Here’s More Awesome Shit About Prince

Because nobody gives a fuck about anything right now unless it’s Prince, and I don’t feel like getting into whether or not he secretly died from AIDS and/or overdosed on painkillers – just milking the SEO out of it (I’m dead inside, too, Ben Affleck. I’m dead inside, too.) – here’s a behind-the-scenes video from his Super Bowl performance in 2007 that’s pretty fucking great. And while the quote about the rain is awesome, my personal favorite part is when a firework goes off during his performance and Prince just says “comet,” which is how I choose to remember him from here on out. Attributing mundane events to celestial activity.

*phone rings*
*shower turns on*
*toaster pops*
“God dropped a book.”

UPDATE: Apparently the NFL will only let you watch this video on YouTube now, which honestly would’ve made Prince happy. He would’ve liked that.

And for historical reference, here’s photographic evidence of Prince sending guitars back to Heaven.

prince super bowl halftime guitar throw
“Go on, bitch, get outta here. You’ve done your work. Git.”

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