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April 8th, 2010 // 107 Comments


Getting ready to add a fresh coat of paint to the site and since this is your home away from legitimately earning a paycheck, I wanted everyone’s opinion before I just airbrush some unicorns punching a bear over the whole thing and call it a day.

Click Here For a Quick Survey that manages to equate web design with vaginal landscaping. True story.

- TheSuperficial

UPDATE: Looks like the survey is broken and kicking out the exact people I actually want feedback from. Huge thanks for the e-mails and comments. In the meantime, I’m going to see how hard you can hit a survey with a hammer to make it work. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. josette

    you got it fish. =]

  2. hootenany

    Your survey doesn’t work.

  3. BunnyGirl

    :( i tried doing this survey but there were a lot of glitches, like the one about me not coming to the site enough to participate, even tho i checked that i come 10 + times a week…. and the 1-5 of importance didnt work too well either. i love the site, dont change it too much!!! <3

  4. darwyn4

    fix the survey, goddamit! :D

  5. Your survey doesn’t work. It allows only one check mark per column when it should be one per row and unlimited per column.

  6. AO

    Yeah, I’m sorry that I went through the whole process of completing the survey only to find that I guess I’m not a regular visitor, even though I visit 3-4 times a day… I guess if you want your survey to count, say that you visit every hour on the hour. Annoying.

  7. emw1

    Your survey is not working very well. It wouldn’t allow me to answer the rated questions 1-5. I also checked that I come to the site 10 times a week, and it wasn’t good enough to participate in the survey. I do love the site!

  8. Mel

    Why am I offended that it said I didn’t come to the site enough to complete the survey? I’ve been reading this site every day for the last five or six years. WTF, Superficial.

  9. sparklysocks

    Your survey is fucked up. I visit 3 times a day and your stupid survey is telling me that I’m not a regular. Screw you

  10. Trillian

    If this survey has any likeness to your idea of vaginal landscaping, well that would explain a lot …. nothing works there :-)

  11. meghan

    the survey doesn’t work and kicked me out because 1-2 times a day is not a frequent enough visitor. WTF?

  12. Amber

    There’s a problem with the survey. The section where you rate how important each of the categories is, you can only check “important” once, “not that important” once, and so one. So you can only answer 4 questions.

  13. rebecca

    ha i never comment and i was just actually offended b/c it said it was only looking for frequent visitors after i did it…glad to c it was only me considering this is one of my quick links in my toolbar and i check it all day long! take that survey off lol

  14. rebecca

    ha i never comment and i was just actually offended b/c it said it was only looking for frequent visitors after i did it…glad to c it wasnt only me considering this is one of my quick links in my toolbar and i check it all day long! take that survey off lol

  15. Anonymouse

    As reported by other users, I visit more than 10 times per week but I got this on completion : “Thank you for starting the survey, but we’re looking for frequent visitors to complete the questionnaire.” I’m sure I didn’t start the survey, and more than 10 times a week is pretty frequent considering this isn’t Google =D

    Also, on a scale of 1-5 doesn’t work. Firstly, there is no scale, only 4 checkboxes. Secondly, you can’t rate everything in that question because you can’t choose the same checkbox twice (e.g. I checked Very Important for funny writing, but then when I went to check Very Important for Easy to Use Website too the checkmark disappeared from Funny Writing).

    SurveyMonkey needs more breasts/bikinis and less bugs tbh.

  16. Misanthrope

    What those guys said.

  17. aec

    question number 2 didn’t work correctly.

  18. 1.21 Gigawatts

    What #15 said. I guess 10 times per week isn’t often enough. :/

  19. Squirrel

    Broken survey, and won’t allow submission due to infrequency of visits.

  20. KWDragon

    Same as above.

    I visit 3-5 times a day, but it is never enough for you, is it?

    Perhaps if I checked the box that said, “I go to The Superficial more often than Tiger Woods goes to…”

    OW! Elin! Cut it out! Put that 3 iron down! I was just kiddi

    *remaining post censored due to graphic content*

  21. Egl

    Same as above! I took the time to answer for nothing! :(

  22. justifiable

    Hey, how come there are still big pink stars all over the survey? Kidding, kidding…. Same problem with question #2 that everyone else has.

    I like the site just fine as it is, but I really want a section that actively solicits a contract hit on Spencer Pratt.

  23. Kb

    I literally go to the site every hour as a mental-work break. Ditto to above comments on being slightly offended by a web robot. Suckage.

  24. Blake

    Survey doesn’t work, like everyone else it tells me that I don’t visit the site enough, even though I visit more than 10-15 times a week. Also the question which ask you to rate 1-5 doesn’t work.

    Thank you, Please Try Again:)

  25. Candy

    I love the superficial! Don’t change a lot… And I wish I could answer your survey, but it’s not working… Sorry.

  26. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    Has anyone mentioned that your survey isn’t working worth shit…???

  27. Justin

    Survey isn’t working very well, let me know when it’s fixed and i’ll take it again.

  28. Rasputins Liver



    Fish, I’ve always liked the site, the commentary and the photos, especially the large photos. This site is in the my top three most trafficked posting sites along with Slate.com’s Fray forum and Huffington Post’s site.

    As I say, I’ve always liked coming on here. And the ability to comment on the various stories is good. But it can be better in that aside from the stories’ user comments there should be a USER FORUM added for those who wish to continue a discussion, engage on OT discussion and generally “get together”. There seems to be quite a few regulars who likely would appreciate being able to meet and carry on chatting about a story, or this and that.

    Personally, although I like t make commentary myself, most of the fun I get is from reading others’ posts. And especially the ones in which people respond back and forth. A…USER FORUM…would enhance that and likely make this site a much more higher trafficked site.

    If I may, I would urge you to take a look at Slate.com’s “The Fray” site. Specifically the “Ballot Box” fray which is the highest traffic and moves along quite vigorously and with genuine freedom of speech. I’ve posted there, under the same handle I use here, on the BB, or Bastard Box, as it’s variously known among regulars, since 1997 when that particular fray was initiated.

    It allows for people to not only post but also to hyperlink and post (by accident as this was not intended by Slate, but is a by-product on having HTML capabilities in their programming) images.

    Here is the link to that specific fray….

    Slate’s Ballot Box Fray: http://fray.slate.com/discuss/forums/31971/ShowForum.aspx

    Please take time to look at and examine the Slate forum as it is one of the very best in forum construction. Please consider a user forum section. I think this site would benefit immensely and yur traffic would be boosted with such an option.

    Thanks for asking all of us our thoughts and suggestions, Fishy.



  29. savannah

    The survey doesn’t work and it insults everyone that frequents the site by claiming they don’t. SurveyMonkey owes you guys a refund.

  30. caroline

    I LOVE this site but this surveys broken (obvi). So just wanted to let you know its awesome and I hope you put bears punching unicorns.

  31. Douchy

    You can start tweaking the site with your stupid survey. Although it isn’t the first time today I was told I don’t come often enough.

  32. Laura

    Super glitchy. Come on SW – get on the ball. Survey Monkey is EASY. Let me know if you want me to put something together for you.

    And really, “Every hour on the hour because I’m awesome” isn’t frequently enough?

  33. Kyle

    I started coming here probably two years ago but have noticed an unattractive amount of bias against republicans and the way they think. I’m not a republican if you were wondering, but I simply find it unnecessary to make any political commentary here.

    Also, the “wit” of this site seems to have been replaced by general nastiness and snark and the focus on bikini pics kind of makes me wish there was a filter.

    I initially came here because I enjoyed the celebrity lampooning humor, but over the course of the last 6-12 months it seems to have become far to liberal biased and preachy.

    For instance, I’d say a full 90% of the Carrie Prejean coverage was nothing but bashing her and Christians in general with very little wit attached.

    Then there was the Kirk Cameron stuff that wasn’t funny at all, nor was it worth even covering. It’s obvious the writer of this site has an agenda against Christianity, but given how shallow of a site this is, and how nobody’s going to take their opinion seriously, I don’t think this is the place to share their political and religious thoughts.

    Keep it fun and light and I’ll keep coming.

  34. Bamboo Jones

    As a man, I always feel like I have to sneak The Superficial. The color scheme get’s me constant side eye from sneaky Petes. Butch it up a little. Oh, and your survey hugs root.

  35. havoc

    WTF? I said I come here every hour on the hour and it says “Sorry, we’re looking for more frequent visitors to complete the survey.”


    Nothing like clean, usable data.


  36. SSM

    Same as others are saying – I put that I check the site every hour on the hour (sad but probably true) and it told me I was not enough of a regular to submit the survey and has now locked me out.

    Also, the “rate the items on importance” part doesn’t work. You can only check off 1 item in each column and if you try to do more, it erases your other answers.

  37. donna utecht

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  38. donna utecht

    take a look at http://wonderwall.msn.com for some design ideas.

  39. Deacon Jones

    The only thing I would recommend is a virtual teen cheerleader that would come out of the computer screen and give head every time you enter the site.

  40. I wanted to be the very first person to point out your survey has herpes and doesn’t work. Now where are the Brooke updates? I need pics of that leather, godammit.

  41. Craig

    @Kyle: Your comment was a textbook case of CONSERVATIVE bias and preachiness. Was this an attempt to balance out?

  42. Perhaps you should post a survey on how your survey could be improved.

  43. Kat

    I took the time to go through the entire questionnaire only to be told I don’t come here enough to participate – and I answered the first question by saying I check in every hour on the hour!

    Otherwise, I am in total agreement with Kyle #35 above. Enough already with the Christian bashing. We get it, you’re not a believer, and you make yourself look quite foolish to those of us who know Him. I’ve been coming to this site for several years now, and it originally contained some very, very funny commentary, current celeb news, not overun with bikini stuff. So, it has lost something – not sure if it’s a new write or what, but definitely not as enjoyable as it once was.

  44. Shannon

    Bug report: the one question where I was asked to rate “not at all” et. al. did not allow me to answer each individual question.

  45. JesseJimmy

    Survey: FAIL.

    Hire some new monkeys. Fire the prior monkeys. And make sure it works before you onload it on your easily pissed-off readership.

  46. rebecca

    woops didnt meant to post that 3 times my bad

  47. Continue with the Christian Bashing, it’s ridiculous and part of why the site works.

    Also, why aren’t I eligable to take part of the quiz? I subscribe to each RSS link and read every single article. It’s just that I only visit the site on the ones which stand out to me. (Which is actually quite a few.)

  48. Staggart

    Dude…. Not sure if you heard, but the survey isn’t working. Thought someone should tell you, glad I could be the first…. Er fiftieth. It’s all the same right? Right?!?

  49. Sport

    reading the comments tells Me you need to rip on jesus more. Have a sense of humor You people.

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