mosque Imam

      That sounds nice and all, but WE are going to build, whereas the Greek Orthodox Church that BURNED during the 9/11 attacks will not be allowed to! How’s that for equality??? AAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Sucker.

      • MrsEllis

        Hey, actually I was raised Greek Orthodox, so I know from experience that Slavic people can’t get their shit together. Seriously, my old church was disbanded because there was a schism complete with blood feuds and heated parish meeting arguments. Those two phenomena (St Nicholas having trouble getting started and Park51) have no little to no relation.

      • joester

        Do this Greek Orthodox Church’s building issues have anything to do with the fact that it’s a church? Or is it because American conservatives fear and hate the Greek Orthodox? Answers: no, and no. So GTFO with your lame-ass, Rush-promoted talking points.

      • Q

        @joester Um, whatever. It had to do with the church dome being taller than the planned memorial at Ground Zero. That’s why it was turned down by the zoning board initially. The mosque is 13 or 14 stories, depending on who reports on it, and either way is taller than the planned memorial, but it was given the go-ahead.
        So where’s the bias?

      • joester

        @Q: the current issue with the Greek Orthodox Church has to do with it wanting money from the Port Authority: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/08/17/ground-zero-church-archdiocese-says-officials-forgot/

        Park51 is farther away from the WTC site, so PA negotiations did not come into play. There’s no evidence of pro-Muslim, anti-Christian bias here.

  44. alex

    just because something is allowed doesn’t make it right.

    If these Islamists that want to build their “community center” 2 blocks from ground zero were sensitive to their fellow americans, they would simply say, “we understand. We’ll put our center a mile or two away in a new location so we dont offend such a huge number of people.” They aren’t having their rights trampled on, its a question of doing the right thing.

    Just because I can legally protest (with horrible signs and screaming politically charged rants) at a soldiers funeral, it doesn’t make it right.

    • Yeah...

      Fack. Now I’m leaning back again.

    • joester

      If these black people want to ride on public transportation, why can’t they just ride in the back? If they were sensitive to their fellow Americans, they would simply say, “We understand. We’ll ride in the back so we don’t offend such a huge number of people.” Just because I can legally offend white people doesn’t make it right.

      • A white guy

        Holy shit Joester, you’re such a dick squeezer. Lamest analogy ever. We as a people were wrong for slavery and segregation to have ever taken place. It was such a horrible time in our history. But, we realized the errors of the past and continue to work to make it right. And why is it all about white vs. (insert joester’s group of choice here)? The terrorist group that committed the atrocities of 9/11 happened to be Muslim. Although I’m sure less than 1% of all Muslims are affiliated with that group, I’m sure they’d understand our position on why a mosque shouldn’t be built on the hallowed ground of our fallen brothers and sisters. This mosque is a symbol of triumph over the american people. If it wasn’t, then what’s the big deal about the location? You want to talk about tolerance? Then why the FUCK can’t they be tolerant about OUR feelings on the issue? Answer me that fuckhead. If Tim McVeigh bombed mecca, but the other christians of the world wanted to build a church there, how tolerant do you think muslims would be of that? Probably about as tolerant as I am of this mosque/cultural center/symbol of Jihadist triumph going up. I’m with you alex. Joester, you suck and you know it.

      • joester

        @white guy: “A horrible time in our history”? It was *all* of our history until 50 years ago!

        “We realized the errors of the past”? — no, “we” (if by “we” you mean “the people running the country”, or “white people”) did not; we were forced to change when Black people demanded equal rights.

        Also, “why the FUCK can’t they be tolerant” is one of greatest pieces of unintentionally funny political rhetoric I’ve ever heard.

      • dkjkf

        The “big deal” about the location, you dumb white fuck, is that it is PRIVATE property and they can do whatever the hell they wish to.

  45. canuck

    Excellent entry. EXCELLENT.
    YAY YOU!

  46. Soviet Snow

    I just want to look at babes and superficial people, not talk politics. You guys want to hug Muslims (no need to say “moderate” because there is no such thing), radical Christians, and Illegal aliens and other things hurting this world, then do it without me.

    • cmyk

      The first smart thing said in this thread.

      You, sir, are the winrar.

      • joester

        If you don’t want to talk politics, then why did you slip some Muslim-bashing in there?

        I have Muslim friends who are anything *but* radical, so FU.

  47. wtf

    “just because something is allowed doesn’t make it right.”

    Exactly, now if only that group would stop burning crosses in front of my house :/

  48. My buddy (who was against it) and I (I was indifferent) had a heated discussion on this a while ago. While I understand why people would be bothered by it (and am glad people are using their 1st Amendment rights to express their feelings) , my positions was

    a) It’s a community center and regardless of who runs it, it’s become an issue of constitutionality that will far out last our raw feelings of 9/11. It took our country generations to heal from Pearl Harbor and this will be no different. Sadly, our political leaders, not the Constitution, is trying to gain votes from this issue.

    b) It’s a state’s rights issue. As a Californian, my opinion on this means squat. It’s up to the people of New York to decide UNTIL Constitutional guarantees are broken. What should have stayed in the borders of New York was brought to national spotlight once people started crying “terrorists!” And, by making it a Constitutional issue, they guaranteed the center’s construction.

  49. Chris

    They didn’t even use FIANCE right. Unless James is a female???

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