Prince Charles is a pervert

July 11th, 2007 // 65 Comments

Prince Charles led an awards ceremony honoring some troops in London today. And judging from the picture, it’s the exact same awards ceremony I hold every night in my bedroom. And the award for Sexiest Lover goes to…you. Rowr!



  1. venus

    wow! i always thought he had a predilection towards frottage…i just never imagined he was out about it!! blimey!

  2. g-unit

    Those are some saggy-ass titties

  3. Haywood Jablome


    And don’t be disrespecting no Prince. Bitch.

  4. Gerald Tarrant

    Bloody hell, her tits are nearly as big as his ears. If I was linked to Camilla, I would fuck the hole in a donut first.

  5. gossipmonger


  6. superbee


  7. Mearl

    Wow this is a nothing item. If you have to fill space show some no named actress in a bikini. This worse than that dog face bai dong (whatever her name is).

  8. Nicely done sir!

  9. Big Mama

    He’s bald; his son is bald; his father is bald. If they didn’t have so much money, no one would look at any of them twice. I’m sure this bird wants to kick him in the balls for this.

  10. that was boring with an extra helping of lame sauce.

    photos like this are dumb because he could have been telling a story and making funny hand gestures.

    “no! seriously! the lobster was this big! and harry ate the whole thing!”

  11. penni

    she looks quite happy

  12. George

    He looks like Mr. Potato Head to me.

  13. The royals barred Dody Fayed from living in London they hated him so much, then Princess Di starts humping the enemy? The royals put a hit on Diana and the boys lost there mother over greedy, ego crap. Nice

  14. melladior


  15. michelle

    HAHAHA, great catch of the photo at that point! the girls face looks entirely delighted about it all.

  16. ok, thiz mutherfucker iz right
    up there with O.fuckin J. in my
    book…I hate him zo much…He lookz
    like hiz parentz would be apez, and
    I’m talkin the fuckin ugliest onez..
    I hate him what he did to my Diana,
    and he haz the nerve to marry that old
    Cruella fuckin DeVille bitch from hell.
    Yea, I’ll bet zhe zucked hiz azz and ballz
    and dick zo fuckin dry, he juzt couldn’t
    ztand it.. that fucker..itz hiz fault Diana
    iz dead and did I zay that I hate him az much
    az O.J. ? Fuck, I’m pizzed juzt lookin at
    that monkeyfuckersface…

  17. Tortured Soul

    #16: “your diana?”

    and why do you spell like a freak?

  18. X Marx Da Spot

    Isn’t that Madonna?

  19. #17/ go fuck the monkey, bitch..
    your the only freak on here, keep
    your fuckin England azz on their
    sitez, bitch..and yez, zhe waz my
    Diana fucker..Americanz loved her
    more than the Englizh did or they
    wouldn’t of stood behind the monkey
    when he married Cruella DeVille…
    Can’t fuckin believe how you people
    acted like that married to her waz
    juzt fucking fine, coz it wazn’t, bitch.

  20. Tortured Soul

    #19 — anger issues?

    I am not a bitch or a freak, nor am I British. However, you must be some psycho lunatic going off on me like that. Perhaps you are secretly in love with the prince, huh?

  21. Tortured Soul

    You both would have babies with big ears who didn’t know how to use the “s” key.

  22. that fucker iz not a prince..
    prince of darknezz, maybe…
    and if he were the lazt ape
    in the world,,,I wouldn’t have
    him…grozzezt baztard fuck
    ever…I feel for Dianaz boyz…
    they lozt the wrong parent…
    thatz for fuckin zure…
    fuck your sssssssssssssssssssssss, bitch.

  23. LAME

    this is retarded. and not funny. or clever. i remember when this site use to be funny

  24. this site was never funny. it’s suppose to be mean. what about mean, don’t you people understand?


    Show me a picture of him fondling her frontage like Scarlet Johanssen and maybe , just maybe I’ll get worked up enough to be creeped out.
    Tres Yawn!

  26. I am in control of all of the dicks in my country. That’s why my name is Charlesincharge. I suck 10 to 58 dicks a night and I also teach little boys how to suck dick. I only pretend to like girls, because they all suck my dick. My life is grand and it’s nice to be prince of the palace.

  27. Durf

    It’s good to be the Ki…err…Prince!

  28. wanky

    the company slut!

  29. Lahlua

    cute girl.

  30. nme

    that is one funny ass picture!

  31. Your Diana

    why do u type with all z’s instead of s’s?? it only makes u look like an uneducated fool.

  32. miss oblivious

    She could practically tuck those suckers under her belt buckle!Then again, Camilla could probably tuck hers into her socks.

  33. Lexoka

    krazihottkelli, are you aware of the existence of the letter S ?

  34. #33=Leoka:

    Y do U zuck zo many dickz?
    and Y R U fucking everyone
    at work? U know that there
    R zecret cameraz filming your
    every move..dumbfucker

  35. Oh, a fine prince he is, with blue blood and all. His blue blood came from his first cousin twice removed from his dad’s side. I do think that his cousin had sex with a monkey or something from the ape family. His face tells the truth and ears. Monkey face. I’m surprised that anyone married him.

  36. I screwed this monkey once when I was in London with Peter Pan. He lied and said he was a prince and when I got back to the states, I gave birth to a chimpaneze that looks exactly like his father. He lives mostly in the trees where the bananas grow.
    Some prince, I have to hide my little prince junior from my parents, why isn’t his mom hiding him?

  37. One night while playing in London, I snuck into Buckingham Palace and went to the monkey’s room to play. When I was done, I shot a wad in the monkey’s face and I guess you could say that “I shot the monkey.”

  38. Sounds to me like the prince is a regular little whore. I’ll bet he’s gay to. I hear all the men in England are gay.

  39. I wonder if he throws his shit at people after he takes a shit. Ain’t that what apes do after they shit?

  40. ok, I’ll admit it. I once , when I was lonely had a boy fling with the prince. He is the cleverest person in bed that I know. He knows things, that my other boyfriends never heard of. He was alot of fun and loves to get his freak on. I’m not telling his secrets to anyone, don’t ask.

  41. Our magazine has many pictures of him dressed in drag. He is the most queerest
    of queer’s ever. He loves men and uses women
    just for the fun of it. Men are his favorite, though.

  42. jrzmommy

    Is that Madonna?

  43. he does look like Madonna, good one.
    No wonder she moved to England. She wanted
    to be close to her real family, apes. I also know first hand that both monkey’s do each other on a daily basis.

  44. AnyTime

    Saggy?!?! Those are some nice, big, round, young titties. And they’re under a jacket for cripes sake so how could anyone really tell. They gotta be large and in charge to push that thick-ass jacket out like that. Diggin’ it.

    Even though it’s a pretty plain, dumb photo, it is kind of funny and should be used in a caption contest. “Hon, my wanker is this big!”, or “My you have large funbags m’lady!”, etc. The funniest thing is how she’s the only one smiling while her military mates are keeping straight-faced, by command I’m sure, while PC gives her a pardon.

  45. Tortured Soul

    I love how Kelli writes all her s’s as z’s, then, when anyone dares to mention or ask why she does it, she goes off on the same barrage of stupid insults (you suck dick, you fuck monkeys, etc. etc.).

    Kelli, you are an uneducated twat. You not only can’t spell, you have no original ideas. And nice conversation b/w yourself from 35 to 41. You know, we CAN tell they were all posted by you. Well, at least we know you know how to use the “s” key.

  46. Madonna is a ape, just like the bald, gray haired ape in the picture. People in Jersey and New York hate her ass. She’s like that fat Britney Spears, everyone hates her to.

  47. shananai

    yeah…using the Z’s instead of S’s is pretty lame. you should stop.

  48. Mind of Prince Charles...sort of

    Prince Charles:
    “Well, im awarding you this honor for your charm and tits…WITS! i ment wits. sorry bout that. yeah, your wits are uh…where was I?”

    “um…honor sir?”

    Prince Charles:
    “Oh sure! honor, right. uh, yea. you’re a huge…HUGE asset to the military and uh…”

    **trails off while secretly whacking off inside.

  49. Summer Kat


  50. Hilarious! He must be a boob man.

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