R. Kelly Isn’t Funny Anymore

Let me just start off by apologizing for the fact that up until yesterday, I’ve definitely been one of the numerous assholes who found R. Kelly fucking hilarious in a crazy person who constantly says and/or sings ridiculous shit kind of way.

Not anymore.

If you haven’t seen or heard about it by now, the Village Voice published an interview with Jim DeRogatis, the journalist who actively investigated the R-Kelly sex accusations for the Chicago Sun-Times, and holy shit. What you’ll find is a fucked up tale of a man who didn’t just pee on one girl in some video, but systematically preyed on 14-year-olds, and possibly younger, without consequence for years thanks to a careful selection of his victims and the sad state of justice for the black community in America. Even more disturbing is all this information has been publicly available in court records for a decade, but very few people bothered to look it up. It was so bad, R. Kelly got a pass from Jezebel who normally can’t wait to pelt a target with bloody tampons at the slightest hint of misogyny. This should have been a goddamn feast for them which is why DeRogatis called them out in the interview, and as of this post, they have yet to respond. So below’s the full text which if there’s one thing you’re going to read today instead of working, make it this. (And maybe a few bikini pictures. It’s Christmas.)

‘Read the ‘Stomach-Churning’ Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly in Full’ – Village Voice

Photo: Getty