Prince Forgave Chris Brown, So Why Ya’ll Still Be Hatin’?

*stops punch* “If you had a vagina, I’d fuck you up.”

Aside from finding tits and Prince Charles photos, my singular celebrity obsession is pointing out what an arrogant pissbaby Chris Brown is and will always be. And today I get to combine that with continuing to talk about Prince, because guess who just used the music icon’s death to try to publicly exonerate himself for beating the shit out Rihanna?


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That’s right, folks, Prince reached out to Chris Brown, so the question over whether or not he was constantly fucked up on Percocets is definitively answered: He had to be. Just fucking had to be. The pathetic reality that Chris Brown has once again side-stepped his bullshit humility to namedrop a recently dead person who somehow didn’t realize what a hopeless piece of shit he is stands on its own, so I’m going to kick it over to Questlove telling Terry Gross yet another amazing Prince anecdote.

The story starts at 28:50 and includes the revelation that Prince owned a golden ping pong paddle, which he should have used to beat Chris Brown to death. Enjoy.

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