Prince Harry gets screwed by Drudge Report

February 29th, 2008 // 158 Comments

Matt Drudge broke the news that Prince Harry was currently serving in Afghanistan. Prince Harry was really stoked to be fighting terrorists and thought it would honor his mom’s memory. Well, now he’s getting brought home because of the media coverage. I’m sure Prince Harry can’t wait to thank Matt Drudge with a grenade to the nuts. The AP reports:

He was originally due to return to Britain within weeks, but “the situation has now clearly changed,” the statement said. The decision was based on concerns that worldwide media coverage of Harry in Afghanistan could put him and his comrades at increased risk.
The ministry asked the media not to speculate on Harry’s location — or how and when he would return — until he was back in Britain.

I’m not even going to get political because this site is all about boobs and my wang firing laser beams. *ZAP* Take that, empty soda can on Frank the intern’s head! Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that a celebrity wanted to actually put his life on the line and be a soldier. I’d like to see more of them take that initiative. In fact, the government should form a special platoon consisting of Criss Angel, Ashton Kutcher, Milo Ventimiglia (Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on Hayden.), Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Their mission: I could care less as long they test land mines with their faces. Watch out, Al Qaeda, the Dipshit Brigade is on the prowl!


  1. Dude

    dipshit brigade LOOOOOL

  2. bob

    drudge is a douche

  3. D. Richards (Saint.)

    Harry’s got more balls than his father ever had — and, don’t ya’ just see the resemblance?

  4. Candice

    Um, could you add Paris, Hohan, and shmears to that list??

  5. lynnne

    too bad!

  6. lynnne

    he is cute

  7. Jumpin_J

    Matt Drudge didn’t “break” the story. Many media outlets had the story for a while but the British government requested that it be kept hush hush to avoid having Harry as a target. But Matt Drudge, as usual caring about no one but himself, blew the story and now the British government is furious. Here’s hoping a double-0 operative shows up and does the thing only they can do, and it ain’t drinking.

  8. monkeyfightclub

    He’d look cooler if he wore the Burger King crown instead of that helmet

  9. ToTellTheTruth

    who cares? why pull him out if he’s there serving? did they pull others out because their names were in papers or got leaked out too? why make special privilages for him just cuz he’s royalty? let him stay over there and prove that he’s more than just a spoiled brat running around on his blue blood’s money.

  10. dan

    i’m no big fan of the british royal family but Matt Drudge is one of the worst human beings alive.

  11. monkeyfightclub

    Also, I heard that an Australian newspaper broke the story well before the Drudge report did.

  12. I love freedom and all, but, this is when freedom of speech (as far as the media’s concerned) gets out of hand. Just to get a few more viewers a soldier’s life is put in jeopardy and his tour is cut short. Fucking pricks. If I had as much money as that young man, I’d find a way to take those bastards to court.

  13. George W. Bush

    He actually served???

  14. MR Douchey mc big douche

    The Terrorist are going to win now. Without harriless there to save the world, we are doomed. Doomed I say

  15. deacon jones

    God, can you imagine the outrage the fat pigs Limbaugh and Hannity would be spouting if the NY Times broke this story????

    “They WANT us to lose! They did it on PURPOSE!!!! They hate America!”

  16. steve

    #9 – man, even for a retard, you’re seriously retarded.

  17. I feel so sad to hear this news. Harry is serving in Afghanistan? Do you believe this? Maybe…. i have told this news to my new friends on I have joined this site this evening. I found there are so many interesting thing and more…. Try it now!

  18. Matt

    Good thing nobody blew George W. Bush’s cover when he was serving. To this day, we still don’t know where he was, exactly. Better put Drudge on that.

  19. whatever

    The NY Times does want us to lose, they do in fact print shit stories on purpose, and their staff pretty much hates America. Anyone who thinks the NYT isn’t a completely biased tabloid piece of shit is a fucking idiot with an IQ lower than room temperature.

    As for celebrity brigades: Spears, Hilton, and Lohan – the VD Brigade. Even if you kill them, you lose, because you spread their STD infected blood all over the place. The ultimate in bio warfare!

  20. dozer

    I love rice cooker. I thinking Drudge is douchebags. I hear he met douche lady on website and have eminent profile there. He go check it out

  21. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Lame. I

  22. UglyPeopleSafaris

    Lame. I

  23. deacon jones

    Ohhhh, I get it…I better switch to Matt Drudge, the closet fag neoconservative, for an unbiased take on things. thanks much

  24. tommygunn

    Although I hate Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Democrats with every fiber of my being, I now will have to consider adding Drudge to that list of hatred for outing Harry. This kid was trying to do the right thing, and had just about pulled it off when this happens. Terrible reporting. Oh, Hitlery and OsamaObama Hussein suck cock and will speed up the downfall of this nation.

  25. whatever

    grunt grunt grunt grunt


    grunt grunt grunt grunt

    ‘merica, fuck yeah!

    grunt grunt grunt grunt

  26. tommygunn

    …which is tragic, since GWB has pretty much solved everything.

  27. I am in no way a Royalist, but ToTellTheTruth – you are an absolute douche. To not see the implications of a member of the Royal family on the front line is stupid beyond belief. As an anonymous soldier, fair enough. But with the whole world knowing? Bad news.

  28. I Love the UK

    Harry sure has grown up from his wild party days. Security concerns have forced Harry to leave sooner and he is not happy about it. The last report I read about Harry was that he enjoyed being just one of the lads in Afganistan and has not taken a shower in 4 days.

  29. fuckjedupamericans

    I don’t see how Harry in Afghanistan is Superfish news?? Sheesh he wasn’t caught nobbing the Taliban, for Chrissakes.

  30. Anal Fistula

    drudge is such an anus.

  31. pucky

    I fucking laugh at every one of your posts and your crazy-ass comments.

  32. boo

    dude. it wasn’t drudge. it was an australian newspaper.

  33. The asshole

    I’m the asshole for pointing this out but it drives me nuts: it’s not that you could care less. It’s you couldn’t care less. I know, I’m a dick, blah blah blah.

  34. The Office Whore

    Is douche the new fucktard?? I wanna keep up with my teen lingo..

  35. Jane

    “and has not taken a shower in 4 days.”

    Big deal, Orlando Bloom hasn’t taken a shower in a week and a half.

  36. MadMike

    This kid is a hero and I applaud him. He comes from extreme wealth and privilege and despite this, he put his neck on the line to fight terrorists. I give him a ton of credit. He is a far cry from the fucking retard celebrities we have in this country. Drudge is a pole smoker and I hope Harry fires off a missile right up his ass. Better yet, they should hog tie him and leave his ass right in Afghanistan…let the scumbags at em!

  37. Harry Ballzack

    The kids got stones !

  38. Paul Veryze

    Harry endeared himself to me when he went to that Halloween party dressed up as a Nazi…

  39. Peace Loving Democrat


    Harry was young and stupid and probably had mates encourage him to dress like a Nazi. We have all done stupid things in our youth. But he has proven himself by fighting in Afghanistan. I am a Democrat and seek peace, but I will give Harry credit because it is due.

  40. Liberal Douche

    with the thought that you are, indeed, an idiot and don’t understand why they would have to pull him, i would suggest that possibly because insurgents could use the info to target his brigade and cause greater casualties, since either killing of, even better, capturing a royal would be a huge bargaining chip for them.

    oh, and whatever and tommygun, nice values there. you’re intolerant douche bags, and I wonder why you even visit this site, since it represents everything wrong with america, i.e., the liberal/democrat/socialist side of things. people like you are what make this country scary, and impossible to maintain actual dialog instead of absurd rhetoric. you probably worship at the limbaugh-o’rielly-hannity alter of intolerance and hatred.

  41. Italian Stallion

    @39 good point hippie…….

  42. I can’t wait until they tell us the Bush twins are being deployed are going to the front lines to be fluffers for the surge. God bless America!


  43. a soldier's mom

    Drudge’s choice was predictable. But what can you do, this is the cost for the other times when he gets stuff out that shouldn’t be hidden.

    I respect Harry’s choice to serve in active combat. Who knows, maybe he’s just an adventure seeker and was excited about getting into the action and maybe getting to shoot somebody or blow stuff up. But you don’t get to question that, because serving is serving. People who do it are better than people who don’t.

    I wonder if there will be another U.S. president (after McCain) who performed military service in defense of his/her country? Without a draft, it seems unlikely. Too bad, because the “Commander in Chief” really should have served. We’ve gone from guys with legitimate service (Kennedy, the first Bush) to weasels (Clinton, the second Bush) and now maybe to people who didn’t even face the decision in their lifetimes (if it’s not McCain). The president can’t do many things directly, but one thing is to order soldiers to their (likely) deaths on combat missions. You really should have worn the uniform yourself before doing that.

  44. Nancy Nicholas

    Diana certainly did a good job raising FINE MEN. She would be so proud of Harry for his effort.

  45. American

    @34 I hope so Whore. I’ve been rotating into my rants quite a bit lately. Now by adopting “douche”, I’ve probably killed it. You know how it goes, once the old fucks start saying the cool words, they become uncool. Cool?

    PS, I’m testing “douchefucker”, thoughts?

    PPS, I hate british royalty but I’ll give this inbred cinnamon kid credit. He’s tougher than I thought.

  46. Grunion

    I just hope he got to pop a few Taliban while he was over there. If not maybe they can fly some in to England and release them onto the grounds of the Queens estate and hunt them on horseback. Now that sounds like fun.

  47. Ja

    An Australian Woman’s Magazine first broke this news a month ago. Matt Drudge and the Woman’s Magazine should have shut their damn mouths and let Harry do what he wishes, and what he wished is to fight besides his men.

  48. Auntie Kryst

    Doh, forgot to change alias.

  49. Randal

    Harry is looking sharp as a young man in battle gear. The way he’s holding his peice shows that he was trained well and is ready for battle anywhere, anytime!

    As a smart, dashing british man, I’m sure he realizes that camoflauge outfit is not hiding him from potential danger.

  50. Danklin24

    Matt DRudge is such a fucking asshole! I mean now we wont have a Prince fighting the war on terror. He’s a prince, thats special.

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