Prince Died. For Real This Time.

Despite being rumored dead a million times already, including as recently as last week, the brilliant musician – and that dude frat boys know from that one Chappelle Show sketch – Prince has died. He was only 57, which is crazy young, especially considering the fact that he’s looked 25 since 1988. He was about as bona fide as it gets when it comes to rock megastars, having dabbled in androgyny, off stage craziness, and successfully crossing into other artistic mediums, like recording an entire album for Tim Burton’s Batman and winning a goddamn Best Original Song Oscar for Purple Rain. Above all, the guy was a guitar genius, a hit machine, and an electrifying live performer. In a modern music scene where Justin Bieber cries onstage, and Kanye West teaches his audience how to properly applaud him, a performer like Prince will be sorely missed.

RIP, you funky sonofabitch.

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