Prince Fired Questlove And Replaced Him With A ‘Finding Nemo’ DVD

“You. I’m replacing you with Bolt.”
“That one’s not Pixar!”
“Shut up, Bolt!”

Now that we’ve highlighted Prince’s unparalleled skill at the guitar, giving NFL producers a goddamn heart attack, and not starring in movies where’d be forced to wear a suit of pubes, it’s time to focus on his lesser known talent for firing people and replacing them with random Disney DVDs. Us Weekly reports:

During one of Prince’s Philadelphia concerts in 2004, Questlove was asked to throw the “Purple Rain” crooner a last-minute afterparty — plus, Prince wanted to play pool and control the door. The drummer managed to find a venue, and he started spinning some tracks by Nigerian artist Fela Kuti for his idol, he says in an Okayplayer video narration of the incident.
“Prince, he really wasn’t paying attention because he was pool-sharking with deep concentration. He played like his entire horns section and his guitar before he got bored,” Questlove recalls in the clip. “Next thing I know he walked over to my booth and he was like, ‘Play something else,’ and I was flabbergasted.”
The DJ thought it was the particular song he didn’t like, so he put on a more energetic Fela Kuti tune but saw no change in Prince’s bored expression. “His assistant comes over and hands me a blank DVD case and says, ‘Play this,’ so when I opened the case I was really taken aback — Finding Nemo,” he continues. “Maybe they mean, like, background. So I put on the DVD and then she comes back again, ‘You can cut the music off.’”
Questlove says he hustled out and left his friend to transition the crowd from dance music to the animated underwater film. “Wait, did I just get fired and replaced by a cartoon fish? Yeah, I did,” he muses.

“Does Prince not like my music?”
“He’d rather listen to Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres bicker at each other for an hour and four minutes.”
“Neat. Can you open this window while I jump out of it?”
“Sure- ohmygod, he actually did it.”

- How I would’ve worked this

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