Pop-ups/Spyware issue

logo.jpgWe’ve done some digging around and the pop-ups are most likely coming from spyware you probably got from another site and already have installed on your system. For some reason this site happens to trigger the spyware, but we’ve gone through and are almost positive you didn’t get it from here. If you’re still experiencing pop-ups, download Spybot Search & Destroy (Mac users can try MacScan though I can’t vouch for it), run it, and that should remove the spyware from your system and stop the pop-ups.

NOTE: It’s possible a malicious ad slipped in from one of our third party ad providers, but it seems unlikely since none of our staff has ever gotten it and we’re on the site the most. Plus, some of you are reporting you haven’t gotten the pop-up since the last time we posted about it, but we haven’t changed a single thing on our end.

UPDATE: If you run Spybot and are still getting pop-ups please let us know. We let our ad brokers know about the situation and we’re still trying to pinpoint the source, so if the problem is still occurring we really want to know about it.

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