Prince Harry makes another racist remark

Prince Harry is facing criticism again after allegedly making a racist remark to comedian Stephen K. Amos who performed for his father. Harry had been in trouble before for making a comment about a Pakistani officer in his army unit. This time he could’ve been making a joke but instead completely failed. Something I know absolutely nothing about. The Daily Mirror reports:

Speaking on Five’s The Wright Stuff yesterday, Amos said it came as he lined up with other stars after the performance.
He explained: “Harry said, ‘Hello, tell me, amusing… but you don’t sound like a black chap.”
As fellow panellist Lowri Turner gasped along with presenter Wright, Amos added: “I wanted to say, (putting on an accent) ‘How is I supposed to sound?'” Asked if the remark had been made in jest, he replied: “I hope it was.” But Turner scoffed: “That’s not the point.”

I, too, want to know how Amos was supposed to sound because, basing this solely on Guy Ritchie movies, British black guys sound exactly like British white guys. And both are hilarious jewel thieves. That’s science.

Photo: Getty