Priscilla Presley got what she paid for – in the face

March 26th, 2008 // 84 Comments

Priscilla Presley’s face has left many plastic surgeons scratching their heads and saying “Wow, what a fucking idiot.” Priscilla was the target of a scam artist a few years back who charged women $300 – $500 for a supposed miracle facial injection. But instead of being high-powered Botox it was commercial grade lubricant used for automobiles. The NY Daily News spoke to a professional dermatologist for her assessment of just how hard Priscilla, who’s currently seen on Dancing With The Stars, was beaten with an ugly stick:

“Watching the show, you can see that a whole group of things has gone wrong,” Narins told us. “There is no movement at all in her face, no expression. No expert in Botox would leave you like that.
“Her chin is too masculine and wide. It’s too big of an implant. It looks manly. Her eyes are smaller. It looks like someone used too much filler around them.
“Her mouth is uneven. It’s almost like a Bell’s palsy on one side, as if there’s been nerve damage.”

Jeez, lady, that’s a bit harsh. Sure, Priscilla is loaded with Elvis money and could’ve got the best work in the world, but you still have to be diplomatic. You could’ve said her chin is “handsomely rugged” while the rest of her face says “Yeah, I’ve had a stroke. Let’s get naked. Yes, I’m talking to you. Oh, no, you gotta go by the left eye.” It’s called tact. You might want to try it someday. Some people, I dunno…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Grunion

    Fuck that reminds me I have to take my car in for service.

  2. alex

    i find it hilarious that you have the same people who write the cruelest judgmental shit i have ever read about every single celebrity writing “oh why don’t they just age gracefully… why do they get all these surgeries??” if i had millions of people criticizing me over every single flaw of mine on a daily basis, i can’t say i wouldn’t be driven to do the same thing. if they look older, u say they’re too old. if they get plastic surgery to look younger, you say they are fake. if they are normal sized, you say they are fat until they starve to size 0 and then you say they are too skinny. there is no one to blaim for all this but the “fans”

  3. Sarah

    I think it’s hilarious that someone who questions my intelligence can only copy my name and number.

    Wow. You really blew me away with that one.

  4. Veroonica

    It’s up to her. If she wants to stretch her face out, it’s really none of my business. However, I was watching her do that cha cha dance, and when she got on her hands and knees and started crawling toward the camera, my three year old went screaming from the room. It took me twenty minutes to calm her down.

  5. Stephen

    she looks good for 62

  6. Dr. Death

    When you have no life and all you think about is yourself (me,me,me) then this is what you get. I bet she forgot that even if you try to look 20 forever, which didn’t happen to her anyway, you still age on the inside. All of her guts and organs are still older than Hell.

  7. sla

    Someone aging gracefully? Kathleen Turner, who is 53.

    I saw her on Law & Order the other day. She’s gained weight and has some wrinkles, but she looks great, still has her sultry voice, and she seems like a really cool broad, and I say broad as a sincere compliment.

    She also looks like someone who’d be fun to party with — you’d have a few drinks with her and she’d be throwing her head back with a laugh that spread all over her face. And if you pissed her off, damn it, she could look pissed off.

    Not like Priss-silla. The fat cheeks and plastic skin make her look like a baby doll, is a sort of Chucky kind of way, and if she tried to bust out laughing something would break.

    And I bet those gloves are covering up some ragin’ liver spots.

  8. A

    Okay, it is one trippy series of surgeries. Don’t plastic surgeons learn to say no? I can understand Priscilla’s need to retain her youth. After all she entered public life as a teenager while dating Elvis, she went on to marry him, without any real qualifications for a real career, and she’s always had to rely on her looks from day one, ever since she married Elvis, and even he -like many frustrated male celebs-went on to sample the tree of feminine delights because he wanted to try something different.

  9. meanmofo

    Why in the hell do women feel the need to go to all of these lengths to try to look young? Now I know someone out there is going to blame it on Hollywood or magazines or something crazy like that, but seriously who gives a shit!! Be who you are, if you have small tits fuck it they’re small some guys love that! If you’re fat some guys love bbw! If you are old guess what, some men love older women and on top of that IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE!! So stop trying to be eternally young it’s not going to work! To every woman out there Please be who you are, a natural woman is beautiful!!

  10. kat

    #10 that shit was soooo freakin funny!
    but for real tho! I think she looks in her late 30′s in these pics and I know she’s wayyy older than that. She looks good in my opinion and yeah she got what she paid for: ” A pretty darn good face lift”

  11. Ted from LA

    She looks like she’s in the middle of being morphed… into Alf. HA!

  12. my comment

    That has got to be the ugliest leather jacket I’ve ever seen.

  13. too far to get home

    I saw a news item yesterday detailing the very first full face transplant. In France it was. Kind of amazing what the Frogs are up to in the field of medicine. They actually transplanted a hand onto someone a few years ago. What does that have to do with this? I’m not exactly sure. Anyway, when I saw the pics I thought she was Lisa Marie (who as we all know has a very strong resemblance to her dad). She does look okay for a 62 year old. But so does my neighbor with graying hair and laugh lines. And if my nieghbor should happen to fall whilst chasing her grandkids around her yard she isn’t likely to shatter into a million pieces.

  14. we should all be targets of such a scam, she looks 30

  15. She is so pretty and large sexy.I saw her many times in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . co m”.I am wondering what kind of love she want in this site?

  16. Tom

  17. Choocher

    Her part looks like my red-head ex-girlfriend’s snatch.

  18. Jacko

    She still looks better than Lisa Marie…,

  19. Magilla Gorilla

    She’s like the only person in the world named Priscilla.

  20. S

    Honestly she does look pretty good for her age.

  21. IWONKY

    #52, you’re new here, aren’t cha??

  22. IWONKY

    #14, maybe she has a decal on her forehead that tells her precisely when the Priscilla oil needs changing next.

  23. acidbrat

    So maybe it’s not top-notch work, but it COULD be worse. Anybody seen Joan Van Ark lately? YIKES!

  24. You know, she sort of looks like Michael Jackson…

  25. Peter Fitznicentite

    Wow….is this that red head from Desperate Whorewives?
    Yea, you know they look alike, now that I said it.

  26. Bree

    WHAT?? This woman is 62?? She may not look perfect, but damn, i would have guessed she was in her 30′s and just had bad surgury.

  27. Bree

    WHAT?? This woman is 62?? She may not look perfect, but damn, i would have guessed she was in her 30′s and just had bad surgury.

  28. Peace

    She does not look that bad
    Give her a break!
    Cared – for Your family
    Some of you are ugly at birth, without plastic surgery

  29. Fave

    #78, the whole point is that she WAS pretty before she had Penzoil injected into her face!!! Anyone see her giving a tour of Graceland on Larry King’s show about a year or so ago? She looked like hell then and I wondered what had happened to her. Um, couldn’t she have stopped the injections before she turned into a bad advertisement for oil changes gone wrong?

    Guess vanity is okay in Scientology world!!

  30. B

    She looks pretty amazing for 63.

  31. Sarasmiles

    Oh boo hoo! I thought $cientologists were supposed to do no wrong? I really don’t give a fuck what happens to her or any other $cientologist. They’re all fucked in the head.

  32. Light Bulb

    I see. So scientologists “think” it’s a definite no-no taking medications approved by FDA, but it’s OK to inject motor oil in their bodies?

  33. #80 Yeah. Her eyebrows and forehead look awesome!

  34. some guy

    For her age. id still fuck her

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