R. Kelly’s bond may be revoked

December 20th, 2007 // 52 Comments

R. Kelly had a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to show up yesterday for a scheduled hearing in his child pornography case. His tour bus was pulled over by the police causing the singer to miss his appearance. He finally made it into court today where the judge is considering revoking R. Kelly’s bond. The Associated Press reports:

Gaughan admonished the R&B superstar in court anyway, saying he’ll decide Friday whether he should revoke Kelly’s bond. The Cook County judge also was to set a trial date Friday.
Kelly is in the midst of a prolonged legal fight after prosecutors say he allegedly videotaped sex acts with a teenage girl. He has pleaded not guilty.

I don’t see what all the fuss is about R. Kelly having sex with a teenage girl and supposedly peeing on her. I mean, that girl should be thanking him. Look at Kim Kardashian. She, too, was peed on by an R&B singer and now she has her own reality TV show. Also, you’ve got Jamie Lynn Spears. She dared to dream by having underage sex and now there’s a beautiful baby on it’s way to her. You really can’t put a price on a gift like that. Unless you’re Lynne Spears. Then it’s a cool mil for photos.

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  1. balls OUT

    you suck……..

  2. veggi

    Who was the girl? Hayden?..

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    What they failed to mention was that R. Kelly’s bus was pulled over leaving a Girl Scout Jamboree. Nothing like painting a target on yourself Robert.

  4. People need to lay the hell off of Señor Cornrow, aka R. Kelly. He is a freakin’ musical GENIUS!!!

    History will no doubt place “Trapped in the Closet” in the pantheon of important music alongside Hayden’s string quartets, Mozart’s symphonies, Verdi’s operas, the Beatles’ “White Album,” and the Carter Family’s early recordings.

  5. Guy

    I’m with you all the way, make child porn legal, its wonderful!

  6. The White Urkle

    A nappy headed spear chucker child pornographer fails to show for a court hearing….Where is the news in that. I hope he is found guilty and gets to spend some time in the federal pen getting his shit pushed in.

  7. Bongo Bongo

    If that picture isn’t definitive proof that we’re evolved from apes, I don’t know what is.

  8. Mal Reynolds

    He is one ugly mother..! SHUT YO MOUTH! but I’m jus’ talkin’ bout R.Kelly.

  9. The White Urkle

    That is a good one Bongo

  10. What is wrong with have sex with little kids? It seems to be ok to knock up Jamie Spears and the guy was not even her brother..

  11. YoYoBugZappingNWG

    Genius move. Blow off a court date and then appear with a ready-for-jail haircut and an attitude. He claims his tour bus was delayed by the cops in Utah. They don’t have an airport in Utah? Also, a six-year delay on a criminal charge has gotta be a new record.

  12. stephiphany

    This thing is still going on? Hurry up with it already.

  13. BaconMessiah

    Believe me, you do not want to “piss” off R Kelly

  14. Real Chad

    Didn’t know about the pee-thing…though maybe thats just The Superficial editorial. Anyway…

    Perfect example of someone whom is obviously talented, but extremely flawed. This is also an example of how MONEY CAN BUY FREEDOM. I truly believe that our court/justice system is one of the (if not the) best in the world. However, if R. Kelly didn’t have money, I think he would be in jail NOW. The REALLY SICK PART is that it seems as though he has done this more than a couple of times…he just paid off the other ones:


  15. RichPort

    Unless there’s another Looney Tunes movie, I’ll officially label all “music” created by this cornrowed crackpot as considerable crap.

  16. Real Chad

    More fodder that I found on Wikipedia….

    Aside from comparing yourself to Jesus or some other deity, there are a few noble people and great performers/atheletes that you can compare yourself to…and just look like an ass:

    “I’m the Ali of today. I’m the Marvin Gaye of today. I’m the Bob Marley of today. I’m the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.” – R. Kelly, Spring ’07


  17. D. Richards progeny

    Evolved? We did? You wouldn’t know it from our civilization. Sure there are some intellectual freaks (to be expected with a monstrous population numbering now in the billions) inventing myriad devices and contraptions that ever further tax and destroy the physicochemical substates of the planet, allowing us, the mundane ‘Tards, access to illusory (I say this cuz it aint gonna last dreamers – entropy claims all, except other mental freaks, a.k.a. cosmologists who seem to believe in unknown dimensions and infinity) luxuries.
    But we still act like our ancestors, the apes. And some of us more so.

  18. veggi

    This is boring the fuck out of me..

  19. Conscience Found

    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~







    ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~ ***===~~~

  20. You Suck

    Why the fuck is all your text in italics now?

  21. Gerald_Tarrant

    RichPort, listen to R.Kelly’s song “Real Talk”. That is hands down his best effort ever. I can’t imagine it getting any better.

  22. Everyonepoops

    It’s interesting. The features of R. Kelly’s face shares a striking resemblance to that of an ape. The low, hanging brow, big mouth, “deer in headlights” facial expression. Could it be that someone with intelligence under par with that of most rational human beings has topped the pop charts? That would be shocking!

  23. Moriah

    You are constantly making comments about Kim being pissed on by Ray J.. but that never happened so I am confused!

  24. RichPort

    #23 – R Kelly has showed signs of brilliance in the past, but much like “Vivrant Thing” made me throw away all of my ATCQ CDs, his fairy wannbe gansta-isms overshadow any of his bouts of brilliance. That, and he could even keep his soldier saluting during the pee episode. I mean, who doesn’t get hard enough to pierce adamantium when delivering a generous shower of gold?

  25. TS

    How the fuck is this guys trial still going on. Didn’t this happen like 10 years ago? Throw his ass in the slammer.

    #21, you’re a fucking idiot. Not even one bit entertaining.

  26. Gerald_Tarrant

    #26 – Sorry, I forgot to hit my sarcasm button. I won’t bother posting a link to Merriam-Webster, lol. Seriously if you want to hear everything that is wrong with R.Kelly’s music, “Real Talk”, and just keep reminding yourself, he is serious, it’s not a parody song like Weird Al or Adam Sandler.

  27. havoc

    I gotta pee…..


  28. Auntie Kryst

    R. Kelly still tours? In Utah? What?

  29. Ript1&0

    HELL YES YES YES!!!!! I love R Kelly!!! I would get with him in a heartbeat…. ummm except for the whole peeing thing, I’m not down with that. I’ve also had the misfortune/fortune of seeing his entire framed package in sheer white see-through silk in that video “Half On A Baby”. Christ, that was frightening.

    I don’t know wear the hell these underage chicks are putting all of that.

  30. Ript1&0

    Oh my god, I meant “where”. I hate grammatical errors. How embarrassing.

  31. dave

    I want to piss on you…

    piss on you…

    piss on you…

  32. TS

    #32, Correction, What’s embarrassing is the fact that you would “get with him.”
    You shittin’ me? You should be ashamed of yourself for even saying that as a joke, let alone seriously.

  33. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    Uhm, TS? Ript is with me now. You don’t want me to type a diatribe so powerful that the words infiltrate your computer, downloading all of your pornography and destroying your hard-drive, do you? No you don’t.

    I say: if a person is in the position to piss on another person; be it through celebrity, power, intimidation, or just plain taking, just goddamn do that shit! Water-sports are so divine. Here, take my piss you filthy whore. Eat!

    But R. Kelly. Send that guy to hell. His music blows. Such whine.

  34. Anal Phlegm Munch

    Send that gorilla back to the jungle.

  35. Missystar

    I know I shouldn’t admit this, but Bongo’s post made me laugh so hard I fear my head will fall off.

  36. Michael Vick must Die

    I hate this sick fuck, he can die with Michael Vick – both strung up and anally electrocuted – by me, YEAH that’s how this sick fuck should die.

  37. Ript1&0

    YAY!!! Thank you for taking up for me. You’re so strong and manly and protective. Mmmm.

    I’m gonna lap up your piss like I haven’t had water in weeks.

  38. Cool man. But I am not interested. I love female only. You know http://www.femmate.com is just the right dating site for Pinks. LOL

  39. Why is it that the only time you see these celebrities wearing ties are when they’re standing before a judge?

  40. This guy had a song called “Come To Daddy” with Jay Z on “Best of Both Worlds”, I think.
    Fits in nice with his usual “I’m all spiritual and all that shit” vs. “Fornication is okay because my dick likes it” repertoire.

    Jay Z seems to have distanced himself from this fool in since then.

    Oooooooooooh (I know what you’re going through)
    Come to me ( I can see it in tour eyes)
    Oh baby (c’mon)
    Come to daddy (you know I ain’t got no problem with this)
    Oooooh (just say the word, I come and get you)
    Come to me, yeah
    (whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it for you)

    Come to daddy let me
    Please your body tonight

  41. me

    Negroes just can’t behave like human beings. Even rich ones. You can’t tell me that they’re not at least half monkey.

  42. RCA

    Can this jackass die tragically already?

  43. RCA

    Can this jackass die tragically already?

  44. RCA

    I think it’s time for bigotted white folks to come up with some new racist material…the whole “monkey/gorilla” stuff is old and tired…at least show some originality…

    Hack racists bother me.

  45. engel

    my god

  46. engel

    my god

  47. engel


  48. engel

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