Bobby Brown bailed out by radio station


Bobby Brown was arrested in Massachusetts last Sunday for not paying child support, and a radio station offered to pay his $19,150.00 bail in exchange for a week’s worth of work. Hot 99.5 says:

We will have security, transportation, accommodations and everything to make Bobby feel like the star that he is. He accepted! “We are really doing it for his children, we sympathize with Bobby and hope that this will give him a head start and will put him back on track”, said Kane.

Didn’t this guy used to be famous? Shouldn’t he have more money than, what, zero? You’ve fallen pretty fucking hard when you have to accept janitorial offers from radio stations to stay out of jail. In another year Bobby Brown will be the guy who unclogs toilets at the DMV. Only he won’t even be that guy. He’ll be the guy who’s working for that guy.