Pop-ups/Spyware issue

August 15th, 2007 // 73 Comments

logo.jpgWe’ve done some digging around and the pop-ups are most likely coming from spyware you probably got from another site and already have installed on your system. For some reason this site happens to trigger the spyware, but we’ve gone through and are almost positive you didn’t get it from here. If you’re still experiencing pop-ups, download Spybot Search & Destroy (Mac users can try MacScan though I can’t vouch for it), run it, and that should remove the spyware from your system and stop the pop-ups.

NOTE: It’s possible a malicious ad slipped in from one of our third party ad providers, but it seems unlikely since none of our staff has ever gotten it and we’re on the site the most. Plus, some of you are reporting you haven’t gotten the pop-up since the last time we posted about it, but we haven’t changed a single thing on our end.

UPDATE: If you run Spybot and are still getting pop-ups please let us know. We let our ad brokers know about the situation and we’re still trying to pinpoint the source, so if the problem is still occurring we really want to know about it.


  1. Goodman

    Damn I must be on a streak FIRST!!

  2. doodie


  3. Robert

    that’s a damn lie, I’m behind a firewall, its your website !

  4. scot

    sorry charlie, a firewall won’t protect you if you click on a link that is malicious, but I loves that Spybot!

  5. Tommy Mayo


  6. Robert

    But anyway I haven’t had a pop up since the day you guys at Superficial asked the question, so something fixed it

  7. Goodman

    Hey doodie I’m first and a two time first winner at that

  8. Joe

    I agree. It must of been something you guys did coz It hasn’t happend since you mentioned it.

  9. Italian Stallion

    I like pop tarts…………..

  10. lambman


    I don’t believe you for a second. This site is the only one that “triggers” it, meaning its most likely from this site. Also, it has happened to more than one computer but only on this site

  11. Goodman

    update 3-time first winner in one day on the Superficial and new record: Goodman

  12. Nerd Girl

    If Spybot doesn’t work, try HijackThis. It looks like this virus embeds itself in your start-up program. Careful when using the HijackThis program, it’s pretty powerful. You may way to have a geek handy, just in case.

  13. I got spyware on my home PC from looking at porn.

  14. gotspywear?

    this shit is not supported by mac.

    anyway, it hasn’t happened since the last time you posted about it.

  15. Adam

    Nice try, but that’s not your readers fault. First, I’m on a Mac. While possible, it’s extremely unlikely. Second, I know other sites that have had this happen. Every time it’s been a case of the ad provider running a banner ad that had something malicious slipped into it.

  16. Italian Stallion

    @10 Isn’t that what this site is about? Stupid shit and lies……It’s kind of boring making fun of the same god damn celeberties every day. Shitney, Blowhan, Parasite, Bubblebut and lately some rehab singer who is my new idol. I mean, herion, E, coke, and Special K………I think i’m in love……….LOL

  17. veggi

    OH Italian Stallion, I think I heart you. If I was gay, I would heart that herion, E, coke singer girl in which you speak of.

  18. Italian Stallion


    update 3-time first loser with nothing relavant to say on the Superficial a new douchebag record:

  19. Italian Stallion

    @17 Hold on a minute, is that a shot at me?

  20. Luna

    The link of spybot only works for a PC. It would be helpful if you provided options for Mac users.

  21. Italian Stallion

    @17 my bad, just realized what you were saying……..sorry, I’m high right now…..hahaha

  22. veggi

    NO! I really do heart you….. and that new singer girl that loves alcohol and pills makes me gay for her…… why am I always misunderstood?

  23. Jon

    Just because you guys who run the site haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s not there; most ads are served on a geographical basis, determined by your IP address, so it seems most likely that it’s a specific country or set of countries that get the popups.

  24. Goodman

    @ Italian Stallion I was being sarcastic to the assholes who actually do this shit for a living so uh……catch AIDS and die that’s right I went Noel Gallagher on your ass

  25. Goodman

    ^you strung out fuck

  26. th

    Hihi… suffer you puny Windows users.

    Not a single popup/ad with Linux/Firefox/Adblock.

  27. Italian Stallion

    @24 Fuck you bitch, big Oasis fan I see. You want to know how I know you’re gay? All you had to say is that you were being sarcastic. I think that first shit is fucking stupid. Seemed like you were a proud cocksucker. But after your last comment, you’re just a cocksucker.

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  28. Are you sure it isn’t the result of some XSS attack?


    I doubt it’s spyware, since I was getting the popup on my Mac.

  29. Goodman

    God take a joke seriously I see Italian Stallion what’s so bad about being gay they’re the same as us only they went right instead of left so….come on

    as for your comment on yeah I like them cause they got good guitar solos

    by the way I’m black too does that make me gay

  30. Goodman

    ^I meant to say on Oasis

  31. Darling Nicky

    I’ve been browsing this site for a while and I’ve never seen one ad(besides the junk on the main screen from time to time at the sides. blech) or gotten spyware. but then again I use firefox and linux. VROOOMM!

  32. Italian Stallion

    You’re black and you like Oasis? He’s a FAAAAAGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. hey, never gotten any spyware. surfing any sites. use linux and or firefox + adblock ;)

  34. Goodman

    ^ Again what so bad about it and no I am not a homosexual however some might say if you persist on a flame war you may be a “fag”

  35. Italian Stallion

    Yeah, you’re right. Actually, not so much. I don’t care what your sexual preference is or anyone elses for that matter. Just happen to think it’s disgusting and felt like fucking with the douchebag who kept putting first on every post and thought that person was, like I said, a douchebag. You can still fuck off though……….

  36. I think it has something to do with nameservers, and hacking thereof, not with triggering spyware …

  37. Goodman

    why do you choose to flame me does it make you feel empowered or something it’s quite pointless when you look back ii’ve put down mygun why don’t put down yours because as I’ve put down mine

  38. Roz

    Quit acting like idiots, people.

    I have never gotten a pop-up on this site, at work pc, at my work laptop, on my home laptop, or my home pc! NONE of them get it.

  39. Brian

    I hate to say I told you so… especially when no one remembers my posts lol, but I knew this site wasnt to blame. So haha I told ya so lol.

  40. Superevil

    It’s called “Firefox”, dump Internet Explorer and use it.

  41. Amy

    never gotten any pop-ups. ever.

  42. Berndog

    Definately this site. I’m on a mac and it happened twice on this site when clicking on an image, and it has never happened to me on any other site.

  43. Nicklas

    It’s third party ad-linkage’s fault, not spyware. I’ve seen it on other sites that run banners from the same adfarm as you – so they are the problem.

    Also, here’s the ad in action for those who missed it (screenshots)

    in the comments

    and the entire post is about these ads.

  44. Nicklas

    ps – the post I linked to above are seen by a FIREFOX and MAC user.

  45. I don’t get any of these popups either (stoopid noobs) but they had the same problems on Stern Fan Network and it was rogue banner ad sources that were at fault.

  46. Laurie

    Um, so five seconds ago i’m reading this site IN FIREFOX, and i start getting all these pop-ups and WinAntiSpyware is downloaded on my computer. It’s definitely your site, and it’s definitely a malicious program.

  47. ITF

    It was the site. Given that it did it on two known good computers, including a Mac and a clean PC running Firefox. One of them having spyware I might have believed, but both? No. It was a dodgy ad being served, whether you like it or not.

  48. Simon

    Sorry, not spyware, I regularly run Adaware and Spybot… nada… and I use Firefox.

    My wife (on another computer) had this happen for a while on lastfm.com too… I’m going to say it’s ads with malicious code.

    It hasn’t happened since a little bit before your last public post about it. I’ll say that the ads have been blocked by whoever you get your ads from, so it’s not that strange that it’s stopped without you guys doing anything.

    Just don’t blame us, we’re a bit more computer savvy than you’re giving us credit for.

  49. BYTES

    Spybot has a mediocre detection rate. In addition to running Spybot you should also run SUPERAntiSpyware and a-squared on-demand. Afterwards follow it up with an F-Secure online scan.


  50. bobdawg

    The only pop-ups ive seen on this site are the text pop-ups from Vibrant Ad.
    There is a script for Firefox that will block these .

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