R. Kelly Is Being Sued Because He Banged Some Dude’s Wife

R. Kelly, the RnB demigod who loves underage women, is being sued by a cuckold man after he found out his wife had been hitting that shit since before they were married in 2012. He didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow that his wife was constantly following R. Kelly around on tour and making him quit his job to move to Atlanta to be closer to R. Kelly, but once she came home with chlamydia- he realized how darn silly he was.

Now, in the most public display of “slut-shaming” since… I don’t even have to mention it, the former Sheriff’s deputy is going after R. Kelly in court claiming “emotional, psychological, and financial loss” for stealing his lady’s heart (and butt).

I’m not a lawyer, but this all sounds pretty stupid. Sure it may have been cold-blooded for R. Kelly to take this dude’s groupie wife to pound town, but at least she was over the age of 20 this time… It’s a terrible idea to go after R. Kelly on a whim. Not only can he physically bury you in gold records, but he also has a robot body guard named R. Bot that will drop water balloons of sweet, soulful peepee on your car.

r bot smal

You can check out the full story from the Mississippi News Now.