Protein Vodka.

Ever wanted to get your drunk on without missing out on all that protein needed to keep your body in perfect date raping shape? Let Dr. Guido Buttscratchio here learns you knuckleheads how it’s done. Via RadarOnline:

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is capitalizing on his hard-partying Jersey Shore image by endorsing Devotion Vodka.
“Mike loves it because he says you can keep your body in the best shape possible while being able to party at the same time,” a close friend of The Situation tells
“He just signed with them over the weekend, and he’s really psyched about it.”
Devotion vodka is described on their website as “the first and only vodka using casein [the predominant phosphoprotein that accounts for nearly 20% of proteins in cow milk and cheese] to smooth out the vodka and give it its distinct chardonnay like finish.”

GUIDO #1: Yo, bro, we can’t GTL tonight. We gotta make these boring protein shakes for our muscles.
GUIDO #2: Don’t worry, dawg. Thanks to new Devotion Vodka youse don’t gotta worry no more. It’s got the proteins we needs.
GUIDO #1: Hey, ma, it’s like milk! I’m gonna fuck some whores tonight.


Photos: Splash News