R. Kelly Responded To The Village Voice. Oh, Good.

Early Monday evening, a hole was blown into the Internet after the Village Voice published an interview with Jim DeRogatis that made it impossible to laugh away the severity of R. Kelly’s numerous statutory rape accusations. It was a situation that most publicists would’ve advised their clients to let blow over except R. Kelly is an egomaniac so naturally he shoved his face right in it and made sure everyone knows the small amount of fucks he has to give about it. Via HuffPost:

Well I feel like I got the football, man, I’m running towards the touchdown and stopping and looking back, mess around, I’ll get tackled,” he said. “And I also want my fans and everybody out there to know that I really appreciate everybody’s support from the very beginning of my career. But as you know, when you get on top of anything, it’s very windy up there.”
“It’s not just about getting on top, it’s about holding your balance once you get up there…You have to be spiritually a climber. So I feel good about ‘Black Panties’… As long as I got my fans screaming my name around the world and buying my records, and supporting R. Kelly, everybody who doesn’t agree with it should listen to the last song on ‘Black Panties’ [‘Shut Up’].”

That was R. Kelly using a football analogy to downplay accusations of rape. The first sport that popped into his head was football. I can’t possibly imagine why that was the case. You almost never see football and rape in the same sentence. It’s practically unheard of.

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