Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari are very famous

March 9th, 2007 // 77 Comments

Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari were spotted partying together in South Beach on Wednesday. I’m guessing it was an annual convention for almost-celebrities or something. They probably sat in a circle and took turns telling each other about how they were almost recognized at Arby’s, but turns out it was just the cashier asking if Diet Pepsi was okay instead of Coke.


  1. bugg

    “Summer Wheatley? How the heck are gonna do that?”

  2. They’ll be famous if they ever meet me. Until that day, they are screwed. Well…not screwed, but you get the point…not really though.

  3. PunjabPete

    #35 – pretty funny!

    Now bow your head in shame that you a) remember those people b) were able to spell all their names correctly…. :)

  4. HughJorganthethird

    All I know is you better keep that Duff chick away from my cocaine.

    I mean sheesh is that thing even legal?

  5. Neither one of them are famous enough to be on Surreal Life. That show is for has-beens, not never-was’s.
    Somebody please tell me who Kristen is…was she in a movie or something?

  6. Shanipie


    Haylie looks like she is wearing a prostetic face…

    looks like someone was playing in photoshop and just pulled her nose and chin out as a joke!

  7. You guys are awful, I mean its not their fault they have horrible features as a barely famous person! Now as street whores, they would make a wonderful living dropping turds on the chests of Japanese business men!

    Haylie, Kristin, if you read this contact me at pimping_white_bitches_on_old_japanese_men@yahoo.com

    i only charge 10% as a Caucasian pimp! much cheaper than the brotha’s! WORD!

  8. Cratylus

    Haylie Duff?

    I thought that was Dick Van Dyke in drag.

  9. marjie

    hahaha! I love your added comments. It’s what makes the site!

  10. NipsyHustle

    isn’t kristin like 21. why does she look like she’s 40? and haylie confirms that the duff family has an ancestor who was a horse.

  11. @32- Haylie Duff is a HorsesASS.

  12. StoneRose

    Interchangable Nobodies.

    Who’s who? *…*

    My point exactly.

  13. imran karim

    smart water. such irony

  14. Stink

    “Cameras! Hehehehehehehehe-*fart*”

  15. Haylie Duff looks like that girl from Coyote Ugly. Anyways, South Beach is the name of a gay club here.

  16. Lowlands

    I just got myself a paypal-account for studying more of these wannabe celebrities blowjobpics.But where are they??

  17. licklick

    Duff is really ugly but she thinks she’s pretty. This annoys me.

  18. k naz

    i don’t see why kristen should be famous. i know she was in a tv show, but she was being her regular bitch self. i know plenty of girls as hot or hotter than her, and have a far more interesting and tv show worthy life. anyone can live down by da beach… boy, why don’t they air a “jamaica beach”…that would be something.

  19. HollyJ


  20. sid

    This is the kinda story I like.

    It’s better than another lame pic of Paris where nothing is going on (like the one about her bra). It shows us how pathetic these people are, without power. I mean, Paris’ sister slowly became a celeb, too, y’know.

    This isn’t something you can really make fun of, either, but I do like it.

    Good one, Fish :)

  21. Hay-lie – Horseface

    It all somehow fits together doesn’t it?

  22. drowningfool

    She looks dumb as shit. Why is she posing for the paparazzi cameras in that manner? Per the new Britney Spears Paparazzi legislation it is imperative that one must always look into the camera of a papparazi with a grimacing scowl, fat face and shaven head. Preferably threatening cet paparazzi with an umbrella or other phallic device. So it is written, so it shall be done.

  23. TJH

    Hey, ain’t any of you dreg bitchez familiar with Napoleon Dynamite?? Haylie was one of the stars! Shame!!

  24. sharpei dude

    Who are they again?

  25. k naz


    wow i have those sweats at home

  26. Tehlilmuffin


  27. please, can we stop covering retarded celebs’ retarded siblings? they have done even less than their stupid siblings…..

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