Pussycat Dolls unveil new video, Britney not included

June 17th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Britney Spears filmed a cameo for the new Pussycat Dolls video “When I Grow Up,” but her part was quietly axed before the debut over the weekend. To be honest, I’m not really sure why Britney was included in the first place. The video showcases the Dolls’ peak physical fitness, proficient choreography and ability to respond to verbal interaction. So basically everything that Britney Spears is not. Unless choreography is code for “I love Wendy’s Baconator.”

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  1. trumper

    I would love to give her a tongue bath

  2. Robert

    What a ^%$&$%$ woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The magazine SEEKING GOSSIP reported her joined the beautiful women for wealthy men personals site “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” and she is mentioned to find her sugar boy there! the magazine foolx she??????? ?????or fools us????

  3. Randal

    Good morning everyone!

    If Britney Spears is not included in the video, then this video is going to be a big flop, regardless of the fact the Pussycat Dolls are one of the best female group acts around today.

    Perhaps it’s a good thing anyhow, as more focus can be brought toward Britney not getting charged for running over a paparazzo’s foot. Indeed, it is his own fault.


  4. I love Nicole! she is awesome!! I want to be just like her!!!! (with blue eyes!!!)

    Britney suxs… she is better off… so, does she really think she can be a Doll?!

  5. mycroft

    Mad Max Trannys

  6. tad69

    oh gawd… is this a post-spice girls “riot grrl” band? lol… jeez… thankfully, they’re easy on the eyes.

  7. ew

    @ 5

  8. Ted from LA

    These people look really stupid. It looks like a bad 1980s video choreographed by Paula Abdul and the Gloved One. They should get a job where they can actually do something positive for society… like working at Walmart or doing porn (was that redundant?).

  9. caitie

    Wow. I’m so proud of my gender right now.

  10. Lola

    Nicole is freaking hot….. Her body is amazing. Not so sure about her talents but whatever…. Britney Spears NOT being in the video will have little to no effect at all. I mean what difference would it make for her to be in there? This is the same person who tried to make a comback and flopped big time in front of an audience of her peers. So I’m sure no one will miss her in the Pussycat Dolls’ vidoe or even care one bit

  11. mimi

    Fish Head SUKS go eat GUTZ!

    Dolls have fame but they’re are Lame!

    Britney ROCKS!

  12. mimi

    Fish Head SUKS go eat GUTZ!

    Dolls have fame but they’re Lame!

    Britney ROCKS!

  13. English Bob

    Nicole Scherzinger is the hottest woman you’ve put up on this site for a while, do us all a favour and put all the dolls up in the ‘So Freaking Hot’ section, and then you can get rid of the ‘Tards, crackheads, prego’s, BBW’s and Montag’s…….Thanks.

    As an after thought the ‘Montag’s’ makes it sound like there’s more than one of them….Oooohhh, horrible thought…

  14. You know, if my girlfriend was hot like her I’d probably trade her in for a new girlfriend. They are scarier then Scary Spice and Robo Spice.

  15. All though, I do concur with their wanting boobies sentiment.

  16. havoc




  17. Randal

    #3, why do you continue to troll under the guise of me? I suppose that’s what happens when you achieve greatness.

    To the rest of the readers,

    Never forget that Briney’s problems are her own doing. Eventually, she’s
    going to have to be accountable for them, and when that happens, she’ll
    give Kevin everything he ever wanted. He was Dad of the Year, right. Britney,
    you need to face facts that your days of wanton behavior are gone. Time’s
    up. You know when you’ll be able to party like that again?


    Going to extremes may seem like grand fun, but you’ll find that it’s about
    to destroy any shed of a career you have left. You don’t need custody:
    Let Kevin take care of things for now. The most important thing is for
    you to relax and recover. You may be feeling better, but trust us, go lie
    down and sleep. Alone.

  18. Funny, I can’t name one other Pussycat Doll, and I can’t even pronounce Nicole Sckasjdhsjkalgcg’s last name… she will not age well.

  19. Randal

    I do not appreciate all the trolls here today. What is the joy in imitating someone else? Be yourselves and sieze the day!
    Britney did not need this act. They will regret her not being there. Her star will shine elsewhere and will continue to through most of this century. She will not be forgotten by her faithful and I cry “Go Britney, go girl”. We all love you and are pulling for you.


  20. MotoXGirl

    Some more fitting names would be: “Junkyard Dolls”, Or “Homeless People on the Street Dolls” and “Thrift Shop Reject Dolls. Eww. What are they anyway? I am way too judgemental to watch whatever video is posted. I think it’s all bad.

  21. MotoXGirl

    P.S. Number 8 you read my mind!!!

  22. Alright, I gave it a chance.

    Melodically, this song is an absolute boring mess. The lyrics were decent.

    but who cares? right? hot chicks. hot chicks dressing like sluts totally pandering to the male demographic and yet trying to push a contradictory “girl power” message.

    I just don’t understand why this group is together when none of them dance or sing anything contributory aside from nicole.

    Just give the bitch her own career and throw the rest of these no-talent skanks to the curb already.

  23. The Real Randal

    mmmgh guh thhhht I am really thhht guk getting upset now (mouth absolutely drooling semen, dripping from nose, ass, chest, you name it). Spakh thagh (quite the clot of elder sperm from dental cavites are ejected along with sinus globs) I am starting to think I am not appreciated here anymore (sits back down on his “Big Dong” mounted chair, crossing shaved legs. More oozing now from anus)
    Sweetys, Britney will always have a place next to my heart and her premiere Daddy K-Fed will woo her back to sanity one day or I am not the Pink Unicorn!

    The Real Randal

  24. CaptainInsano

    #19: I am going to find you, shove your pink sneakers down your throat, and cut those rainbows right out of you.

  25. Waabaaboo

    That dark one is really ugly. What do people see in her?

  26. Lulu

    that’s by far the most idiotic video song and lyrics of pussycat dolls so far

  27. p0nk

    pussycat dolls? i thought this was a Poison reunion.

  28. Nicole is fine! what you talkin bout?

  29. Chiko Chevere

    “the BACONATOR”?! Did Perez Hilton kidnap the usual witty writer here? Wow, that comment was SO 2007 and… dumb! Late! Retarted. I’m so disappointed in The Superficial right now. Guess there’s a first time for everything. Hope it’s not the beginning of the end….

  30. Chiko Chevere

    “the BACONATOR”?! Did Perez Hilton kidnap the usual witty writer here? Wow, that comment was SO 2007 and… dumb! Late! Retarted. I’m so disappointed in The Superficial right now. Guess there’s a first time for everything. Hope it’s not the beginning of the end….

  31. Anonymous

    I see Randal has a cock in his mouth already this morning.

  32. MrBean

    ”when i grow up i wanna be a whore…” Is that the title?
    seriously, how could they look more sluty?
    I know, what can i expect from a band named pussycat dolls. But, come on, my 7 years old niece watch their videos. That is not music, its soft porn.

    The girls wanna make some money, FORGOT?

  34. Corlyss

    So…. They’re Brit, but it takes 5 of them to do it. I understand now.

  35. Guy

    Song sucks, Britney would have been the only selling point of it.

  36. Grunion

    They’re not a group, they’re a fucking cartoon.

  37. mer

    It’s too bad the video so prominently features that one girl – the others look great, but you barely get a look at them.

  38. Skanktastic

    Guess the solo career aint going so hot eh Nicole what ever your fucking name is. Apparently the world doesn’t need more half talent Gwen Stefanni’s.

  39. Koko

    Leaves me wondering what Brit’s part would have been… does she rear-end one of the cars with her caddy while she gets a Carl’s Jr. burger all over her face and clothes?

  40. darlene

    This is the worst song from them ever.
    Britney could’ve saved this video.

    “i wanna have boobies”
    Who wrote this shit?!

  41. Racer X

    Music now-a-days is created not made.

  42. flippu

    She look like a bbq rib on the grilll whit make up and thight pants(nicole)god,that’s not sexy,that’s SEXIST…hahahaha..my lil brother can write a better song …lord!! this crappy stupidly mega-commercial s#!t.,she have a good body and all that but…simply sucks.

  43. Zukyia

    The song sucks, the video sucks, and the dancing was boring as hell. This only chance this video and song has of doing well is if 13 y.o. girls with bad taste in music like it.

  44. Zukyia

    @ 34:
    LOL, you’re so right :).

  45. malicious

    #29 the usual Superficial guy has been on vacation now about 2 weeks by my guess, oh well everyone needs a holiday

  46. They d0on’t need britney…. but if they’re feeling a little frumpy one day they should bring her in :)

  47. Pah, the Pussycat Dolls are sooo last year. The female American Gladiators are where it’s at now. Word.

  48. pete

    Those pussy doll girls, are hot, they have great bodies and are very pretty young girls. No wonder they didn’t want Britney in the video, Britney these days looks like a fat matron in her 40′s. 10 years ago maybe but not now.

  49. pushup bras rules

    Pushup bras rules! Without them, what would Nicole Schniwatever look like ????!
    well, in her defense, she does have nice abs~~

  50. Tamara G.

    Yet another of these videos that promote ME ME ME generation.

    Get famous.
    Be a star.
    Me me me me me me me me me.

    I am so sick and tired of this.

    “when I grow up
    I wanna have boobies”

    Wow that’s the peak of human intelligence here.

    Our world is now officially falling apart.

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