‘Quentin Tarantino Sucked My Toes’

June 29th, 2011 // 71 Comments

Quentin Tarantino is a well-known foot fetishist, and that’s without even counting the almost hour-long close-up of Bridget Fonda’s feet in Jackie Brown, which makes this email that the entire Internet has been forwarded by now pretty fucking believable. A woman, now identified as Beejoli Shah, recounts a tale of meeting “QT” at a party a few weeks ago, only to end up in his bed where he asked to suck her toes and “kill his bill,” if you will:

I’m wearing Hanes Her Way underwear the size of Canada that I bought at CVS that morning because my life is really just that sad and pathetic. We make out some more, there’s a little below the belt action that I try to avoid, as QT has the most unattractive penis I have ever seen (short. fat. nub-like. The chode of all chodes. Boys, those junior high pamphlets are lying when they say that all shapes and sizes are normal. Lying.) Just as I’m about to hyperventilate over the fact that he may try to put that horrific bodily implement anywhere near my Britney, he leans over and goes “Hey…”
I know this “Hey.” This is the “Hey, should I get a condom?” hey that accompanies 20 minutes of ungratifying sex. As I’m trying to rapidly think of ways I can agent myself out of this deal, I hear what is without a doubt, the strangest question in the history of my life. Quentin Tarantino asks, “Can I suck on your toes while I jerk off?” What. The. Fuck.

I added the full e-mail after the jump along with the photo booth strip of Quentin and the young woman who molded his heart into a dolphin-flogging Cyrano de Bergerac with a foot fetish. On that note, the email claims Quentin Tarantino has a freakishly small penis yet hangs out with Jamie Foxx, so at its core, this story is really about being comfortable with one’s own self which comes in handy because apparently chicks in Hollywood will let you beat off in front of them just because you directed a couple of movies. It’s like Twilight for perverts. “She rolled her eyes, but begrudgingly said, yes?” *swoons*


You are either getting this e-mail because I’ve promised I would tell you this story and haven’t yet, you’re besties with someone I used to hook up with, or because my need for attention and adulation has reached such an all time high that I decided to pick 15 of you at random to listen to this story (most likely explanation), but all the same, below is the (in)famous but true story of how I met Quentin Tarantino…Adam and Ethan, I’ll be expecting your short film script of this in my inbox in the next couple of weeks…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011:

Get a BBM at 8 in the morning from my friend Nicki telling me we’re going to a party in “the Hills” that night because the Yankees were in town. But this party now presents a conundrum as a) I didn’t know people partied on Wednesdays because I’m uncool and b) I had just run out of clean underwear and hadn’t shaved my legs in three days, so I wasn’t really in a “party” sort of place. (what’s that you say? You’re surprised I’m single?) However, after being told to grow a pair, I decided to join the girls after work for this fiesta.

Party time rolls around that evening and despite being a Wednesday, and based on how many trashy girls in short dresses there are, it looks like the inside of any club in Las Vegas has vomited inside this music producer’s home. Minus all the hordes of Asians you get in real Las Vegas. I spend my first hour at this party irritated at having to even be there, and then telling the Yankees picture Joba Chamberlain how he’ll never be as great as my beloved Brian Wilson. I think he may have called me a lesbian as I was walking away, but I guess you can’t blame him since I did choose to wear pants. Anyways, I digress.

Heading back inside, bored out of mind, I look over and notice Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino have joined the melee. Joy. Two more people at this party who could not give a shit about who I am. I go back to texting in the corner while stuffing my face with a hot dog. About an hour later I’m making a drink and realize the pasty tall fellow pouring orange juice into my glass is the man himself, QT. Realizing I kind of have to go for at it this point, in all my nerd glory blurt out: “I’m sure everyone tells you this but I fucking loved Reservoir Dogs. I watched it when I was 11 for my school newspaper, and it’s badass.” He starts laughing, thanks me, pleasantries are exchanged about how I was clearly a fucked up 11 year old for watching Reservoir Dogs, and we start what appears it might be a delightful little chat about film. Until this happens:

Quentin: Wow so you really loved Reservoir Dogs, huh? Which of my other films do you like?
(this blatant arrogance is the type of douchebaggery that really gets my gourd about Hollywood, so now my film boner has turned to film hate fuck, and I feel the need to cheekily undermine Quentin.)
Me: Oh wow. You know, I really didn’t like Kill Bill…
Quentin: What? What do you mean? 1 or 2?
Me: Ehh, a little bit of both. I just didn’t care for them.
Quentin: Wow…I don’t think anyone has said that to my face about my seminal films.
Me: Perhaps it’s because you call them your seminal films. Shouldn’t you wait for someone else to say that?
Quentin: You know, you’ve got a mouth on you. I like that.

At this point, QT puts an arm around me and I’m acutely aware that Quentin Tarantino has an arm around me. As are my four friends, who are all looking at me as if I have grown a second head. To be fair, I am easily the most uncool out of all my friends (I go to Q’s in Brentwood four nights a week), so the fact that anyone even mildly famous wants to speak to me is pretty shocking. He’s chatting with my friends and I like it’s no big deal, I am pretending like this happens every night of my life, and out of nowhere he leans in for the makeout. Yes. True story. I am pulling a frat move and making out in a crowded kitchen with Quentin Fucking Tarantino. I cannot stop laughing AS this is happening, mainly because I see my friends Nicki and Jen literally gag behind Quentin’s head, and I really am doing this for the story at this point. We make out some more, take a walk, keep making out, get more drinks, lather, rinse, repeat. Believe me when I say I’m not bragging, because..well…have you looked at a photo of Quentin Tarantino recently? (Please refer to: http://bit.ly/jL4ORR)

At some point in our public makeout, Jamie Foxx comes over and without acknowledging me goes, “Yo QT, ready to roll?” Quentin looks at me and says “Want to come to my house?” Ummmmmm…fuck yes? We get in an SUV and off we go. As I’m in the car though, I realize two things: 1) Making out with Quentin Tarantino is a great story, but there is no way I plan on putting out, and 2) This is a director who makes up fucked up films for a living, there is a 23% chance he could Phil Spektor me, and I’m definitely not ready to die. But alas, I’m already in the car and we’re off.

We get to the house, which is gorgeous, and Jamie Foxx takes off with his lady friend (I try to say bye to him and he doesn’t even look at me. Jamie Foxx could not have given 2 shits who I was. This is probably karma because I snuck into a screening of Ray in 2004 with my black boyfriend who worked at AMC at the time, instead of buying a ticket). Which leaves me and QT alone in his bar. I spot a photo booth and immediately realize that we must take photos, if for nothing else, proof that this story even happened. (Because I know at least 7 of you right now think I’m still lying, and are pissed you had to read this much. It gets even better, I promise!!) We get a few good photo strips, which I immediately buried at the bottom of my purse lest he take them from me, and go on talking about film. (For you film geeks, this was a great conversation that led to QT cutting me a trailer of my five favorite bad movies, but for sake of some semblance of brevity, I will leave that aside for another day)

After a lengthy film discussion, Quentin suggests we head to bed, which is the point where I really start panicking. I have stalled for a good long time but the makeouts were really losing their appeal because you can only be sweated on so much, and we were getting closer to the moment of truth on whether I’d have to put out or not. The makeout continues for a while longer, and I’m really getting nervous about where the night may lead, kicking myself over not pretending to be more drunk and “passing out”, and wishing he’d turn the damn lights off so that he won’t notice that I’m wearing Hanes Her Way underwear the size of Canada that I bought at CVS that morning because my life is really just that sad and pathetic. We make out some more, there’s a little below the belt action that I try to avoid, as QT has the most unattractive penis I have ever seen (short. fat. nub-like. The chode of all chodes. Boys, those junior high pamphlets are lying when they say that all shapes and sizes are normal. Lying.) Just as I’m about to hyperventilate over the fact that he may try to put that horrific bodily implement anywhere near my Britney, he leans over and goes “Hey…”

I know this “Hey.” This is the “Hey, should I get a condom?” hey that accompanies 20 minutes of ungratifying sex. As I’m trying to rapidly think of ways I can agent myself out of this deal, I hear what is without a doubt, the strangest question in the history of my life. Quentin Tarantino asks, “Can I suck on your toes while I jerk off?” What. The. Fuck.

Many of you may have seen this coming, as his foot fetish is WELL documented, but for some of us who spend more time watching Kate Hudson than we do Quentin Tarantino, this was a huge shock. On top of that, I don’t even like weird sex habits! A saucy hookup for me is on the foot of the bed, instead of on a pillow. Someone tried to talk me into a threesome once and I cried for an hour. Having someone ask to fellate my feet while rubbing one out was a world I was not prepared for.

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I realized this just might be my get out of jail free card on the whole chode in vag issue. After some negotiations about how I would not partake in any of the hand job action were nailed down, I begrudgingly acquiesced. (And by begrudgingly, I realized I didn’t have to shtup the dude and said sure why not in about 0.03 seconds) And thus began the weirdest ten minutes of my life – having my feet made out with by an Oscar winning filmmaker while he pleasured himself. Truth be told, it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have to do anything (a nice bonus, since I am undoubtedly the laziest person in bed, which some of you can attest to), no bodily secretions were ejected anywhere near me or my feet (thank god, because I imagine it would feel like walking in sand with wet I fucking hate that), and just as I hoped, we went to bed right after.

In the morning, I snooped through Quentin’s belongings while he was in the bathroom and now know his e-mail address. He fooled around with my feet one more time (this time without asking, which I found rude), and then drove me back to Nicki’s apartment in Weho and that was that.

Most insane experience of my life, and without a doubt, probably the best story I will ever get to tell. Those of you who know me well know of my love of hyperbole, so I’m actually rather sad that I won’t get to use “best story ever!!!” when talking about how I scored a free topping at Yogurtland anymore, but I suppose for Quentin I can make an exception. I’ll try not to forget all of you little people when my feet and I make our meteoric race (foot pun intended) to the top of the A-List soon.

Till then, I’ve attached our photo booth photos for those of you who think I still just have a vivid imagination…and yes, he does look like Frankenstein.


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  1. the old guy

    I thought the story was pretty funny to read.

    I also thought that this whole thing was fake.

    Mostly because the writing style was very similar to QTs directorial style in a lot of his films: quirky, offbeat, a lot of miniscule details that don’t relate directly to the plot but are entertaining nonetheless. The whole time I was reading this I could picture QT sitting right next this gal telling her “OK. Now lets add the part where I …..”

  2. Dave

    So he has a foot fetish and a fetish for ugly girls, judging by those pictures

  3. SaladFace

    How is this news? QT sucked a girl’s toes in the middle of a club in Austin, TX in 2000 or 2001. He literally couldn’t take another second of it and just flung her flip-flop off and started sucking right there. There were hundreds of witnesses. QT is a toe-sucker. A shameless toe-sucker and if he wasn’t embarassed about doing it to Precious, why would this semi-attractive girl be a scuff on his resume?

    Toss me the Ranch dressing, I’ve got salads to tend to. Pftt!

  4. yawn

    how many times a day you think SHE reads her story…
    malicious attention whore

  5. Winters

    Three Questions:

    1) Why was she texting in the corner if her four friends were there?

    2) Why did she allow her friends to convince her to go to a party if all she was going to do was whine about it? (it’s pretty clear she decided ahead of time that she was going to refuse to have fun)

    3) How did a picture of a Yankees player call her a lesbian?

    • stratacat

      Three Answers:

      1) Because she’s an ugly cunt that no one wants to be seen with.

      2) Because she thought she would pawn her shitty screenplay off on a Hollywood somebody who might be there.

      3) The picture throws the ball to the capture. (She obviously hasn’t graduated from ESL yet.)

  6. WhatThe

    “After years of loneliness working in the video store (let’s face it, I still had the same face), I tried – unsuccessfully – to perform auto-fellatio to get off. It wasn’t until I realized my dick was the exact same shape, size and appearance of a woman’s big toe (when fully erect) that It dawned on me to take the easy way.”

  7. Rafe (pronounced "Ralph")

    Shah writes that Jamie Foxx asked QT if he was ready to roll “without acknowledging me,” and then says that after getting to QT’s house, “Jamie Foxx takes off with his lady friend (I try to say bye to him and he doesn’t even look at me. Jamie Foxx could not have given 2 shits who I was.”

    I’d say that Foxx’s lack of regard and respect for Shah and apparent refusal to even acknowledge her turned out to be well-deserved.

  8. FRAT. Dude likes toes.
    Live and let live.

    “…bodily implement anywhere near my Britney”
    “As I’m trying to rapidly think of ways I can agent myself out of this deal”

    Ugh.. she sounds like a laborious fucking headache anyway.

  9. Porter

    I still don’t see why they didn’t both realize that this was the *perfect* opportunity to get the K-Y janx on. She’s Indian, right? Friggin’ cinnamon and nutmeg have got to part of the repertoire. Sheesh.

  10. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Obviously he sobered up a little when he saw her naked, and decided to take the safe route.
    So he was damned stupid to pick up some fugly strange and bring it home, but he was smart to not fuck her.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Man, i just remember seeing this QT go on Leno a couple years ago, so obivously coked out of his mind that I asked my girlfriend how he was even let on air.

  12. Mai-Tai

    I would bang that chode any day. This chick sounds like a super-gold-digging-hater. Tarantino is BRILLIANT and this broad is a nobody! Next!!!

  13. erin

    It’s very telling that almost all of the commenters are angry at the cute girl that shunned the stub dicked douchebag. A lifetime of anger coming out online while typing from Mom’s basement.

    • Britney

      Don’t get mad at us just because you couldn’t even give your greasy vagisil-soaked ass away at homecoming you dull teenage cunt. Come back and try again when you get some life experience.

      • BE

        Let me just point out that your misanthropic, bitter and childish comments don’t make people think you have “life experience.” Feel free to seek out as many uncomfortable awkward sexual experiences as you can, but I’m beginning to think your experience is with air valves. Of course you wouldn’t understand a real girl being turned off across the board.

        No means no – whether you’re the juvenile posting here or some fading celebrity. Nothing of it guarantees you sex and I’ve yet to meet a women who think fetishes are “hot”. Similar to your porn collection, they may (or may not beO be tolerated but she’s not going to be bragging (if admitting to it at all) to her girl friends about a toe licker. That’s what makes this funny to girls.

        I hate to burst your (delusional) bubble, but QT or no QT – he was a double strike and she was answering for it to her girlfriends when it went viral. And believe me, she’s embarrassed.

      • hey

        Says the dumbass who made THE EXACT SAME COMMENT TWICE because he (I think youre a he…) couldn’t come up with something new to say. Lay off of the teen, and read a book. Also, I think that it’s pretty hypocritical for a fat virgin who spends five hours of his day trying to suck his own dick, two hours of his day jacking off to characters from comic books, and three hours of his day making identical comments on thesuperficial.com to get on some teenager’s back for not having life experience, don’t you?

      • BE

        Off HIS back. Sorry, but I don’t think I’ve replied to this little twerp before. If he’s EVER going to have a chance with a real girl, he needs to learn to shut his yap or at least get more respectful. Trashing like that pretty much guarantees, he won’t. Go ahead, let him think being an ass gets you ahead with women…Trust me, quiet gets you farther. Then we don’t have to explain you’re crappy mouths to our girl friends and justify being with you. Silence goes part of the way in making up for your shortcomings, if you know what I mean.

        Sorry guys, you’re upset but yes, you’ve caught us! Girls DO compare notes — but UNLIKE you not generally (aren’t you glad) on open posts like these. Yep we’ve figured out that you have fragile egos and we’re better to you than you are to us. Think of all your “is she hot or not” etc. sites that you’ve just gotta bray on.

        I read the superficial because it saves me time surfing and I used to work with all guys and hear it all the time. I have to say they were much classier and better thought out than “She’s ugly, she sucks! and she was lucky QT looked at her. How’s that for repetition? How many times do I have to read y’all think she’s ugly anyway? Like QT is a dreamboat? Personally, I’d say they were about a matched set which is how it usually works anyway.

        So what’s-her-face sent an email and it went viral. Big deal. My money says she sent it to her 15 friends simply because she was tired of explaining her crappy choices individually. Not to mention the heat once she fessed up to the friends that were there. Yes, a smarter girl would have kept her yap shut.

        And oh yeah, so sorry, not a guy, hence my sympathy for her. Most every gal whose dated for any amount of time eventually has a similar horror story where she gets into it and isn’t quite sure how she’s going to get out of it. If you’re lucky, there’s no witnesses. If you’re not, you’re going to be known as “toe suckin” girl like this poor ditz. Possibly she has just about as great a life as Monica Lewinsky ahead of her, huh? It’s that one stupid experience where you learn to avoid another one (although I’ve known a couple of repeaters).

        Which is why I’m pretty convinced it’s true. The vast majority of us just know better than to put it in writing…

      • Anna


    • Giotti

      BE writes, “Sorry guys, you’re upset but yes, you’ve caught us! Girls DO compare notes…”

      That girls compare notes has been common knowledge for decades (listen to the lyrics of some girl group oldies).

      “And oh yeah, so sorry, not a guy, hence my sympathy for her.”

      You keep apologizing for things that are of concern to no one but figures of your imagination.

      “How many times do I have to read y’all think she’s ugly anyway? Like QT is a dreamboat? Personally, I’d say they were about a matched set…”

      They’re “matched” if all we look at is how they look. Beyond that, BS is not even remotely close and never will be remotely close to being a match to QT (and gender isn’t relevant here – we could be talking about two guys, two girls, an accomplished female filmmaker and a male version of BS).

      The negative reaction many have to BS has nothing to do with concern about girls comparing notes, nor is it some guy thing.

      People react negatively to her because she operated in a mode of “bad faith” in relation to QT (e.g., the bit about her spotting a photo booth in QT’s home, burying the photo strips at the bottom of her purse, and finally circulating her privacy-violating story on the world wide web), that was not warranted by anything QT did.

      I imagine that when some people refer to her as “ugly,” they are not talking so much about her outer appearance as what’s inside.

      • BE

        Well at least READ the post that claims I’m a guy before you trash back.

        Yet another misanthrope, sigh!

        So let me get this straight. QT goes to a party, gets wasted, picks up a random female because he likes her feet, brings her home and asks to suck her toes while he masturbates and SHE’S ugly?

        What freak island do you live on anyway? Need to know so we never visit.

        And let’s be clear here. Talented (which is a relative opinion BTW) does not get you whatever you want or a get out jail free card on being a trolling pervert. Yes some gals don’t mind toe licking while others might be horrified.

        Hmmm – don’t you think QT should have given her a “heads up” about being off the beaten path with her BEFORE he brought her back to his place? That’s “bad faith” to the nth degree. Especially since she had to find another way home, if she walked out, huh? I’m not saying she didn’t make crappy choices here. But they both acted like losers.

        So, I stand by my equally matched. He’s a trolling perv and she’s exploiting his fame. Both were drunk.

        But of course, you stand up for HIM in this. You simply accept that he’s a Hollyweirdo sucking toes in public but his social status makes him completely OK while she’s the tramp, huh?

        Oh and let’s get this straight, she met a celebrity and took pictures with him. And he let her. How groundbreaking! What a bitch, huh? He didn’t say no, did he. After all, he has a PHOTO booth in his house – did ya miss that?

        Consider the heat she was getting before she left with him (girlfriends gagging motions). After the fact, can’t you see her trying to paint it as “I was in control” instead of just drunk and stupid? I’ve seen a couple of whoops like these with friends and believe me, she’s still taking the heat. Actually, we should slam “the friend” that sent it viral instead of sending it to the bit bucket where this story belonged.

        How often do guys justify their “ugly” behavior with “she got prettier the more I drank” And sorry – all the commentary like “Gandhi with a wig” simply can not be played as “ugly inside” Especially on a site called “The Superficial”

        What I do like about this site is that I DO see guys comment like they’ve got something going on other than being “haters” But the haters really latched on this one. Apparently because she acted JUST LIKE THEM. So sorry, I have no sympathy.

        It’s a viral world now – get used to it, so if you’re trying to trot your particular aberration below the radar on a regular basis – I suggest you prepare for being outed.

      • Giotti

        BE – BS went to QT’s house where they had a “lengthy film discussion,” during which time he cut BS a trailer of her “five favorite bad movies.” He then suggested that they go to bad, and at this point BS says she started “panicking.” And yet she continued to “make out” with him. Why? Did she feel threatened? Couldn’t she have just asked him to call her a cab?

        When he asked her if he could suck her toes (to me that’s gross but that’s neither here nor there), she again could’ve simply said no, but she didn’t and in fact says “it wasn’t so bad.” And while BS says that QT did fool around with her feet a second time without asking and that she considered this “rude” – as opposed to considering it a sexual assault – this happened after she rudely “snooped through Quentin’s belongings while he was in the bathroom.”

        Of course the photo booth in QT’s house is meant to be used, and of course he used it to take photos of BS and him! Why do you keep pointing out the obvious (“Girls DO compare notes”)? BS says that she buried the photo strips at the bottom of her purse, right? Why would she have done that if there was no problem at all with her and QT using the photo booth? Because she had an ulterior motive.

        QT may have thought about toe-sucking before asking BS to go home with him, but that’s a different kind of ulterior motive and a different order of “bad faith” than BS’s. Nothing that QT did – discussing film with BS, cutting her a trailer, making out with her with her consent and cooperation, and doing his kinky and IMO gross toes thing with her with her permission – was about harming another.

        BS, on the other hand, behaved harmfully toward another by making a private encounter public in the way she did.

        The fact that many – billions – of men are assholes who “often justify their ‘ugly’ behavior” doesn’t absolve BS of her ugly behavior in this particular situation.

        The fact that “It’s a viral world now,” as you say (“It’s a viral world now – get used to it”) is something BS should’ve considered before she wrote and sent her email to friends (if we assume that BS is telling the truth about how it went viral). She alone is responsible for this story going viral.

        And yes, you’re right that some comments about her being ugly are indeed about her outer appearance.

      • BE

        Hey Giotti – I’m not saying her motives were golden. I’m just saying that his were just as ugly. I cite the gal who’s toes he insisted upon publicly sucking in a bar. Not that I care about his proclivities. Not my cup of tea either. But such things do spring up. I once dated a guy with a foot fetish who was nice enough to let me know early on and I’m still fond of him. I also dated a guy who informed me of a 500 video plus porn collection early and I speak well of him. Because I knew before it got too far. Both are happily married to gals who didn’t mind it – so see being a stand up guy does work.

        If she WAS the experienced beauty (that everyone points out that she’s not), then maybe she would have had a a few more escapes up her sleeve for dealing with older guys on the make. He’s only about twice her age so I’m pretty sure his moves are pretty well refined whereas she call herself socially inept. In girl world, the fact her friends went as far as “gagging” to warn her is a huge tell on that she’s lacked judgement before. I’m guessing her full track record is something to behold.

        As I’ve stated she’s just another ditz learning the hard way (don’t put this crap in writing!). Does anyone honestly think this will somehow further her career or anything else. I’m sure her parents are so proud. So many people defending him and knocking her. The real culprit is the “friend” who viraled it…

      • Giotti

        Okay, BE, I hear where you’re coming from. Have a good weekend. :-)

      • BE

        Thanks Giotti – I appreciate the nod. Have a great Fourth!

  14. Butch Coolidge

    She’s not pretty at any rate . I think someone musta been drunk .

  15. Wesly Trent- Wainright

    While I am repulsed at the description of the failed and hideous attempt at sexual congress with the aforementioned foot , The young lady in question is indeed hideous to look at , much less contemplate a missionary – position coitus .

  16. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    ugh, butterface!!

  17. Christina

    This made for a cringe inducing read. I would certainly not circulate an email like this to anyone! This is the kind of memory that should be surpressed with shame not gabbed to any gossip mongerer that will listen. (And believe me I’ve had quite a few of these experiences, however salacious, I would not like to identify myself as having the starring role) Quentin Tarentino – massively famous, below average attractiveness (sorry, Quentin :/ ), above averagely talented? She would probably love to tell this to the first person who’d listen, unfortunately her email paints her as a dull and unattractive person inside and out. Because you know Jamie Foxxxx would have been all up in there if she was a looker.

  18. SimoneDeB

    Really? You’re all feeling sorry for the multi-millionaire Hollywood guy because he was mocked for his ‘short’comings? It’s just another example of entitlement and arrogance on his part that he thought he could pick up a girl at a party, take her home, expose his (harmless, though embarrassing) fetish to her, LET HER TAKE PICTURES with him – and it would not become public knowledge. There is a widespread attitude in LA that all of these guys are untouchable. I guess he was just one more who believed it.
    The only things that explain the posts here are 1)Quentin Tarantino is to men what Jennifer Aniston was to women (poor QT, so sad he was taken advantage of) and 2)you are all REALLY upset that size does matter

  19. jaime

    well there’s simply no way QT would fuck a girl so ugly, so that disproves the whole thing. everybody knows about his fetish so that’s not really “insider information”. As for his size, it’s easy to say it’s short, hard for him to prove it’s not, so that’s an asshole move by the girl.

  20. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, come on! She’s cute!

  21. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    He was obviously looking at her feet the entire time and never her face…

  22. Cuthbert

    This story is bullshit. Did you see the pics of the girl? No way could someone that ugly ever have sex (or any intimate moments). Even with standards as low as QTs.

    • SaladFace

      Clearly you don’t know QT’s standards. Without intentionally trying to insult some of the every day girls he has been seen with, let me provide you with some common characteristics:
      Moderate to masculine looking
      Obesese to morbidly obese (400 lbs or more)
      5’10 (with large feet)

      That QT has dated dainty starlets like Mira Sorvino is the exception. This is what turns him. And sucking toes. Men like what they like. Hugh Grant had whats-her-face-great-rack (Hurley?) and still did the hooker.

      If you don’t have low standards, then you’ve never been in love.

  23. shantesoufle

    Wow… These comments be az long ass the womens story makes my brain done hurt.

  24. wesao

    she`s ugly as the chode mention in the article, you get what you give, am i rite?

  25. Rock on

    I have two words for all the men on here who are foot stomping: waaaah, waah!

  26. the one

    this is exactly why we call him “The Sucker”, folks!!

  27. the one

    this is exactly why we call him “The S*cker”, folks!!

  28. the one

    psssssst: they’ve tried to amputate his entire face but the stuck half way.

  29. wim

    so this is why they call him “The Sucker”?

  30. the captain

    sh*t & pee on his face is much to polite, folks!!

  31. jump1551

    Beejoli Shah?….nasty! -then again, I guess QT is too….so…

  32. Gemma

    This is so funny. Guys can spend ages talking about exactly how they banged this and that chick and describe in detail what every part of her anatomy looks like with no consideration whatsoever of her privacy. Because thats “guy talk” and youre all allowed to publically hummiliate women you boned.

    But when a woman does the same thing, like this chick here, you all panic and go into hysterics with rage and fear. God forbid a woman should EVER talk about a man in the EXACT same way you guys talk about women.

    God fucking forbid.

    • Giotti

      Gemma, It’s gross when guys talk as you describe. And what Beejoli Shad did is gross. But I’ve read the same comments you’ve read and don’t see what you see, i.e., “you all panic and go into hysterics with rage and fear.” You might be talking about your own amygdala.

      • BE

        Really? Read DT below and then try to claim that guys aren’t freaked by it! So nice to have so much hate for someone you’ve only just read about…

      • Gemma

        Posting comment upon comment about her being a “cunt/whore/bitch” is rage and fear to me. Trying to self-defend through attacking and putting her down. And definetly hysterics.

      • Gemma

        As someone previously stated: All the guys here seem to be REALLY upset that size does matter.

    • Mr. Big

      I’m glad size matters to girls. Not sure how anyone could think size wouldn’t matter, though I get why average and below average sized guys might wish it were so.

  33. Brooke

    I have learned that guys with big egos do get turned on if you pretend you don’t have any interest in their band or whatever they do. “You guys are like living fossils with guitars” will get you quite far, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tarantino really did get a kick out of her attitude.

    The only part I’m having trouble believing in this story is that Tarantino is straight. I don’t know why, but ever since Pulp Fiction I’ve always thought he was gay.

    Also… wow, what a bitch. Tarantino wasn’t an asshole or anything (just full of himself), so she must be every bit the attention whore she says she is to spread this around. This is why celebrities don’t get seriously involved with “regular folk”.

    • BE

      I disagree that QT wasn’t an asshole. I’d bet QT has managed to suck on THOUSANDS of toes doing exactly what he did here. But, not divulging his fetish before ANY clothing came off makes him a jerk (IMHO it should have been said before they left the party). Obviously, QT chose not to because it lowered the odds of him getting some toes to suck on. I’d bet for him, it was just an another average weeknight experience.

  34. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Janet Pac
    Commented on this photo:

    Funny story. Smart girl. Knew exactly what she was doing and will get some notariety from this. Quentin must be a total idiot. Who breaks out the “I want to suck your toes and jerk off” card on a first meeting? Save that for the second date moron!

  35. DT

    I actually made myself read the entire fucking email. What a royally fucked up, selfish, catty, self centered, demon bitch whore from hell.

    I hate her. I hate her so much I hope she dies a slow, agonizing death in a car wreck on the 405 today. Seriously. It would make my day to see that shit on the evening news.

    No, wait! I want Uma Thurman to pluck this bitch’s eyes out, slice off her arms, then roll her down a hill onto a freeway where a dump truck filled with dog shit can run her ass over. And I want QT to film it and make it into a movie, “Kill Bitch Vol. 1″.

    Is this what women have become in the US of A? Is this what’s left???

  36. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the best he can do? Seriously? Hef’s working with ancient body parts that are falling off his body and even HE gets better ass. Hear that Quentin? A rotting corpse is getting better pussy than you.

    On a side note, you’d think a girl named beej would be more obliging.

  37. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Uncle Eccoli
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not buying it. I bet this bitch begged him to fuck her.

  38. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet her parents, Sanat and Darshna Shah of Cerritos, California, must be proud of her slut daughter!!

  39. bahlder

    Pretty sure this is worse than the holocaust.

  40. God is Black

    Wow will this posting beat the 251 comments of “http://www.thesuperficial.com/ryan-dunn-crash-bac-twice-legal-limit-06-2011?”
    Oh ,yes I am being racist as Beejoli Shah is truly the fucken ugliest Indian female I have seen in a long , long time! QT, you couldn’t invite Miss India from the Miss Universe contest? Seriously if she returns to India, the chances of her being killed out of honour, “Honour killings” are like 99%! Irony is that if she was educated in India, her desire to be a media whore would have been more unlikely. Oh ppl gross out on the foot fetish? Which culture wrote the Kama Sutra and have you visited any Hindu Temples in India? All depict men and women in sexual positions one could only do if they were a Yoga instructor!

  41. duh

    the funny thing is this website is all about commenting on the size of women’s body parts, and no one would think twice about a man saying a woman’s breasts are large or small, but one girl says one guy’s dick is short and she gets called every name in the book. He has a small dick, folks. And it’s funny. Get over it. Saying it doesn’t make her a bad person.

    • God is Black

      Really? 95% of men have an average or small dick? So what? Doesn’t change the fact she is really ,really, fucking UGLY and an insecure media whore! Who sends 15 emails to friends, one who probably sent out to the Internet about her sexual encounters? What has happen to sexual discretion/privacy ,and simply taking to your friends about it word of mouth or phone?

  42. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    Interesting story i don’t have a fuckin clue how/why i read this but hey ho fuck it, anyway my verdict is that she begged QT to fuck her and he turned the biatch dowwwnnnnn haha but she wanted to tell the story so much just made out as if she proper never wanted to fuck him lol

  43. Quentin Tarantino Beejoli Shah Photo Booth
    Commented on this photo:

    Please. What’s with the rude comments ~ jealous? Obviously this girl is stunning! And she has a million-dollar smile. QT ain’t no great shakes but just because he’s a big-shot celebrity he no doubt kisses on the most attractive girls around and that includes her! Put your ignorant comments away!

  44. Mike D

    It’s sad you not only revealed an intimate encounter like this that was private between the two of you, but to then make fun of his genatalia shows a serious lack of manners. Karma is a b*tch…

    and as you sit in your superiority just remember you went home with a guy you admittedly find disgusting and engaged in sex with him simply because he is famous, doesn’t say much about you.

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