So Who Wants To See Prince Harry Naked In Vegas?

“So.. have you noticed my brother going bald and I’m not?”
“I’m not playing strip Angry Birds with you, Harry.”

If you haven’t heard by now, Prince Harry was in Vegas over the weekend and not only got absolutely plastered playing “strip pool” with a bunch of random chicks he invited up to his hotel room, but also posed completely naked for pictures because these seem like good lasses who wouldn’t think of selling these to the papers. You can always trust a woman who’ll get naked at the drop of a hat ’cause you’re rich, me father always said. TMZ reports:

We’re told Harry, along with a large entourage, went down to the hotel bar and met a bunch of hot chicks … and invited them up to his VIP suite.
Once in the room, things got WILD … with the group playing a game of strip pool that quickly escalated into full-on royal nudity.
Some of the partiers snapped photos of the madness. In one photo, a fully nude Harry cups his genitals while a seemingly topless woman stands behind him.
In another photo, a naked Harry is bear-hugging a woman who appears to be completely naked as well.

The Royal Family is reportedly pissed, and there’s talk of the Queen herself suggesting Harry take an “unfortunate drive” through Paris until someone reminded her they already did that once and it’d probably be a good idea to stop saying that out loud every time she’s mad at someone.

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Photos: Getty, TMZ