Porschia Coleman is bikini-licious

December 10th, 2007 // 94 Comments

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons hit the beach in Miami with his new girlfriend model Porschia Coleman over the weekend. I wish I was a funky-fresh millionaire with mad rhymes, so I could score chicks like Porschia. Instead I’ll have to settle for calf muscles you can fry an egg on. Omelet, anyone?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. shosho

    hot hooooot

  2. RichPort

    But still… kissing grandpa on the lips must just feel weird.

  3. PunkA

    Single with money? Bang any hot thing that moves.

  4. Nefarious Crotch Kicker

    from Kimora Lee to this. This has got to be the biggest upgrade in history.

  5. tp

    Kimora is hotter

  6. roastbeef

    I’m glad he’s realized that she’s only after his $$$ and NOT his old, wrinkly balls.

  7. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    See Look, Ficial. I don’t care to see black people frolicking anywhere almost nude ever again, buddy. I’m just glad that water is incredibly salty. You ever been to a public swimming pool? Ugh..

  8. good body, but

    i like this body, don’t care for the head that goes with it, or the birth mark on the stomach.

  9. Lyle

    #7 = racist asshole

  10. Bigheadmike

    Oh my……. I fainted.

  11. I like old wrinkly balls.

  12. holla@meh

    #5 said it! haha also, kimora must hate herr! i love [celebrity] drama ;)

  13. RAT

    She’s hot but he’s a dough-BOY!

  14. TS

    OK #7 is a racist dick, but that was still kinda funny. And no way in hell is Kimora hotter than this chick. No way in hell.

  15. ahtoberichandsingleandawhoremonger

    Super hot body, pretty average face. That said, I would push the head in the pillow and hit it til my pee pee got raw.

  16. Chauncey Gardner

    I have never even heard of this bitch until now, and I don’t see why people are going nuts over her. She’s got a face like Otis Redding.

  17. Mary

    Thats the PERFECT body. Nice and tone.

  18. bigdude

    how do i get d. richards to stop cyberstalking me? he keeps trying to suck my dick.

  19. Tupac

    Guy looks like a duck-pin. Bitches and ho’s just after the bling. If this tard was an accountant, she would cross the street to avoid eye contact with him.

  20. Sorry, I think they are both gross..

    Although, to be fair I only glanced at the first pic, whatever…NEXT!!!

  21. Geriatric Porn Star

    #18 Just take the blow job. At least he’ll shut up for a little while.

  22. TS

    #16, great Otis Redding gloss. Classic! But remember Nick Lachey’s chick looks pretty shabby from the neck-up at the beach as well, but pretty damn good otherwise. In fact I am pretty sure she looks like a 15 year old Phillipino kid without any make up.

  23. Texas Tranny

    Remember, your not gay if he’s sucking your cock.

  24. #19, Don’t be a dumbass, I’m sure there are plenty of good looking and very wealthy accountants. I myself have an accounting degree, and my mom says I’m pretty..

  25. Binky

    This Simmons looks a lot dif with the shaved head and spray tan.
    Does he still do the exercise vids ?
    Good luck Porschia… but I don’t think he swings that way.
    (Haven’t you noticed the voice?)

  26. She’s right up there w/ Selita Ebanks

  27. D. Richards (Neo-Racist.)

    I’m sorry about my racist outburst. my last boyfriend was black and he dumped me. I hate being gay AND a hemaphrodite.

  28. PottyMouth

    She has a butter face.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    You got to give Russell Simmons a lot of credit here. I’m sure he makes his accountants (ugly or otherwise) very happy. He’s not making the same companion mistake twice. Screw cavorting at the French Rivera, it’s Miami Beach for her. Where are the pictures of them using their metal detectors to find spare change?

  30. gigi

    ah-ha! I wasn’t hallucinating! I saw them inline at the airport in Vegas — she looked smaller in the shoulders then [what's with the giant delts? ew.... ] anyway back in August — a really cute floaty coral halter mini dress & gold flats caught my eye. I was looking down as I walked and was thinking ‘ooh cute color combo!’ then I looked up & saw RS 1st — and she has similar coloring to Kimora so I thought– wait a sec! are they back together?? then I saw the face… different chick… meh… s’arite…..

  31. Moriarty

    To be honest, the man Russ Rush is still doing very well for himself.

    All previous comments are null and void.

  32. N.V.Me

    Russell Simmons is a genius. He makes albums by ersatz angry urban black males and sells them to suburban white boys who wished they were angry. It is a totally bogus and completely brilliant supply-and-demand thing. Geniuses deserve hot babes. That is what America is all about. Along with pity sex for non-geniuses who appreciate genius when they see it.

  33. D. RIchards (Feet too.)

    Okay, #27? I hate to disturb your emulation and all, but don’t you think that, if I was a hermaphrodite, I could conceivably date male or female and not be considered strictly gay? Because hermaphrodites have male and female genitals. You know that, right? Of-course you do, silly.

    One more thing: “Outbursts” you say? No. My hate is well thought out, pussy.

  34. p0nk

    i saw the picture and was expecting a story about a Cosby Show reunion.

  35. im with #15 on that lol

  36. sally o'mally

    first of all , russell never was a rapper. but good for him. hopefully she’s down to earth. that bitch kimora is a classic example of how a beautiful woman is made ugly by per actions.

  37. RENEE...

    Wow is she fit. Women like this always inspire me to change and get in gear…if only for the moment…then the moment passes. As for Russell…well, ah, he’s friggin’ rich right? But I thought he was all into yoga and stuff, so he should be a little more fit than that. But then, maybe he’s old?

  38. butterface

    Butterface voids the great body. It’s as though someone stuck the head of a 75 year old black man on to the body of a goddess. It just doesn’t work, unless you’re into the double bagging thing, that is.

  39. Clem

    Russell: “Hello, I’m Russel, what’s your name?”
    Porshcia: “Fuck off tubby, you’re so old you probably tuck your bollocks in yer socks”.
    Russell: “I’m really rich”
    Porchia’s friend : “yea, he his, he’s got like a record company and clothing lines….and probably some shite energy drink too”
    Porchia: “I’ll get me coat.”

  40. Michael Vick should DIE

    PORSCHIA??? What a FUCKING stupid name. I hate these ridiculous made up names that these people call their kids. Portia is a name, a Porsche is a car, PORSCHIA is not a fucking name.

  41. PunkA

    I’d like to go for a ride inside that Porschia. No matter how you spell it.

  42. blahblah

    great bod, but is that a 3rd nip in pic #3?

  43. \?/

    Her name is Porschla (not Porschia) Coleman and if you search for images of her, you will notice that she does have a pretty face as well as a great body. She has a better face and body than more than 90% of the people on this site, including the celebrities and non-celebrity commenters. To the commenter who uses the pseudonym FIRST!!!: you really need to get a realistic view of yourself and realize that a woman like her is leagues above you both body-wise and facially. You are a good example of the people who like to comment and try to degrade the looks of those who are much better than your own looks.

  44. Ahh, that makes better sense

    “Her name is Porschla (not Porschia)”.

    OK now I get it. That’s not weird at all.

  45. Stupid name ir not, she has an amazing figure!

  46. Vince Lombardi

    Maybe Jennifer Love Hewitt should pay attention…..

  47. Me One

    Smokin hot body on that girl

  48. Separated at Birth

    They both have identical noses.

    I think he is really her father.

  49. Pilatunes

    2 words: Holy Shit!

    That is wicked ass body.

  50. Tellin Ya What I Know

    He’s a “Dirty Old Man”! Oh yeah, she’s a “Gold Digger”! Hey, it’s a match!

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