Eddie Griffin crashes a Ferrari Enzo

March 27th, 2007 // 67 Comments

Eddie Griffin crashed a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo (only 400 were ever made) while practicing for a charity race to promote his new movie Redline yesterday. Griffin said:

“Undercover Brother’s good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can’t drive.”

The Ferrari belonged to the producer of Redline, who said:

“I’m glad Eddie came out of the crash okay, but my dream car got destroyed. I went to my trailer for about 15 minutes and I thought, ‘There’s people dying every day. A lot of worse things are happening in the world.’ “

I dunno man, if Eddie Griffin crashed my Ferrari Enzo the next day’s headlines would read “Eddie Griffin strangled to death and then stabbed and then shot a couple times by angry Enzo owner.” Although that’d be kind of a long headline. They could use a small font or something.

NOTE: Yes, Eddie Griffin actually referred to himself as Undercover Brother.



  1. Jay from the Bay

    I guess his Cadillac and El Camino handle differently.

  2. Stuey75

    the guy who owned the car, is what they refer to as new money. #1 you dont loan out a limited production car like that to ANYONE, or this will happen. #2 all the other 398 Enzo owners are reallllly happy right about now. (the other was crashed last year)

    Its like Highlander, There can only be one Enzo

  3. sharpei dude

    Engineered like no other car.

  4. sharpei dude

    “I don’t know what you’re getting so upset about Mr. Director…I honked, and that concrete barrier just ignored me and crossed the street anyway! Theyz ‘jus tryin’ to pin it on a brotha…”

  5. “Never let the valet parking dude drive your Enzo”

  6. Mr. Goat

    Is everyone that FUCKING RETARDED? Had you ever heard of the movie Redline? No, no!!! Me neither. This was absolutely a publicity stunt… and a great one at that.

    Just think. THINK!!!

    Cost vs. Publicity
    Winner = Daniel Sadek

  7. duku

    nothing more then a publicity stunt, is all i got to say. well maybe more, but think about this, what else could buy you so much media attention then this? its not like its REALLY costing them 1.5mil, its NOT like the damages wont be covered by the insurance. i’m not sure if this has made it to the national news but everyone here at works seems to know about it…

  8. JT

    FU crestlin! There are so many reasons why this accident happened the least of all him being black!

    * Did he have any driving prep (school)?
    * Who laid out a course with a high speed section perpendicular to a barrier? Where was the run-off?
    * Who let him drive a car this powerful in a competition environment where most of the population would be in over their heads?

    I’ve been in many auto racing competitions and have never wrecked my cars. Can you say the same crestlin? And, yes, I am black.

  9. imran karim

    he was practicing??

  10. crazyotto

    just above the japs(driving wise)

  11. JT

    Think again crazylotto! One of the greatest all-time drivers in the world is Japanese. Keichi Tsuchiya.


    Don’t even think Schumacher. That a**hole. Modern F1 drivers don’t even count.

    Ayrton Senna was a great one also.

  12. zeros11

    Guys, this car is completly repairable. You remember that one crashed in Malibu that was cut in half? Ferarri specifically stated that even that one could be repaired, but that it would cost about $700,000. So a bit of front end damage to this one? What on earth makes you think that it isn’t repairable? Trust me, this one will be fixed, and it will likely only be 200-300K to do so.

  13. Zooni

    The under steering brother.

  14. Maybe

    Now that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen… the only thing that could have been sadder, is if that would have been my Enzo…

  15. How could you Eddie!! :(

    Found a site for anyone interested in the Enzo http://www.enzoferrari.info

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