Quentin Tarantino thinks Lindsay is the best

December 14th, 2007 // 103 Comments

Quentin Tarantino has officially lost his shit. Yesterday at the 68th Annual Golden Globe nominations ceremony he told OK! Magazine he would love to work with Lindsay Lohan:

“[Lohan] is one of the best actresses in Hollywood.”
When asked if he’d ever cast Lindsay in a Kill Bill-type role, Tarantino said, “I could cast Lindsay in almost anything!”

A coffin. With both of them inside. Then I’d drop it somewhere deep within the Pacific. Now let’s go watch Sister Street Fighter and get ourselves some tasty milkshakes.

[Flashback to a minute ago.]

Do you know what I’d like to see Quentin cast Lindsay in? You’re going to want to sit down for this one, daddy-o.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino. He hates chronology.

Photos: Baeur-Griffin

  1. mikeym5

    “Doctor Dome – January 1, 2008 5:10 AM

    Lindsy is a talent actress and most of the commentors can’t seem to think for themselves and are letting the dish rags think for them… Sheep…”

    You’re the one who is the “sheep” that can’t think for themselves, since you seem to be easily swayed by Lohan’s undeserved popularity like most teeny boppers.

  2. FRT

    Leave poor Quentin alone will ya…!

    He can’t help what he says…his brain is fried like shit on a heat register in Alaska in January from all the “snow” he inhaled up his big shnozz during the decadent decade of his life. Not much left to reason with…all you have to do is watch his films. The fucking guy is out of his pea brain mind.

  3. indica

    wow, her face is like an orange football. holy fuck, how does she look in the mirror without crying?

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