Rachel McCord Hitchhiking Sorta Naked And Other News


Selena Gomez’ Instagram account was hacked today and they roasted Justin Bieber’s penis (oh yea, that one). [TMZ]

Olivia Munn getting really close with Jamie Foxx and other celebs before they blacked out at the Mayweather fight. [LaineyGossip]

The guy who played Easy-E in Straight Outta Compton got really mad when he missed his flight and they downgraded his first class ticket… like, really mad. [PageSix] (video)

I’m not alone in thinking Jared Leto looked pretty stupid last night. [Dlisted]

Jay-Z talking about how his twins got their names (the reasoning is disappointingly obvious). [Celebitchy]

Lady Gaga gets off hard while riding horses. [WWTDD]

These pictures of Lorde just lording the lordey out of her lordship, oh lorde! [GoFugYourself]

Mark Zuckerberg named his new kid after the month it was born. [EvilBeet]

The first trailer for Super Troopers 2 has everyone’s nostalgia boners pumpin’. [Perez]