Prediction: North West Will Punch A Paparazzi Guy in 2019

TMZ scored a video of North West and a giant orb of bacon fat leaving The Museum of Ice Cream that has me feeling very conflicted about whether this 3-year-old deserves as much attention as she gets. For the assholes out there that keep calling her a “fashion icon,” please come over to my house and help me get this fork out of my garbage disposal. I’d also like to extend that invitation to anyone who shelled out $30 to go to the Insta-basic bitch’s wet dream that is The Museum of Ice Cream.

So here’s this video of North West walking out of the ‘museum’ telling paps to piss off… It’s kind of like what I do when I’m drunk and hungry and someone offers me a salad.

What’s the future look like for the overgrown butt baby? Time will tell, but I’ll be waiting patiently for the footage of her walking out of an NYC fashion event and punching a cameraman in the dick by age six or seven.