You Know Nothing, Puff Daddy

June 12th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Puff Daddy Game of Thrones I Want The Love
WATCH: Puff Daddy - 'I Want The Love ft. Meek Mill'

Because he’s black, Puff Daddy will never be on Game of Thrones (with a penis), so he did the next best thing and made a music video where he drives snowmobiles through the North and looks at bitches with wolves from his Iron-ish Throne. Which seems badass until you realize no one’s wearing Peter Dinklage on a gold chain, and then the whole thing just falls apart. I don’t know why they even wasted their time.

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  1. Puff Daddy? Isn’t he Puff Lion now? Or Snoop Diddy? Oh well, doesn’t matter. Which of the Kardashians is he banging?

  2. If he wants the love, he better put down the mic. He may be one hell of a businessman, but he’s a mediocre producer and a really bad rapper.

  3. E-Love

    The Swiss Alps look kinda small. Looks more like upstate NY

  4. ohx

    ANOTHER (c)rap video with some black asshole bragging (lying) the whole time. Don’t even bother to stay on the beat, its okay. This crap is just got old like 20 years ago why is it even still around. You made all your money selling cd’s to dumb white kids who were programmed by MTV. All you do is lie when you rap but then once you make alot of money you actually start to believe your own bullshit. You fucking tool. You will never be on game of thrones. That show is for good looking (white) people.

    • When I was 16 years old, my family moved to a new town and being the conservative, sheltering Christians my parents were, they instructed the cable guy to block MTV while he was at our house. His response? “Eh, you don’t need it anyway. It’s all run by the black man.”

      This seemed relevant to your comment.

  5. SpikeO

    He needs to say nigger more to be respected.

  6. Sim Song

    Um yeah, this song sucks.
    First guy to comment is right.
    Its also sickening to hear black folk glorify slavery by putting themselves down by using the N WORD every other word.

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