Priscilla Presley got what she paid for – in the face

Priscilla Presley’s face has left many plastic surgeons scratching their heads and saying “Wow, what a fucking idiot.” Priscilla was the target of a scam artist a few years back who charged women $300 – $500 for a supposed miracle facial injection. But instead of being high-powered Botox it was commercial grade lubricant used for automobiles. The NY Daily News spoke to a professional dermatologist for her assessment of just how hard Priscilla, who’s currently seen on Dancing With The Stars, was beaten with an ugly stick:

“Watching the show, you can see that a whole group of things has gone wrong,” Narins told us. “There is no movement at all in her face, no expression. No expert in Botox would leave you like that.
“Her chin is too masculine and wide. It’s too big of an implant. It looks manly. Her eyes are smaller. It looks like someone used too much filler around them.
“Her mouth is uneven. It’s almost like a Bell’s palsy on one side, as if there’s been nerve damage.”

Jeez, lady, that’s a bit harsh. Sure, Priscilla is loaded with Elvis money and could’ve got the best work in the world, but you still have to be diplomatic. You could’ve said her chin is “handsomely rugged” while the rest of her face says “Yeah, I’ve had a stroke. Let’s get naked. Yes, I’m talking to you. Oh, no, you gotta go by the left eye.” It’s called tact. You might want to try it someday. Some people, I dunno…

Photos: Splash News