Prince Harry makes another racist remark

February 11th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Prince Harry is facing criticism again after allegedly making a racist remark to comedian Stephen K. Amos who performed for his father. Harry had been in trouble before for making a comment about a Pakistani officer in his army unit. This time he could’ve been making a joke but instead completely failed. Something I know absolutely nothing about. The Daily Mirror reports:

Speaking on Five’s The Wright Stuff yesterday, Amos said it came as he lined up with other stars after the performance.
He explained: “Harry said, ‘Hello, tell me, amusing… but you don’t sound like a black chap.”
As fellow panellist Lowri Turner gasped along with presenter Wright, Amos added: “I wanted to say, (putting on an accent) ‘How is I supposed to sound?’” Asked if the remark had been made in jest, he replied: “I hope it was.” But Turner scoffed: “That’s not the point.”

I, too, want to know how Amos was supposed to sound because, basing this solely on Guy Ritchie movies, British black guys sound exactly like British white guys. And both are hilarious jewel thieves. That’s science.

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  1. forgetthespeech

    ello’ govnor

  2. Jen

    I don’t care what this guy says, he is iconic in my eyes for dressing up like a Nazi for a costume party. Too awesome.

  3. Aunt Jemima

    Wassup massa! Whens Is gettin’ my stimulus package? Where all the white women at?

  4. Someone out there

    If they think THAT’S racist…. jeez.

  5. andrew

    people need 2 get their heads out there asses….stereotypes exist because they are based in truth….the average black american is ignorant fat and lazy…& i have heard distinct speach differences in some black british people….though its less noticeable with improved socio-economic conditions….& no im not white or racist…im black living in the caribbean….and here too alot of black ppl are ignorant, fat or lazy….society has created this by the fact that due to social conditions ppl of african lineage are more likely to be poor and poorly educated.

    political correctness will kill us all

  6. greg

    Guy Ritchie movies are great. Well, the ones with shotguns and giant diamonds.

  7. bubba

    that’s because they don’t teach ebonics in british schools.

  8. bootlips

    We’re supposed to embrace our differences but get in trouble when we acknowledge our differences. I can always tell when I’m dealing with a neeger on the phone. Their vocal chords haven’t evolved so they can’t pronounce words properly. It’s also because of the monkey lips. The men sound like adult Buckwheats and the women all sound like Wanda Sykes.

  9. Massa'

    These apes have got to be kept in a more controlled environment. It’s bad enough that guilty white liberals have given these farm animals the same rights as humans, but to imagine that white people should be punished or even repremanded for speaking ill of blacks is preposterous!

    Blacks are the most useless animal on the planet, and the only skills they possess are turning once proud inner city’s into warzones and dragging down economies of countries they are allowed to roam freely in.

    the only time porch monkeys were ever useful or organized is when they were slaves.

  10. first time poster

    what the hell happening to this page? fish, can you please do something about these offensive racist commentaries?
    i’ve been reading the site for years and love it, but I don’t usually post here. This is the first time, because it’s getting intolerable!!!

  11. bootlips

    Is there anything funnier than a simian with a British accent? LOL! It’s like seeing a monkey riding a bicycle. White people can train anything.. LOL!

  12. they should do a reality tv show about the royal family so we can better understand the lives of trailer trash

  13. M

    haha stupid british.

    yes, please start getting rid of all the racist remarks. they’re friggin annoying.

  14. Cam

    Yeah if the black guys in the UK start adopting the “Sounding illiterate to show that we’re different” thing that the guys in the US do then it’s time to just nuke the planet and let the plants take over.

  15. shalita

    #4 I totally agree
    they should try reading some of the stuff on the comments on this website

    #5 i agree to an extent

    on another note, I’ve had ppl say that to me before, and I wasn’t offended. I laughed actually. I’m black and I grew up in a white suburb, so I didn’t really grow up around Ebonics. Granted black ppl were trying to make Ebonics a legit language to be learned…which was ridiculous…

  16. beileve

    Although Harry shouldn’t have said that what he said is realistic and truthful. Are any of you out there going to tell me truthfully that you haven’t noticed that some (not all) black people have a different accent. Many people can tell if a person is black or white simply by hearing the voice. I’m not saying black people sound idiotic or stereotypical whatever but they do often sound different than white americans. Idk about British black guys.

  17. RichPort's Vaginal Odor

    Giving human rights to apes is almost as silly as having Kings, Queens, & Princes…..

  18. Matt

    I’ll accept that his pointing out that a black guy didn’t “sound” black is racist as soon as people acknowledge that the shock that Rick Astley is white is racist. Until then, accept the fact that there are indeed differences in the way people speak/sound and acknowledging those differences is not racist.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to call Blacks “chap.”

  20. Goddess mimi

    I hate you racist pigs here. Like we don’t have better things to worry about, like exterminating the Arabs in Palestine I mean Israel.

  21. shue dude

    What is so racist about it?

  22. 10pound

    That’s racist? Wait until you see the swastika tatoo’d on him bum cheeks.

  23. MDiz

    What do you call a black guy who flies a plane?

    A pilot……Racist fuckers!

  24. MDiz

    What do you call a black guy who flies a plane?

    A pilot……Racist sums of beeches!

  25. jmac

    shut up first time poster. read the story without reading the comments then. problem solved but i guess that is too hard to figure out for an Ob*tch supporter.

  26. brett

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Academic research has shown that black and white people have different patterns of speech – at least, so says linguist John McWorter in an article about Obama’s speech:

    But even if that were not true, what Harry said here is not remotely racist. Shame on the Superficial for claiming it is.

  27. Planet of the Apes was a prophecy

    Did anyone else notice how Biraq Oboomba starting speaking ebonix when talking to the brutha’s & sista’s a the “town meeting”?

    That was funny shit.

  28. Sauron

    His tie colors very well with his hair.

  29. So it’s not OK to point out a persons race? Black people are the ones who decided to call themselves African-Americans instead of just Americans.

    So for liberals it is NOT ok to call a African-American “black” but it is ok to call a white person a “redneck” or “hill-billy”? Maybe some day the world will see you for the hypocrits you really are.

    By the way, you can keep your “Change”. My grandkids will be trying to pay off this useless stimulus bill.

  30. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Am I the only one who thinks hes hideous and looks like he has “doll hair”?
    I remember everyone in the USA gushing about how attractive the “Royal Family” was. Are they freakin’ KIDDING me? Maybe Di on a good day but the rest of ‘em? NOT!

  31. Alberto Lupe Montoya

    Hmm, did he ever get cured of the gay?

  32. jmac

    “Let me tell you something,” Cosby, one of America’s most admired men, told the group. “Your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day, it’s cursing and calling each other [the N-word] as they’re walking up and down the street. They think they’re hip. They can’t read. They can’t write. They’re laughing and giggling, and they’re going nowhere.”

    Is Billy Cosby racist? Idiots……………………………………

  33. LSP

    “British black guys sound just like British White guys” lol that is sooo true! hahahahahahahahaha I don’t notice the difference either! lol and they are great jewel thieves!

  34. bootlips

    It’s funny when neegers are amazed when they find out that a certain musician isn’t black. I guess that makes them racist because they obviously thought he sounded BLACK.

  35. Ron Jeremy

    Come on Blacks are the biggest cry babies ever, Magic the other night goes black america, if a white guy said that blacks would cry like bitches they are.

  36. bootlips

    Look what negroes have done to the public school system. They’re mini jails now.

  37. Cess

    I think you’re all missing the point (excluding those who post ignorant comments about black people – I can’t even include you. You must be so proud to be such a shining example of an intelligent and superior race. If all black people have to worry about are retarded and uneducated white folk like you then we’re laughing all the way to the White House…oh wait that already happened.)

    I digress…
    I don’t see the big deal, is anyone really surprised that the Royal Family are actually that ignorant? I think it’s hilarious that Britain is “ruled’ by a monarchy who are barely able string a legible sentence together. Somebody please call up their local Chinese takeaway and tell the English-speaking guy on the other end of the phone that he doesn’t quite sound Chinese…would he really give a ****? It’s a stupid thing to say but shouldn’t be seen as any more than just that…stupidity.

    As for what a black guy should sound like, you all fail to realise that even the so-called “English” we’re taught to speak today is full of slang, abbreviations and colloquialisms that didn’t exist a few hundred years ago. Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave if he heard some of the modern day translations of his works.
    Who care’s that black people have they’re own way of speaking…it’s called culture. It’s what the world is made up of. Culture changes and languages evolve. We’re all free to sound like whatever the hell we want to sound like. So, in the words of my fellow Nigerian lyricists…KINI BIG DEAL?!?! (if you don’t know, google it)



  39. bootlips

    –”it’s called culture. It’s what the world is made up of. Culture changes and languages evolve. We’re all free to sound like whatever the hell we want to sound like”—

    You call that evolution? Neega, please..

  40. rob frost

    Political Correctness is totally out of control!

    I can’t believe how sensitive we are about skin color.

    You could probably get away with saying something like “French people are lazy, smelly fucks” but as soon as the person’s skin color is different, everyone’s up in arms.

    And he wasn’t even saying anything bad, he was simply commenting on the fact that people of African heritage sound a certain way.

    I think all this political correctness is actually serving to divide us all, as people are too scared to even discuss cultural differences!

    I say to remedy this situation, let’s all try to be as racist as possible, get it all out in the open, and laugh about it!

  41. xx

    That’s part of Stephen Amos’ act though
    he makes fun of the stereotypes in a couple of bits he has
    he’s an amazing comedian =D

  42. So, remind me, why exactly do I give a rat’s ass about this unelected over-privileged ginger?

  43. Wazzzzzuuuuuuuuupp

    I agree with the ones saying blacks are pussies who cry too much. Everybody’s got problems. Everybody’s going to die. Stop whining and enjoy life that’s better now than it’s ever been… I’m black by the way and I’m sick of seeing black folks on the subway asking me for money. Though there’s white guys too for some strange reason. I thought you all had it good… sucks for everybody I guess.

  44. Alec Baldwin

    The bastard child of Princess Di strikes again.

  45. Bum

    Can’t we just respect our differences? Sure, one side fills up the prisons and can’t read. That should have no bearing on how you treat each other!

  46. jmac

    #38 is why America is doomed. Talking as if blacks are above whites yet can’t even spell the simplest of words. Not surprising… the same people who ran this country to the ground are the same people who voted for someone with zero experience. Obama didn’t pass one piece of legislation prior to becoming president. He campaigned for money and popularity for four years. I am a democrat but at least McCain passed and changed plenty legislation. Obama on the other hand couldn’t even help out Illinois. That state has one of the worst economies in the country along with one of the highest crime rates. Even people he associated with are getting arrested. You are who you associate yourself with so in my mind, Obama is no better than the rest of the people being taken down around him.

    You know the country is stupid when they keep saying electing a black man will change the country. Not sure how being black helps turn the economy around but okay. Especially considering he has already proven he is a liar. He said Hilary Clintons plan would never work and after being elected he changed his mind saying it’s a good plan is going to use it. Go figure… denouncing something and then stealing it.

  47. Here’s a little something you might enjoy. The following is the 2007winning entry from an annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

    This year’s term was “Political Correctness”. The winner wrote:

    “Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional,illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  48. slim



  49. Tony

    don’t act like Dave Chapelle wouldn’t have said that….

    #29: what liberals don’t call black people black?? we have too, as to not confuse them with the Africans.

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