Prince Is On Twitter

August 14th, 2013 // 19 Comments
'The Internet Is Dead'
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During the 2010 release of Prince‘s album 20TEN, he explained to the Mirror that the Internet was over which was for the best because it was just filling our heads with numbers. These were actual words that Prince spoke which makes it all the more amazing that the same person is not only tweeting now, but has already made a meme, a selfie and found the Retweet button. Clearly this is Prince and not some intern whose only directions were, “I guess if I have to define my life, it’d be salad. Definitely salad. Punch that into your computer box, I’ve got velvet to attend to.” *vanishes into a flock of doves*

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  1. JC

    “She wore a raspberry Instagram filter…the kind you find on popular social networking sites…”

  2. ruckus

    OMG These are making me so fat!! #whendovebarscry

  3. EricLR

    What he actually meant to say in 2010 was that the internet was oeuvre.

  4. So…Prince doesn’t know what a “meme” or a “selfie” is.

  5. Now that’s how you do twitter.

  6. Jkh

    Game. Blouses.

  7. sounds like the internet will soon be a closed off thing. in which only a friend of a friend can get you in.

  8. silly ass mortals think they can understand the Purple One. He operates in dimensions so far beyond you and I it’s pointless to attempt to apply our ridiculous rules to judge his words or actions.

  9. JC

    Maybe I’m just like my mother

  10. malaka

    probably the only man that i would consider being gay for.
    apparently, my mom has a crush on him too.
    geriatric threesome anyone?

  11. Topper

    He’ll have a hard time matching the fake account that’s been around for awhile (PrinceTweets2U‎).

  12. Jack Ketch

    What happened to “the artist formerly known as Prince” bullshit?

  13. He finally realized the Internet’s potential for satiating one’s raging narcissism.

  14. Kim Kardashian Prince
    Commented on this photo:

    All that ass and won’t shake it. Get the fuck off the stage!
    Wait… first, tell me, where you got that dress.

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