Rachael Ray might have rabies


Rachael Ray was bitten by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday when a stray attacked her pit-bull mix, Isaboo, and she defended it. Her rep says:

“This dog came up – there was no owner in sight – and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She’s fine.”

Shouldn’t Rachael Ray be a little more concerned that a stray dog just bit her? I’m sure it was a very qualified nurse that looked at her, but in a month when she’s foaming at the mouth and going crazy she’s probably gonna think to herself, “Fuck, I probably should’ve gotten myself checked for rabies.” And on a side note, a dog tried to bite my abs once, but gave up after realizing it couldn’t bite through solid steel.