Queen Latifah in a swimsuit = jolly!

June 3rd, 2008 // 228 Comments

Upholding my never-ending quest to post bikini pictures of the stars, here’s shots of Queen Latifah in Miami enjoying some aquatic activities. As a boob-lover, all I can say is DAMN! Where do the breasts end and the woman begin? But, seriously, I really want to know. I’ve been staring at these pics for hours and I’m totally lost. Okay, that’s a thigh. Or is it an arm? Wait, I’m looking at manatee pictures. How’d these get mixed in? Geekologist!


  1. cltsig

    I’d slide up in that…

  2. Joanne

    I went back to the main page and I WAS NEARLY BLINDED.

    There should be a law against putting these anywhere where anyone, ever, may see them – except maybe the Kim thread where people are saying Kim is fat. If she’s fat, what does that make this?

  3. D4P

    Looks like Kim Kardashian’s been getting too much sun…

  4. Randal

    Man I’d hit that myself. She is a Queen to the Earth this one and I just so adore her curves!


  5. Igottabemeeee

    My son recently informed me that old fat women are bound by common courtesy to not wear bikinis in public. It is a one-piece or shorts. She has abandoned her obligations to her fellow human beings.

  6. Joliet Jake

    Thank Christ that’s NOT a bikini. Flapjack tits AND a beer gut would be too much to handle.

  7. KT

    Umm, The Superficial Writer, that’s not a BIKINI! That’s a one-piece!

  8. Alexa

    Regardless of how unflattering it is, it’s not a freaking bikini, Superficial writer, it’s a bathing suit.

  9. roshaa

    Be careful…she could kill all of you with just her thighs!!

  10. Tommy Sneakers

    Save the whales

  11. yukadoozer

    Mama pleazzze. Ms. Love-Hewitt was plenty.

  12. nipolian

    That must of been one helluva good salesman that sold her that raft.

  13. Randal

    Does anyone see past her body?

    Look at the smile on her face, she’s obviously enjoying herself and is comfortable in her own skin, a BIG PLUS in my book.

    Nice to see her out of the hood and enjoying the sun.


  14. This woman is a goddess. There’s some extra to love, but she is a fine woman and she has a lot of amazing talent. I love her smile. You go queen!

  15. zuzuspetals

    She’s fucking gorgeous and most of the swine who post here aren’t worthy to look at her. She’s so much more interesting and beautiful than the stupid bitches usually posted on this site.

  16. mrs.t

    I have never, and will never defend a celeb on this site….EXCEPT for Queen Latifah.

    U-N-I-T-Y!!!! She’s a brown ray of sunshine.

  17. Lacey

    I think it’s great that she’s out there having fun, confidently defying the hollywood beauty standard. that’s beautiful!

  18. MzL

    To hell with all of you with negative comments….. Burn in hell all of you. This woman is drop dead beautiful with a beautiful body. This is what a real woman looks like. She’s confident, amazingly talented and has a good attitude about herself and carries herself with alot of respect. Who the hell are any of you to say “thank God that’s not a bikini” and calling her fat. F@ck all you bony bag looking skanks and all you men who prefer a piece of bone like Paris Hilton or any of them other bony actresses….. Dana Owens, you’re beautiful and thank you for being a positive role model to all women….. Skinny or not

  19. steph

    Some of you are completely pathetic IMO just because she isn’t a size 0 with fake boobs. Doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful. Just because she’s bigger than your average celebrity, doesn’t mean that she can’t go out in a swim suit. Get over yourselves not everyone needs to look like a freaking barbie doll .Bigger is beautiful I’m sick of woman who think they need to be that small to be accepted. Queen Latifah is a beautiful woman. And I don’t care if I get bashed for writing this.

  20. coffeebean

    To all of you talking about how great she is, all I see when I look at her is a great big FAT piece of gorilla shit.

  21. Jackson

    It looks like Kim Kardaskank has some serious competition because Latifah does not cover her behind at the beach.

  22. nipolian

    “I think it’s great that she’s out there having fun, confidently defying the hollywood beauty standard”

    The only thing she is defying are the principles of buoyancy if she manages to actually float on that raft.

  23. Forrest Fordutreese

    That inflatable raft is not U.S. Coast Guard approved as a safe flotation device. I hope she is a good swimmer.

  24. Gia

    I like Latifah because she is comfortable in her skin. She does not Photoshop her pictures and claim to be an hourglass hottie like Kim Kardasshian.

  25. mcguffin

    Why did you do this?!!? Why?!!? I was eating!!

  26. Auntie Kryst

    Covergirl!! Seriously no bullshit, cover, girl.

  27. What??? That’s not gonna hold her!!

  28. free lily

    Somebody harpoon that whale!!!

  29. mcnasty


  30. Denny Hatherly

    She’s a size…. lard ass!

  31. Jamie's Uterus

    Was she with a chick? The lesbo rumors still continue with this one.

    I never liked her, she’s a big fat ass (as we see here) phoney!

    Also, she’s on Jenny Craig, but not a lot of improvement I see…….

  32. CL

    Q is a beautiful woman. let her wear a swim suit and enjoy a little sun and sand!

  33. I hate it when I go to the beach and see a GIANT DUMP floating in the water.

  34. Crystal

    FINALLY a real woman…no skinny bitches allowed!

  35. whoa!

    she’s a whoooooole lot of woman!

  36. Jason

    Dear Superficial writer:

    This is not funny.

    Devoted Superficial reader.

    P.S. Please don’t do this again.

  37. Hey_Dude

    I’d screw her until she couldn’t move…

  38. Deva

    Ok I thought I saw Will Smith throwing her back into the ocean in his latest movie? People never learn.

  39. Babalu

    I thought that was Kim for a second…

  40. what a fatty

    All the fat chicks are defending her ginormousness only because it makes them feel more self-assured.

  41. layla

    leave her alone! she’s proud of who she is and that makes her way more beautiful and admirable than plastic surgery skanks like heidi.

  42. 3 strikes and you're out

    1. Black
    2. Fat
    3. Lesbian

  43. r2

    hey at least she has less cellulite than mischa barton as skinny as that talentless biatch is :P

  44. britney's weave

    for all those commending her and her size, fine, i won’t touch it. what i will yell at is the fact that she’s still in the closet (along with clay gaykin and sort-of jodie foster). she ought to be as proud of her orientation as she is of her body.

    the end.

  45. Joe

    She’s a lot richer than I’ll ever be. That must count for something.

  46. Will

    I do not have the heart to make fun of Queen Latifah because she has good character unlike Kim Kardashian.

  47. veggi

    “she ought to be as proud of her orientation as she is of her body.”

    I agree (assuming you mean, zero pride).

  48. aww fuckers fuck off. she’s gorgeous.

  49. Rick

    She’s a big beautiful black woman. Meaning, as always, you’d never even look at her if a moderately un-fat, moderately un-ugly white women was in the room.

  50. genital

    She doesn’t give a fuck and that’s AWESOME!!!

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