Someone Asked R. Kelly About Rape Again. It Didn’t Go Well.

Two years ago we learned that R. Kelly had been sued by half the women in Chicago for allegedly having inappropriate sexual contact with them when they were teenagers. He responded with football metaphors and basically saying it’s tough to be king, because someone’s always going to want to tear you down. Apparently he thought enough time passed for people to forget about the literally dozens of accusations and out of court settlements he paid out to young, poor women, so they’d shut up about the time he banged them in the music room of their high school. No, really. Go read this piece. So that’s why yesterday, during a HuffPost Live interview, he flipped out after being asked how he felt about fans whose loyalty was conflicted over the accusations. And by flipped out, I of course mean threatened to go to McDonald’s for a McRib.

R. Kelly sat down with HuffPost Live for a bizarre 20-minute interview Monday, in which he asked host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani if she drank, asked whether she knew what a deposition was, questioned her intelligence, and threatened to leave and go to McDonald’s before ultimately walking off set.

I get why R. Kelly flipped out here, he’s promoting an album full of songs about how much he likes fucking, how good he is at fucking, and how awesome fucking is just in general. It’s got songs like “Sextime” and “Poetic Sex.” There’s even a track called “Backyard Party,” which let’s be honest, is not about playing horseshoes. So, where does this reporter get off asking him if fans might be a little unsettled by the fact that he unabashedly celebrates his love of sex, while quietly paying settlements to the families of minors he allegedly fucked and paying for their abortions? I have nothing witty to add here, I’m just making another sentence to link Jim DeRogatis lighting his ass up, because it’s the only press R. Kelly should ever get for the rest of his dogshit life.

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