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August 9th, 2007 // 350 Comments

logo.jpgAre any of you guys getting pop-ups for some drive cleaner or adware or some other crap? We’ve gotten a few emails and we’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on. We haven’t authorized any of that stuff and haven’t put any on the site, so we’re having a hell of a time trying to figure out where it’s coming from. If you’ve seen or not seen the pop-up, leave a comment with some helpful info so we can get to the bottom of this. And if you have any experience with this sort of thing, any helpful advice would be appreciated.

NOTE: If you are getting the pop-up, is it only when you visit this site? Nobody here can recreate the problem so we can’t figure out if it’s actually coming from the site.

UPDATE: I’m shutting down the comments because I think it’s safe to say there’s a serious problem with one of our ad servers. If you’ve got any additional info that might be helpful you can contact us using the regular contact form. Right now we’re contacting all of our ad brokers and by the power of Grayskull I swear we will get this thing fixed.


  1. Diana

    I am getting the message. At first I just thought that I had clicked on something but then it happend again and again so I knew it wasnt me.

  2. Tiffany

    I have not seen the pop up–don’t know if that helps you or not.

  3. miramire

    not getting anything… or at least nothing that gets through firefox.

  4. Brooke

    Yesterday I came on to the site and before the whole page could load I was taken to another site that was something about downloading a virus scanner….

  5. ccc

    I got a pop-up that said something about my computer storing files from adult websites and how that could compromise my career or relationship. Right. Then some sort of drive cleaner popped up and started loading.

  6. Mer

    Yup, I’ve gotten it twice. It’s definitely coming from this site. I get a “driver cleaner” pop up and then my anti-virus kicks in and it’ an hour long affair to get it all back off the computer.

  7. K

    I got pop ups when I clicked on the pics of McPhee, it said my computer keeps track of all adult sites visited and that press OK to clean my drive. I closed the pop up window and then all my windows closed

  8. Stickman

    I’ve been getting it every now and then, it tries to stick a trojan on your drive.

  9. ash

    i get the pop up each time a visit…when i get it, it takes over the actual page im looking at. when you press cancel, its still on the screen and you need to X out to get rid of it.

  10. david

    yes i got the popup a few minutes ago

  11. nowfull

    It happened about 10 times over the last week.

  12. Rachilla

    Yep- got the drive cleaner pop up last night when I tried to look at the Britney pics. I kept hitting cancel and the x, but it kept re-popping up. It looked pretty convincing. I couldn’t go back or get out of the pop ups until I closed the whole page.

  13. lgg

    i did the other day, and i clicked on one of them and my computer told me that some really important windows thing was replaced by a different one and that if i didn’t put in the windows cd, it wouldn’t work right. it didn’t, i had to borrow a friends windows xp cd, but it’s all good now.

  14. Granpa

    Using Firefox.
    Get no pop-ups.

  15. Lex

    Yea, I’ve gotten pop ups for drive cleaners two or three times on two different computers.

  16. arco

    yes, I get this probably 50% of the time I visit your site. it resizes the window and pretends to be loading a Virus scanner. the usual annoying ‘close one box opens another’. I am using Firefox, by the way. I should have made a note of the site name but I usually get the hell outta there. I am not in the US, so this may have a bearing on why not everyone is getting this.

  17. Brian

    Yep, I got it last night…had to close out of the browser to get it to close.

  18. E

    Yep I’ve gotten the pop up many times. Only get it from this site. When you try to close it, it forces the whole superficial page to go too.

  19. MND

    It happens w/firefox as well. Just started w/in the last week or so. Its a nasty one too – you have to close out of several instances before its gone.

  20. Zach

    I’ve seen both the adult site scanner and the drive cleaner a few times this week. It has usually been when I’ve x’ed out of this site or left to a different site.

  21. bread

    I’ve gotten the pop-up many times. I’ll click on a thumbnail for a photo, and all of a sudden, my browser will appear to close out, and the pop-up rectangle will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of my screen. It is for the “drive-cleaner” you referenced. When I click on the “X” button, one of the following things happens: another one pops up until I “X” that one out, a page-sized pop-up for the cleaner appears making me some offer, or my browser will reopen, but I have to get myself back to the tab with superficial.com.

    There is no rhyme or reason to when it happens. Sometimes, it’s a week or two between incidences. Other times, it’s more than once in the same day.

    The next time it happens, I’ll take down the company’s info and add an additional comment.

  22. C

    I have been getting a drive cleaner pop-up, usually after visiting your site. After that happens, my Norton Anit-Virus tells me it’s a virus. Clearly, I am not a computer person so I don’t know if I’m providing you with useful info, but…

  23. I have screenshots of the popup in progress if you want them.

  24. fran

    i get it from other sites sometimes, from what i ahve heard if you accept it the only way to get rid of it is to buy a disk that will wipe it from the pc, so its basically just a way of making money.

  25. P.G

    Yup…I’ve gotten the same things about adult websites and a driver cleaner. I run AdAware a few times a day and lately it seems that everytime I run it after going to this site, I have some pretty nasty stuff on my computer. I pretty sure it’s only off this site.

  26. kate

    i’ve got it a few times only from this site when trying to look at the pics, its one of those that still open the website even when you hit x/say no

  27. J

    Got it a couple of times yesterday. I was wondering what was going on (I used to get it a lot in the past with multiple other sites). I’m convinced it is “thesuperficial.com”-specific though.


  28. kelly

    I have been getting pop-ups re: needing a scan of my computer and then a redirect. I use Firefox also but it seems to be able to get through. It only happens on this site.

  29. knull

    i got it when i clicked on britney’s photo to open it in a new tab.

    i get bumped to this URL


    and it even tries to install software, but im on a mac, so nothing happens.


  30. Brittle

    I’m running the most current version of firefox and just got the pop-up. I believe this is the second time to happen with this website (which happens to be my homepage) in about two weeks. Usually happens when I click on photos.

  31. Chipmunk

    I’ve been getting the one about tracking adult sites and the drive cleaner one almost every time I visit. I’ve also had to close the window out altogether to get rid of it.

  32. 15

    Yeah, I get a drive cleaner pop-up every so often.

  33. A

    i got a pop up for a drive cleaner earlier this morning

  34. Mike

    I don’t seem to be getting any pop-ups.

  35. rachel

    yup… i got a bunch of pop-ups when i clicked on one of the pictures. so bad i had to ctrl+alt+delete you guys!

  36. amyl@vt.edu

    I get this message visiting other sites as well.

  37. lindsey

    it keeps happening to me today.. so annoying

  38. Mary

    I have not seen the pop-up.

  39. Darkeyed21

    I’m getting them when i click on pictures.. it happened with mcpee as well..

  40. Misty

    Yes, it started on Monday for me. Sometimes the Superficial isn’t even finished loading when the pop-up re-directs to some other drive cleaner website and then crashes my browser (Safari).

  41. mark

    No popups with firefox.

  42. M

    Yes, i get the pop-up, it does not happen all the time, and it is for a spam blocker. please make it go away.

  43. Bean

    Yes, I just visited this site after farting around for an hour elsewhere and it came up right away and completely took over. I had to close my window and start again. This – so far – is the only place where I have seen this pop-up.

  44. janie

    I got it a couple times yesterday, it only happened when I clicked on a group of thumbnail pics, such as the brittney in the pool pics, or the hiedi montag boob job pics. Hopefully you can figure it out.

  45. Timothy

    I’m getting pop-ups alright, in my pants! HA! Yeah! (running around the room high fiving my inflatable dolls supermodel girlfriends)

  46. Cara

    I just got the pop up. So far i have only gotten it at this site. I am using firefox.

  47. Lindsay

    I do not remember the name of the company, but last week I had a pop up for a computer program to clean my computer. Everytime I clicked on a picture or article it would pop up. I thought something was wrong so I left the site and came back and it still had that ad pop up. I takes you to another site and won’t let you come back to your site. This probably doesn’t help that much. It hasn’t bothered me this week.

  48. Paul

    Yes I get it everytime i click on any article or pic.

  49. racerz

    You won’t believe this, I got the popup trying to enter into this comments page to say I got the popups!!!

    I am using firefox, latest version, and it bumps me to http://amaena.com/securityworm5827/index.php?lid=intl&ax=1&ex=1&p=4&aid=plandeep_au_en_ed2
    trying to get me to install winantivirus pro.

    Only get it from this site, if that helps.

  50. Hash

    Yep, getting it. Clicked on one of the Katherine McPhee pics. Here’s the URL it takes me to:

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