Puck is a great dad

By now most of you know that Puck from The Real World was in a DUI accident last week with his 8-year-old son in the car because Puck’s a bad boy who doesn’t play by society’s rules. Particularly that one about doing shots of Jack inside the car. He fucking hates that one. Via The National Enquirer:

“I drank two shots of Jack Daniels in the car,” he admitted, “but I also ate a sandwich.”

I’m not even going to finish the rest of that quote because Jesus Butthole Christ! If you think knocking back shots of Jack behind the wheel in front of your kid is a good idea, I’m pretty sure you’re already plowed and a sandwich isn’t gonna cut it. I mean, it’s nice you thought “Wait, there’s a child in the car. Better get some carbs.” But by that point you’re basically arranging deck chairs on the Titanic – then whipping your kid at the iceberg.

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