Britney Spears doesn’t need a dressing room

March 8th, 2007 // 39 Comments

reports that prior to checking into rehab for the first time, Britney Spears was in Miami shopping at Bebe where a healthy dose of insanity ensued.

A source tells TMZ that Brit handed over her kids to the store’s salespeople so she could peruse the racks of clothes. The gal’s got priorities! When it came time to try the items on, Spears didn’t bother with a pesky dressing room — and stripped down right in the middle of the store — in front of staff and other customers! We’re told the “Toxic” singer even tried out some new dance moves for her shocked audience. Not long after Britney’s impromptu boutique performance, the mother of two checked into rehab three times and shaved her head.

I’m excited to see how she’ll turn out after she gets out of the Promises treatment facility. If rehab is anything like I imagine it to be she’ll be a foot taller, have huge implants, and be riding a triceratops. Wait, what the hell is rehab? It’s like a video game right?


  1. prideofchucky

    “On her last trip to Miami, prior to checking into rehab for the first time”

    Way to be on top of the old news superficial! hahaha

  2. prideofchucky

    Wow never been first before on the superficial board… or my mother’s love (sniff, sniff)

  3. samantha

    Oh Britney.

  4. mrs.t

    They don’t need no dressin rooms where she comes from. Remember: “We’re country!”

  5. N'Arianne

    Baby, I’m so into you
    You got that dope so what can I do
    Baby, dope trips me about
    I am a-shavin

  6. sea

    While this is highly humorous, it’s also not that shocking compared to her other hijinks.

    Also, we don’t really learn anything new. It’s the same old dumping kids, showing cooter, crazy dance skills we’ve come to expect.

  7. Italian Stallion

    @5 Do us all a favor and pull the trigger……

  8. I love that it is called the Promises center. Like “She promises to be even more crazy.”

  9. Lowlands

    With still the sweat on my handsome forehead,i can say my administration is up to date now,i think.I didn’t know her rehab allows her to visit stores.I remember when i was in a rehab…While i walked to the gate in my black and white striped outfit with this canonball chained to my leg,the guards didn’t allow me to go outside for some shopping.If Britney wants to have the adress of this rehab,just let me know.

  10. The-Guslet

    Wow. *blink*

  11. Lowlands

    #9)This rehab wasn’t expensive at all.Only the service could be a little bit better.

  12. TashaVin`


    Sorry, Gotta call Bullshit here!

  13. Lowlands

    I admit,this rehab was a bit boring.Luckily they teached me how to make matches to kill my boredom.

  14. my opinion

    We Floridians choose not to live in California because of people like Britney. Now she is invading our shops and strips! Plus we have to babysit!! No No, go back to the glitteratti of L A and stay out of our state. Drive with Paris and Lindsey and drug out in California. Louisiana doesn’t want you and neither do we.

  15. Chouli

    Skanky trailer trash slagwhore acting like trailer trash. Big surprise.

    Gotta admit that watching her self destruction hit parade is like the need to look at a car accident on the side of the street. You know its bad news and going to be ugly….but you just have to look.

  16. freakspeely

    Aw, I call bullshit. Britney sucks at motherhood but I’d believe she dumped the kids on a member of her entourage in order to shop before I’d believe she left them with the store employees.

    Then again, it IS Britney. She probably forgot who she was traveling with and mistook a store employee for one of HER employees.

  17. i hope her hair is at least growing back

  18. licklick

    Have I seen this picture somewhere before?

    WTF, get something new.

  19. Gerald Tarrant

    How long until we have video of this incident? Damn near every phone has a camera and most have video too. Someone had to catch this.

  20. marjie

    Her southern roots are finally beginning to show.

  21. lilygirl

    Shut up Lowlands aka #9, 11, and 13. No one wants to hear your lame comments.
    And I agree about #5, Pull the trigger, NOW!!!

  22. devin-m

    i’m getting really damn tired of seeing this photo. i remember back in the day when her boobs stuck out more than her belly.

  23. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Now THIS is what I like to see, brand-spankin-new Britney gossip!!

  24. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    “Kayvin, is tahm trayvelin possible? Cuz ah think some peepuhl are waay beehaahnd us.”

  25. Stink

    I didn’t even read the post. Betcha she acted like a meth tweaker again. Bah.

  26. flauccinaucinihilipilifcation

    I read the post – and now i’ve got my period. Go figure.

  27. Blusher

    Who would have thought she’d ever cause more mayhem than Marilyn Manson…and that he would look better too?

  28. Jenster

    #27, good one.

  29. What? I don’t need a dressing room either! People just prefer that I use one :(

  30. GG1000

    I feel like I’m in the movie “Groundhog Day.” How many times are we going to see this picture? Yes, she’s a dumb@ss. ‘Nuff already!

  31. doogleberg

    There’s nothing sexier than unflattering tattoos, a pot belly, and Marlboro breath. Oh yeah, if I remember her upskirt shots, her vagina looks like a scaly red snapper straight from the ocean.

    You got it all, babe…now go live your life (preferrably on another planet).

  32. killeristic

    oh yeah. just so you know. i strip in the middle of shopping centers too. thats the so called “latest trend”

    MY FOOT!

  33. I. want. to. kill. her.

  34. jrzmommy


  35. The girl on the right is my girlfriend. Contact me if you want an interview.

  36. becca11

    i wonder if she has gone crazy these last 3 years, or if this is just her

  37. becca11

    next to these two girls i notice her good facial symmetry, cute nose, and even smile. it is too bad she has become so sloppy and crazy, and such a poor excuse for a mother.

  38. its better than bad its good

    yikes, i cant believe i used to idolise this woman. forgive me, for i was a stupid 15 year old. No.5 that was brilliant.

  39. yeah, well, what do you expect from someone who’s just shaved her head? she’s seriously messed up – i wonder what kind of number Kfed pulled on her?

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