Queen Latifah doesn’t like her swimsuit

March 22nd, 2007 // 275 Comments






  1. crazyotto

    not first…..I use to buy crack off this dyke in ’89 on some street corner in East Orange,NJ

  2. Emma Peele


    Oh yeah: Mooooooo!

  3. Emma Peele

    Dang. Second.

  4. I’d rather have her in my bed then so many of the skinny personalities on this site.

  5. woodhorse

    Danielle! You’re cute but don’t pick your wedgie in public.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    *In Jacques Costeau voice*

    Ze ghetto whale is one of nature’s biggest creatures.

  7. RichPort

    Genetic diversity is a wonderful thing. It enhances our cultural, intellectual and athletic endeavors, and provides the species with an insurance policy against extinction.

    That said, evolution is a process of trial and error, sometimes failing in spectacular fashion, as evidenced by this big, fat slab of hog.

    Oh, and the “real” RichPort, though decidedly gay, has been known on occasion to rapidly copulate with extraordinarily large ovulating black women, purely for reproduction. True story.

  8. Quick, somebody grab a harpoon!

  9. Joeybillip

    Please can someone push this beached whale back into the sea?

  10. alaskanchicsickle

    If only I could get my thighs to look so spectacular!

  11. HelloKristen

    I don’t know you guys, her thighs are a lot less cottage cheesey then I’d have expected. I gotta give her props for that.

  12. slipangle

    WOW imagine how scared those poor fish were when they saw THAT snorkeling in their neighborhood!

  13. leezastudio

    In the picture where she has her hand around her ass region, she is actually looking for that fish that swem up her ass, “damn, where did my lunch go” she seems to ponder

  14. rrd

    She’s just clowning around, right? I mean she can’t be that dumb to reveal that she is truly a miserable fat bitch instead of the persona she parades on teh red carpet and elsewhere.

  15. jrzmommy

    She looks SO ghetto in that first picture! HAHA! I love it! She’s cool though. AND she’s a jersey girl!

  16. p911gt10c

    Forget the pap, she should just be thankful she didn’t get caught in the nets.

  17. Outta the way behemoth.

  18. If I was that size, I wouldn’t want my photo’ taken, either.

  19. Dece

    I think she is one of the few beautiful bigger actresses out there. She is very talented and if the only thing people can find to look down on her is her size, then i belive she pretty accomplished.

  20. elizabeththewellread

    Hey, fat ladies deserve to vacation, too. I like QL, even if this picture is totally unfortunate.

    #4-Did you actually write “coon”? That’s not funny, it’s just racist.


    That’s a HUGE bitch …

  22. bungoone

    just like to point out that you wouldn’t have to see unsavory photos like this if the paparazzi weren’t bothering people on their vacations. i would be pissed too!

  23. artmonkey3000

    Stop eating so many sandwiches!

  24. leezastudio

    (In a Trump voice) SHE”S HUUUUUUUUGE

  25. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    And they say that Tsunamis are caused by CLIMATE CHANGE….

  26. Captain Walleye

    #16 – When you say she’s a Jersey Girl you mean she’s as big and New Jersey, right?

  27. roflynsolo

    You know Queen Latifah may be a little more full-figured than the average star, I mean seriously these women are walking around skeleton thin. I agree that she would look more beautiful if she just smiled and went with the flow, but hell I’m not a celebrity and ordinary people get on my nevers just by virtue of existing in the same world as me. So I can see how being scutinized and stalked by the paparazzi can really piss a person off. Actually, I applaud Queen for not giving in to becoming the status quo, these girls out here that are masquerading as stars are just twigs with huge fake boobs, that

  28. DrPhowstus

    Well, we can at least say she’s bouyant.


    @8 — What’s the deal with “richport”? You seem a bit obsessed. You’re reasonably funny without the fixation.

  29. DrPhowstus

    Now that I think of it, looking at Nicole Richie then getting a panoramic of Dana Owens here is quite the before and after example.

  30. rhnee

    I think she looks good to be her size. She is thick but dang, Nicole Richie and the freakin Olsen twins look horrid compared to her. also… #4 c’mon, grow up- coon women? Get a life and a brain… that is just ignorant!

  31. jrzmommy

    #4 is our resident retarded David Duke. You’ll have to just excuse him.

  32. ya gotta not mess with the queen, she’s all woman and she’s got more class in that middle finger than most of the people on your site :)

    she isn’t caught up in that bullshit of what other people think, which is precisely what is wrong with all the other skanks.

  33. Poroleishon

    Queen Latifah rules!!! I bet we

  34. I agree with what some of the other folks here are saying – Queen Latifa’s awesome. I never listened to her music back in the day, and I have no plan to, but she makes good movies so I give her props.

  35. crestlin

    i really don’t care that she’s overweight. she’s freakin’ hilarious and very talented.

  36. Jiimbo

    I like Queen Latifah. She does not pretend to be anything other than a street girl. Although, that picture of her pulling her bathing suite out of her ass, that is priceless!!! Or was that where Brittney’s dog was hidding??

  37. So the Kim Kardashian video after much deliberation is now OUT! available ON the internet. Of course I am the first person to say

  38. BarbadoSlim

    kim kamwhoistmacaller is not a celebrity #38.

  39. julyper

    she’s somehow kinda cute.

  40. WD-40

    *knock* *knock*

    Who is it?



    ….uh….cable man….

    I didn’t order cable.

    …..queen latifa……..

    Oh, ok.


  41. caljenna

    So she’s a big woman, so what, she still has more money than I’ll ever see! But missy needs to work on her ‘finger’ gesture…she aint very good at it and the second picture looks like her ring finger!

  42. reluctant

    i can’t believe i’m doing this, since i vowed not to give too much energy to sites like this, but i cannot help myself.

    i can take all the comments you make about people being too fat or too skinny or too slutty or whatever, BUT:

    the fourth poster in this list of comments includes a blatant racist slur, and you absolutely must remove it. if you’re going to allow comments on your site, you need to at least review them periodically to make sure that garbage like this doesn’t stay up. otherwise, you are complicit.

    thank you.

  43. NipsyHustle

    i agree with her. fuck you, paparazzi. she’s not giving up red lobster for nobody. those cheese biscuits are dynamite!!!!

  44. veggi

    I got something to lift your spirits. It’s real nice. Got it at Target. It was on sale.

    BTW, go QL!

  45. wedgeone

    #7 – laughing so hard now that I’m wheezing.
    #8 – {yawn} … zzzzzzz ….
    #33 – if QL isn’t “caught up in that bullshit of what other people think”, then why would she even acknowledge the papaz by flipping them off? Wouldn’t the correct response have been to not respond at all?

    I’m on the side of the majority here who would much rather see QL, Phoebe Cates, or Tyra Banks than the emaciated Olsen twins or Nicole Ritchie. That being said – please start a workout regimen, QL, for the sake of your health! You can afford it!

  46. NipsyHustle


    newsflash—no matter what the occassion, there will always be a racist comment when the post is about a person of color. you know why? because making racist comments are the easiest way to get someone to comment on your post. and racists are some of the biggest attention whores on the planet. it’s like my kindergarten teacher said “if you really hate someone, why spend all your time talking about them?” #4 does this all the time because frankly it’s all he/she/it has to offer.

    so lesson learned, ignore people who are offensive. they aren’t witty or clever enough to post anything of real substance so they rely on the jackass method of getting attention. it’s really sad but censorship isn’t the way to go. people have a right to be idiots and you have the right to ignore them.

  47. danielle


    Fuck You…..

  48. MrSemprini

    Y’all know me. Know how I earn a livin’. I’ll catch this bird for you, but it ain’t gonna be easy. Bad fish! Not like going down to the pond and chasing bluegills and tommycod. This skank, swallow ya whole. Little shakin’, little tenderizin’, down you go. And we gotta do it quick, that’ll bring back the tourists, that’ll put all your businesses on a payin’ basis. But it’s not gonna be pleasant! I value my neck a lot more than three thousand bucks, chief. I’ll find her for three, but I’ll catch her, and mount her, for ten. But you’ve gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter. I don’t want no volunteers, I don’t want no mates, there’s too many captains on this island. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole dang thing.

  49. PapaHotNuts

    “AND she’s a jersey girl!”

    I think most people assumed that as soon as the pictures loaded.

  50. Jiimbo

    What did you get at Taget?

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