Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy split

January 25th, 2009 // 39 Comments

Prince Harry and his on/off girlfriend of five years Chelsy Davy have called it quits, according to News of the World:

Last night a senior source close to the prince confirmed the split and insisted the pair parted “amicably” because the relationship had, “simply run its course”.
Meanwhile Chelsy’s friends were rallying around her after the meltdown of her fiery romance.
One told us: “She has simply had enough. They have been going through what she calls a ‘rough patch’ and she didn’t see the point in going on.”
Sources close to Chelsy say she feels “betrayed” by Harry’s constant flirting.
“There has been talk of other girls–but Harry denied it. Chelsy felt it was time to call it a day,” said the pal.

Wow. Could you imagine dating a real life prince? Not that I’m sitting here doing that while sighing wistfully in front of the window or anything. As for the tiara, I wear it because I love women and 4-wheel drive vehicles so much. True story.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty

  1. Ryan the Canadian

    He can get more elsewhere……

  2. first?


  3. Jimmy Jim

    i’m not saying he could do better, but he’s a prince and 90% of chicks grow up dreaming of being a princess.

  4. Anexio

    Prince Harry seems to be the only real man that family has had in the past 80 years.

    The rest of them, especially the boy’s father, seems to be a bunch of mincing pantloads. They wouldn’t know how to be men if their life depended on it.


  5. sapphire eyes

    Doesn’t the “Royal Family” do this regularly? Demand a split — a/k/a Prince William and Kate Middleton — and then “allow” them to get back together? When does the “royal knock-up” occur for Wills and Kate? They ain’t getting any younger, right?

    It would suck rocks to be in such a situation — your every move dictacted by some ancient moth-eaten creatures, like Camilla and Charles, or thaat “royal” bitch stone-cold Queen Elizabeth. She treated Diana like furniture and probably caused the royal divorce, too. It sure didn’t seem as if she wanted to help Chuckles save his marriage to Princess Diana.

    So not worth it. Harry’s gotten better looking as he’s gotten older, but Chelsey, live your own life, girl. Run while you can, and you’ll find yourself a prince of a guy who won’t cheat on you or treat you like an accessory.

    I never wanted to *BE* a princess, I just demanded that I be treated like one. I know, I know, I’m a pain in the ass, but I’m worth it.

  6. Vince Lombardi

    Handsome bloke, wot? But then, so is HRM Prince Harry.

  7. joanna

    i guess for british standards she was good looking. in the real world, however, she loos like Miss Piggy.

  8. amanda

    they were cute, thats actually kinda sad

    i never had any desire to be a princess, id rather be a pirate! :D

  9. Ram Punchington

    Oh yes, he can do better.
    He’s probably “done better” four times this weekend.

  10. Monkey Poo

    Joanna, you jealous bitch. I’d fuck her. And I would drill Joanna in the ass afterwards.

  11. Alex

    awww so sad, Im devastated… NOT! I want him all for myself, yeah!! She was alright but not enough apparently.

  12. She is hawt, but Harry will be fine. He is the handsome one. If William can get Kate Middleton then Harry should get Kate Beckinsale.

  13. Dr McNasty

    sapphire eyes – WTF? what planet are you on? the bitch was probably only with harry because he’s loaded and he’s, literally, A PRINCE. the novelty wore off and realized that she’d never be a real princess, or as popular or wealthy as him, so she called it quits.

    also, you’re a pain in the ass, how the hell are you “worth it”? fuck that. my definition of a girl who’s “worth it” involves not being a pain in the ass. you’re probably just as much of a gold digger as that bitch chelsy davy.

  14. LuckyBastard

    Right about now she’s looking to show some guy what a bad little girl she can be.(checks for next flight to London)

  15. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Next.. like he gives a shit. Post her nudes on line now! Come on Prince Harry! Be a man and let us see um!

  16. Bri

    He looks like a carrot.

  17. LuckyBastard

    I don’t mind treating a woman like a Princess, as long as the bitch remembers who the fuckin King is!

  18. LuckyBastard

    Amanda………AAARRRRGGG… off with your clothes you fiesty wench….

  19. amanda

    HAHAHAHAHA i said PIRATE lucky bastard – not wench! ;) but bonus points for awesome pirate-speak on my behalf!

  20. Rachell

    That’s pretty sad, 5 years is a long time to be invested in a relationship. It’s sad they couldn’t work it out :(

  21. britboysarehot

    He doesn’t look anything like Prince Charles, thank god! The royal family is overrated.

  22. Big J.

    His eyebrows are the same shade of transparency as Spencer Pratt’s beard.

  23. Ummm...yeah...

    Who cares?

  24. I’m sure this adventure ended in a SPLIT-SECOND, folks!!

  25. It must be hard to spare some time when you are a prince and you are also a soldier, an icon, and a man on a high demand. I think she is just too jealous and ended up crashing it down.

  26. LittleCupcakes

    “Oh Chelsy, however shall I survive, now that the fates have cruelly torn you from me, the least faggy fruit of the royal loins?”

    “Dearest Harry, dear, dear Harry, my inbred love, Harry I am frightfully distraught at the thought of not being Princess, and probably Queen if your Gran would kindly off herself, or be struck by a lorry whilst having tea. Your gruesome father can of course be dispatched with at any time. So rather than being a figurehead, I’ve decided to merely be a jealous little twat.”

    “Bother that. Well, plenty of gash in the sea, what what.”

  27. grace

    i dunno why, but his ex looks like she came out of the 70′s.

  28. crankymiss

    she’s got boobies, which is cool. she’s a law student, so she’s smart.

    but that nose is so fucking distracting.

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looks somewhat like Liz Hurley in the face. He used to be a cute little boy, sad that he is such a war mongering idiot. His mom would never support that safari trip in Iraq.

  30. Right Fury

    @balac Obama, best……..ever.

    the pic of her all by herself in the bikini would be magnificent if it wasn’t for that whale ass in the back ground.

    Seriously? Miss piggy? granted the British isles have been shorted in the hottie dept when it comes to the gene pool. God took all the hotness allocated there and put it into three women. Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale, and Sienna Miller.

    She’s no Kate but she is def. a smoking hottie. Good for Harry though. Hopefully he’s out right now getting some new wallet.

  31. tp

    She’s from Zimbabwe!!!!

  32. CakeSniffer

    That poor girl has a snout.

  33. CakeSniffer

    That poor girl has a snout.

  34. JOEY M



  35. sapphire eyes

    Hey Dr. McNasty — yeah I’d rip you up one side and down the other, you insulting nasty little wanker.

    For fuck’s sake, stay away from sharp objects — you might hurt someone, or maybe pop that ego of yours.`

  36. I am sure they will get back together again, I think they really love each other.

  37. FRED Flintstone

    Prine Hairy looks like Howdy Doody

  38. FRED Flintstone

    Prine Hairy looks like Howdy Doody

  39. The rest of them, especially the boy’s father, seems to be a lot of hash pantloads. They do not know how men if their lives depended on it.

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